Beer52 Free Trial {Grab Yourself A Free Case Of Beer!}

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Looking for a Beer52 free trial? Find out how to get the free case of 8 beers, how much it’ll cost for the monthly subscription and how to cancel it if it’s not for you. Easy peasy!

free beer52 trial

Beer52 Free Trial

Beer52 is a pretty cool artisan beer company that offers a subscription service for craft beers.

Every 28 days Beer52 will send you out 8-10 craft beers to try. You can tell them your preference (light beer, dark etc…) and they’ll send you out beer that matches your preferences. You can also request to have beer sent out to you every 2-3 months instead if you’re finding monthly a bit too much and you’re not getting through them.

Now, we think lots of subscription services are things we could get cheaper elsewhere and so on the whole are not a huge fan of them. However, we also love a free trial and luckily Beer52 offer just that. This gives you the chance to see if you really like the beers and if you feel they’re worth it to you.

free beer52 trial uk

You’ll get a case of 8 beers, a snack and a magazine in your free trial pack. Yay!

Another of the reasons we’re not keen subscription services is that we often forget to cancel them. If you start a trail of anything, make sure you put a reminder somewhere so you don’t forget to cancel it in time should you want to.

Is It Really Free?

The trial case of beer from Beer52 is most certainly free but you have to pay the postage, which seems fair enough to us. The postage is currently £5.95 which for 8 beers a snack and a magazine seems pretty good value to me. Beer52 will also give you the date that your subscription begins so you know when the first money will leave your account, if you choose to keep the subscription after your trial.

free beer52 trial

How Much Is Beer52 A Month?

The monthly subscription cost for Beer52 is £24 for 8 beers, £29 for 10 beers and £34 for 12 beers, and the delivery is usually included unless it tells you otherwise. If you’re thinking of keeping the monthly subscription after your trial, it’s easy to double check online once you’ve seen the trial box if you’re getting good value for your money.

how to get a free beer52 trial

Can I Cancel Beer52 Online?

No, you cannot cancel Beer52 online which while is a little frustrating, the company explains their reasons for this and it becomes a little more reasonable. They seem to have had an issue with people taking multiple trials, when you are eligible for one. The free trial here is really generous and most companies would agree that multiple trials per person isn’t that sustainable.

To be clear, this is both email cancellation and in account cancellation. Neither are options to cancel your subscription .

How To Cancel Your Trial

To cancel you need to phone Beer52. I know, it’s a faff. You can also pause your account and restart it later on if that suits you better.

The cancellation lines are open between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and you can reach them on 0131 2852684. You need to phone them to cancel at leats 3 days before your billing date. I’d recommend phoning to cancel a week before payments due.

Find Beer52 here