Best childrens karaoke machine UK

Looking for a karaoke machine for your children? You’re in the right place :)

best kids karaoke machines uk

Is there anything really better than a good singalong with friends and family? Whether your kids enjoy a bit of Ariana Grande or Queen Bey or prefer something from a classic era like Queen or Abba, a karaoke party is a whole lot of fun for all ages.

Sure, it’s awesome listening to Justin Timberlake delivering his flawless falsetto and Whitney belting out those high notes, but there’s something special and a whole lot of fun with amateurs giving it their all.

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If you’re interested in investing in a karaoke machine for your kids, you may be a little overwhelmed at the sheer number of different models out there. How do you know which is the best karaoke and which are best avoided?

You could spend hours investigating each mode, comparing them and making up several detailed spreadsheets, but who really has any time for that? Instead, you could stick with us as we present our guide to the best karaoke machines for kids.

So before you, your kids, relatives and friends can take to the stage, we need to get you that karaoke machine.

Look at the best of the bunch first before we dig deeper with the buying guide.

Best Children’s Karaoke Machine UK

Singing Machine SML385 Karaoke Equipment with Bluetooth, Microphone and 36 Current Tracks

Singing Machine SML385 Karaoke Equipment with Bluetooth 1 Microphone and 36 Current Tracks, Black
563 Reviews
Singing Machine SML385 Karaoke Equipment with Bluetooth 1 Microphone and 36 Current Tracks, Black
  • Bluetooth Streaming – Pair with your mobile device and have the choice of the millions of karaoke songs at your fingertips in seconds.
  • CD Playback – The Singing Machine 385 Karaoke machine supports both CD and CD+G’s meaning you can play playback normal CD’s in addition CD+G’s that allow you to display lyrics on an external screen as your songs play.
  • LED Disco Lights – The LED lights on this karaoke machine move in time to the music and are powerful enough to create real party atmosphere. They can also be turned off should you wish.
  • Voice Effects – Auto Voice Control, Balance, Echo controls are all designed to help you create the perfect karaoke performance.
  • Speakers – The Singing Machine Bluetooth karaoke machine has 12-watt speakers, perfect for filling a house party with ease.

The Singing Machine karaoke machine is by far the best of the bunch, as far as we are concerned. What did we like about this one? Everything, if we are completely honest. It has several options for accessing a multitude of songs.

The Bluetooth streaming is excellent and means you can pair it up with your smartphone or another Bluetooth-ready device, such as a tablet or laptop. This means you can have access to millions of karaoke-ready songs at the touch of a few buttons in a matter of moments.

Rather than being restricted as to what’s available on a disc, it means you can use YouTube, Amazon Music, or whatever music streaming service you like to source the tracks your kids will want to belt out.

In addition to the Bluetooth streaming options, this machine also offers CD playback, including normal CDs and CD-Gs that provide the lyrics for the playlist of songs. Which gives you even more options for accessing the songs your kids will want to sing along with.

With regards to the speakers, the Singing Machine karaoke unit comes with 12-watts speakers built into it, which is not the loudest, but perfect for the average bit of karaoke fun.

To help make any karaoke party cool, this machine also comes with some cool special features that are worth highlighting. This includes the fun LED disco-style lights that flash and move in time with the music and although they’re not the most powerful, much like the speakers, for a family home setting, they’re perfect. For when it’s the adult’s turn or you don’t want them flashing away, they can be turned off.

There also several voice settings, such as Auto Voice Control, Echo and Balance which help you to tweak everything, so it sounds just right.

All in all, this is what we consider to be the best machine. It’s mid-priced so will be suitable for most budgets, offers plenty of input options and the only downside we could find was that there was only one microphone. We don’t really consider that too much of a deal-breaker though.

Kids Karaoke Machine

The next selection of karaoke machines is extremely kid-friendly. If you have younger children who want something a bit more thematic, compared to the rather strait-laced Singing Machine, these are great options.

Anpro Kids Karaoke Machine

Anpro Kids Karaoke Machine, Portable Microphone Musical Toys with Adjustable Stand & Flashing Lights, Best Gift for Your Kids on Birthday
120 Reviews
Anpro Kids Karaoke Machine, Portable Microphone Musical Toys with Adjustable Stand & Flashing Lights, Best Gift for Your Kids on Birthday
  • Function: 9 Songs, 4 Stories, Recording, lights and phone contecting, this kids karaoke microphone can contect cell phone, MP3 and other round hole electronic devices to play more musics
  • Lovely design: With its lovely design and multi funtional design, this karaoke toy can be take as the lovly shoulder bag and hlod it on hand, more convenient for your kids when out
  • Adjustale: The hight of the stand is adjustable from 18 inch to 31 inch, only the white pipe has flashing lights, suitable for different ages of kids to play
  • Material: Made of high quality ABS and electronic component, sensitive button and three ports, 1 AUX ports and two microphone ports, kids could sing songs together
  • Powered by 4 x 1.5VV AA battery( not included ), with its smart design, it’s easy to assemble, a perfect gift for your kids to be a super star at home

The Anpro Kids Karaoke Machine is a nice option for younger wannabe entertainers and comes with a pretty pink design that includes an adjustable stand and offers access to 9 different songs and 4 stories.

