Get paid to walk – Earn money from walking!

Looking for a way to get paid to walk? You’re in luck – there are a whole host of apps that pay you to exercise, effectively paying you to do something you most likely do everyday anyway!

✅ Apps that pay you to walk

  • SweatcoinGet paid for your outdoor walking. You’ll earn Sweatcoins which you can then trade for rewards
  • Win Walk – Winwalk is a cool new(ish) app that lets you earn gift cards for walking
  • BetterPointsBetterPoints is ideal if you’d like to ditch the car and opt for other greener ways to get around, for your health and for the environment
  • Earth Miles – Get a few freebies and lots of money off coupons with this app.
  • Achievement App – Only available in the US, this popular app is fast becoming one of the most downloaded fitness reward apps
  • StepBet – If you’re certain you’ll crush your fitness goals, bet on yourself! A bit different to the other apps, there is an element of risk in this – treat with caution!
  • Charity Miles – Walk for good causes! Earn money for walking with Charity Miles, a socially conscious rewards app

✅ Get paid for walking

If you’re in the UK, there are FREE apps you can download that will pay you to walk!

Quite literally, these apps reward you for walking. Some let you earn money for any exercise and others only for increasing your everyday walking (to the shops, the walk to school etc..) but they’re all free to download and reward you for doing something you do anyway!

Sometimes, don’t we all need a little more encouragement to get outside and get some exercise? I know I do and these apps, the ones that literally pay you to become more active, are an amazing way to get your steps up and earn some extra cash at the same time.

Exercising for financial rewards is not a new thing. This study from CNN health told us what most of us probably already knew, that paying people to exercise makes them 5 times more likely to fit exercise into their day.

It’s worth pointing out that these apps are not going to make you rich. You won’t be able to quit your day job but you might just get a little healthier and grab yourself some freebies into the mix.

If you’ve been struggling to get a few more steps in or simply want to make a bit more money, these apps are a pretty awesome way to do it!

✅ Need more ways to make money?


Sweatcoin pays you to walk outside. Literally, you get paid to walk everyday, as you normally would. It’s aimed at encouraging us to walk outside, so gyms and treadmills don’t count. Currently available in the US, UK, Ireland, and now Canada, this app is free to download and you can start using it straight away.

How does Sweatcoin work?

I really ❤️ this app. It took me about 3/4 minutes to download (you can download Sweatcoin here) and set up and then it’s done. The app will ask you to allow it to track your steps, you’ll want to do this!, and then…well, forget about it.

How do I make money with Sweatcoin

With Sweatcoin, you earn sweatcoins rather than regular currency, and you can then swap these loads and the offers change everyday. There are magazine subscriptions, coffee or Tidal music subscriptions. There are also much bigger rewards, such as iPhones…but don’t expect to get these anytime soon…they’ll take you a lot of walking to get one :)

For freebies and getting us outside more, this apps a total winner!

Winwalk (android only)

Winwalk is a cool new(ish) app that lets you earn gift cards for walking. It has it’s own pedometer and so will use that to calculate your daily steps.

Best features of Winwalk?

– Track and count steps & progress automatically and accurately: steps tracker, walking distance, calories burned, active time to improve your fitness.
– No GPS, works for indoor exercises (gym, treadmill, crossfit) & outdoor activities (shopping, strolling, jogging) whether you walk, hike or run!
– Check your historical steps data; as well as personal records.
– No paid feature or subscription, that’s all free!

How do I use Winwalk?

– Download & open winwalk pedometer, it will count your steps automatically (no login!).
– Every 100 steps you will be able to claim 1 coin, with up to 100 coins per day (10,000 steps).
– Tap the coin jumping on the step counter to collect it and add it to your wallet.
– Swipe left / right to access your profile or shop for rewards.
– When you have enough coins, try your luck in the lottery or save to buy the gift card you want!


BetterPoints is ideal if you’d like to ditch the car and opt for other greener ways to get around, for your health and for the environment. It’s easy to get proper rewards for doing good things:

– Install the app and register

– Join a challenge

– Track some activities

– Earn BetterPoints

– Redeem your points or donate to a charity of your choice

You can download and join Better Points here!

✅ Earth Miles

Available in both the UK & the US, you can download Earth Miles here.

As with the other apps, you’re rewarded for exercising, so if you’re out and about anyway, you might as well download this app. I don’t think the rewards are amazing, but they’re okay for a freebie, and they’ll add up quite fast.

