Beatrix Potter Portrait 50p

This Beatrix Potter portrait 50p was issued alongside the story book characters 50ps and commemorates 150 years of the Beatrix Potter Tales.

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✅ Beatrix Potter Portrait 50p

There were 69,000,000 (million) minted, this coin was one of the original 50p coins released in 2016.

✅ How much is the Beatrix Potter portrait 50p worth?

Although this portrait coin is separate from the character collection, many collectors feel it completes their collections and so keep it alongside the character 50p coins.

Currently this coin has a value at auction of around £3.20

If you’re looking to sell your Beatrix Potter portrait 50p coin, eBay is the place these coins most often exchange hands. Check the sold page rather then the selling page to get a true idea of the value, but £3-£3.20 is the rough current guide price.

The better the condition the more you’ll get for your coins, and uncirculated will get even higher prices.

Read more about the Beatrix Potter collection here.

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