Although this is a very simplistic design, it can be connected to smartphones, tablets, computers and MP3 players, meaning there is really no restrictions on the songs you can let your kids sing along with on. We really love the fact that it offers room for additional microphones and that it has flashing lights, and even applause and cheers.

Made from robust and durable ABS plastic it won’t break too easily, which is ideal when you have younger kids who like to get their grubby mitts on all sorts of things.

When your kids want to take it with them when visiting relatives or going on holiday, they can, thanks to the fact it doubles up as a shoulder bag. It won’t turn your little one into the next Adele, but it will provide them with lots of fun and keep them out of your hair, which we all know is something you need when they’re stuck at home with you all day long.

✅ Kids karaoke UK

In addition to the above, we have selected several honourable mentions for kids’ karaoke machines that you may also want to consider:

Singing Machine SML650W Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with Voice Changer and LED Lights

Singing Machine SML650W Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with voice changer and LED lights, White
394 Reviews
Singing Machine SML650W Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with voice changer and LED lights, White
  • Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming from compatible devices (external devices not included)
  • Six voice-changing effects: Echo, male, female, robot, chipmunk and radio
  • Multi-coloured LED lights synchronize to the music
  • Connect to your TV for scrolling lyrics via included RCA cable (TV not included)
  • Built-In speaker for a dynamic sound system

This next model is another fine option from Singing Machine. Smaller, compact and more child-friendly than the best of the best we picked out from the brand; this is ideal when you’re on a tight budget.

Although it does not offer the CD playback of its bigger counterpart, it still comes with Bluetooth compatibility, which allows for plenty of song options. Again, this comes with just pone mic and can be connected directly to your television for the scrolling lyrics sheet.

As well as multi-coloured LEDs that fully synchronise with the music, we think the voice-changing effects are what makes this stand out, offering echo, female, male and the more novelty options like radio, chipmunk and robot.

Singing Machine SMK250PP Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

Singing Machine SMK250PP Bluetooth Sing Along Kids Karaoke Machine With LED lights and Microphone, Purple/Pink
227 Reviews
Singing Machine SMK250PP Bluetooth Sing Along Kids Karaoke Machine With LED lights and Microphone, Purple/Pink
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Built-in speakers for Stereo sound
  • Wired and battery operated (Not included)
  • Mood lights that change with the music
  • Two microphone jacks with volume control, echo control and tone control

Like the above, this model is also by Singing Machine and is very competitively priced and suitable for younger children. It comes with a microphone and Bluetooth connectivity so there is no real restriction on the songs you can play through it. There is space for an additional microphone if you plan on allowing the little tykes to perform duets and the controls are somewhat simpler, but it still does the job it was designed to rather well.

Kidzlane Kids Karaoke Machine and Music Player with Two Mics

Kids Karaoke Machine and Music Player with Two Mics, Bluetooth and Aux Connectivity, LED Lights, and Sound Effects
19 Reviews
Kids Karaoke Machine and Music Player with Two Mics, Bluetooth and Aux Connectivity, LED Lights, and Sound Effects
  • KIDS KARAOKE MACHINE 🎶: Nurture your kids’ musical talents while providing a great energy-releasing outlet with the Kidzlane Stage Mic Sing Off! This kids microphone features a child-friendly control panel with flashing LED lights and real-life audience sounds, a device holder, record/ playback options, and superior sound quality that’s never static-y.
  • DUAL MICS WITH ADJUSTABLE STAND 🎶: Two performers are better than one – that’s why we built this karaoke microphone for kids with dual mics that sport independent volume controls. The stand is adjustable from 39” to 53” to suit any age. Get ready to host smashing birthday parties, karaoke events and talent shows!
  • EASY TO STREAM MUSIC 🎶: Connect any music source via Bluetooth or Aux and belt out to your favorite tunes! This karaoke machine can be powered through USB power source (USB cable included) or 4 AAA batteries (not included).
  • BEST PRESENT EVER 🎶: Wow your kid with the gift of his dreams when presenting this microphone for kids! Not only will you make their Christmas wishes or birthday dreams come true, you’ll also help develop confidence and polish singing talent.
  • TOP-QUALITY GUARANTEED 🎶: This singing machine microphone is made with high-quality child-safe materials for a durable, long-lasting product. Please contact us in case of any issues for a quick, hassle-free refund.

From kidzlane, the next model is a rather fun option. Bright and vibrantly designed with a stand that can be adjusted and two mics for those ear-splitting (okay, we mean angelic) duets between siblings, friends and even the grandparents (there’s always room for Sinatra, Dusty and Bublé, isn’t there?) Again, this uses Bluetooth so there are limitless options for what songs you can pipe through this machine. Additionally, it features an Aux connection for other appropriate devices.