It might surprise you to hear that of the 62 million kilometres covered by our users in 2017, 49 million were by walking. As a starting point for so many wellness journeys, we think that’s brilliant.

✅ Achievement App (US app store only)

How to get US apps if you’re in the UK

Achievement app lets you earn rewards just by doing healthy things. The more active you are, the more you earn. Once you’ve earned 10,000 points, Achievement will prompt you to “Redeem your Reward,” and you will receive a $10 reward digitally through Gift Rocket or PayPal! After you’ve received your reward, you can continue to earn points.

Having been endorsed by some of the biggest names in the US (Stanford, Harvard) this apps got more than 3 million users who’ve logged over 930 BILLION steps in the last year!!


✅ Step Bet

What is StepBet?

StepBet is a fitness game that motivates you to be more active. Players “bet” on themselves to meet their personalized step goals during every week of the game, and win money if they do. The cash prize, accountability, and community support help you build a more active lifestyle.

How do I win money?

If you hit your personalized step goals for the entire game, you split the pot with the other winners. That means you get your bet back plus a profit.

How much do I have to bet?

Bet amount can vary from game to game, but most bets are $40. Generally, we don’t have free games, because having money on the line is an important and powerful motivator.

Join Step Bet here!

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a socially-driven, for-profit company connecting charities, individuals, and corporate sponsors to create social change. Our product is an iPhone/Android app enabling you to earn money for charity every time you walk, run, bike, skip, dance or do any human-centered activity. So far our members have earned over $2.5 million to charity!

Just choose from 1 of our over 40 charity partners like Feeding America, Pencils of Promise or World Wildlife Fund and get moving.

✅ Other apps that make you free money!

While getting paid to walk is pretty amazing, there are a whole host of other way you can earn money from apps, whether that’s from doing tasks, taking surveys or earning cash-back mon the things you’re already spending your hard earned pennies on!

Here’s a selection of them, or you can read the full free money making apps UK post here!

✅ Powr of You

Join Powr of You here!

What is Powr of you?

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You’re already browsing the internet. Why not earn from it?

This is one of the newer data research companies and it’s really good! Data is the new currency here and you can monetise the time you spend online by letting Powr of You have access to your data. Everytime your data from this app is used, you get paid.

Who can join Powr of You?

As with most of the others, you need to be 18, have internet access and be able to understand where your data is going.

How much does Powr of You pay?

There have been some pretty awesome reports of payments from Powr of You. Reports of £10 per survey (they are more in depth than others) are common and Powr themselves claim they follow a revenue share model, meaning that you get paid when they get paid, so it’s usually pretty quick, and usually between £9-£50 depending on the survey completed or data taken.

✅ Smart App

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Get an invite to Smart app

What is Smart app?

The Smart Panel research study began in 2014 in order to understand how people behave digitally as more and more internet-enabled devices began to demand our attention.

Smart app is an invitation only research company that’s primarily concerned with your behavioural habits while searching the internet. The app will run in the background and take data from your device. As with a lot of these companies, there are surveys you can take to earn extra rewards.

Who can join Smart app?

Anyone living in the UK, USA or Canada who is over 18.

How much do Smart app pay?

Smart app will pay you $10 for signing up and completing your first month, and then $5 monthly thereafter that you keep the app. Surveys will attract a bonus payment, and you can cash-out in Amazon vouchers, or straight to PayPal.


Join SwagBucks here!

What’s SwagBucks?

A well written about much loved app that allows you to earn rewards for tasks. There are surveys, cash back offers, videos to watch (ad’s) and quite a bit more, SwagBucks has become one of the top go to sites for paying apps in the UK.

You can use SwagBucks as your search engine to earn rewards, refer friends and family and even get your own referral code to earn a little more if your friends join up too.

How much can you make from SwagBucks?

With SwagBucks, you accumulate SB’s and £5 will cost you 650SB. There are quite a few things you can do to get more SB’s, so of those include:

  • Using SwagBucks as your search engine
  • Using SwagBucks cash-back
  • Watching videos

For a full list of ways to earn extra SwagBucks, have a read of this post!

Looking for more ways to increase your income?

Is there really an app that pays you to walk?

Yes! An unbelievable as it might sound, there are apps that will pay you in rewards to walk. You can then exchange these rewards for a whole selection of items, including gift cards.

How can I get paid to walk?

There are a number of apps that will pay you to walk. Simply download the app and sign up. We’ve included the best in our post.

Does Sweatcoin actually pay you?

Sweatcoin pays you in ‘sweatcoins’. You then exchange these sweatcoins for rewards. Read our review here!

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