There are fun flashing lights and not only is it easy to put together, but it’s easy to control, meaning you don’t necessarily need to watch over and supervise your kids when they’re using it.

Karaoke Machine for TV

In the next section, we’ll focus on karaoke machines that are designed specifically to be hooked up to the television.

Dynasonic Audio System with Karaoke Mode

[lasso rel=”dynasonic-audio-system” id=”11802″ link_id=”5526″ link_id=”5641″ link_id=”5692″ link_id=”5743″ link_id=”5794″ link_id=”5845″ link_id=”5896″ link_id=”5989″ link_id=”6044″ link_id=”6099″ link_id=”6253″ link_id=”6311″ link_id=”6413″ link_id=”6487″ link_id=”6545″ link_id=”6610″ link_id=”6662″ link_id=”6777″ link_id=”6832″ link_id=”6887″ link_id=”6942″ link_id=”7029″ link_id=”7082″ link_id=”7134″ link_id=”7203″ link_id=”7253″ link_id=”7294″ link_id=”7325″ link_id=”7351″ link_id=”7376″ link_id=”7397″]

Okay, so rather than being just a karaoke machine, the Dynasonic audio system is a comprehensive music system that offers a karaoke option. This is a high-powered piece of kit that includes two small but relatively effective 6.5-inch speakers and a special tweeter.

It’s Bluetooth-compatible and benefits from SD and USB inputs so there is a great variety of input methods you can use to play music through the machine. There are a variety of things you can do with this device – play the music that the whole family can enjoy and listen to FM radio.

However, the feature we really want to focus in on is the karaoke mode. With a wireless microphone and remote control, it’s the perfect addition for any party. As this is not exactly kid-friendly your younger kids might not enjoy it so much, but if you’re looking for something that everyone can enjoy, then this is a good middle ground.

Vocal-Star VS-1200 CDG DVD HDMI Karaoke Machine with Bluetooth and Two Microphones

[lasso rel=”vocal-star-karaoke-machine” id=”11806″ link_id=”5527″ link_id=”5642″ link_id=”5693″ link_id=”5744″ link_id=”5795″ link_id=”5846″ link_id=”5897″ link_id=”5990″ link_id=”6045″ link_id=”6100″ link_id=”6254″ link_id=”6312″ link_id=”6414″ link_id=”6488″ link_id=”6546″ link_id=”6611″ link_id=”6663″ link_id=”6778″ link_id=”6833″ link_id=”6888″ link_id=”6943″ link_id=”7030″ link_id=”7083″ link_id=”7135″ link_id=”7204″ link_id=”7254″ link_id=”7295″ link_id=”7326″ link_id=”7352″ link_id=”7377″]

Time for another honourable mention. The reason this wasn’t put as the main choice for this section is the rather inflated price tag. However, in terms of comprehensive karaoke machines, this is a great product. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, and MP3 and CD/CDG compatibility. You have the option to adjust treble, bass, key and echo settings comes with two wired microphones and is preloaded with 150 party songs to get you started.

Karaoke Set for Kids

If you don’t want to spend too much, these cost-effective options are great karaoke machines for kids.

Mr Entertainer’s Karaoke Collection Pink Portable Karaoke Speaker

[lasso rel=”mr-entertainer-popbox” id=”11808″ link_id=”5528″ link_id=”5643″ link_id=”5694″ link_id=”5745″ link_id=”5796″ link_id=”5847″ link_id=”5898″ link_id=”5991″ link_id=”6046″ link_id=”6101″ link_id=”6255″ link_id=”6313″ link_id=”6415″ link_id=”6489″ link_id=”6547″ link_id=”6612″ link_id=”6664″ link_id=”6779″ link_id=”6834″ link_id=”6889″ link_id=”6944″ link_id=”7031″ link_id=”7084″ link_id=”7136″ link_id=”7205″ link_id=”7255″ link_id=”7296″ link_id=”7327″ link_id=”7353″ link_id=”7378″ link_id=”7398″]

They don’t get much cuter or simpler than this portable, rechargeable karaoke speaker and voice amplification unit with a headset microphone that will make your kid think they’re Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande.

It’s so small it can be connected to a belt or hung around their neck like a necklace and offers smartphone and tablet connectivity via Bluetooth. Your little ones can even record their best performances to listen to them again and again and again or share them with all their friends and relatives. What granny wouldn’t love to hear their grandchild singing Baby Shark or Little Mix?

Obviously, this is not especially loud or sophisticated, but for your young popstar-in-waiting, this is ideal.

Kids Pink Karaoke Adjustable Stand

[lasso rel=”kids-karaoke-microphone-musical-toys” id=”11812″ link_id=”5529″ link_id=”5644″ link_id=”5695″ link_id=”5746″ link_id=”5797″ link_id=”5848″ link_id=”5899″ link_id=”5992″ link_id=”6047″ link_id=”6102″ link_id=”6256″ link_id=”6314″ link_id=”6416″ link_id=”6490″ link_id=”6548″ link_id=”6613″ link_id=”6665″ link_id=”6780″ link_id=”6835″ link_id=”6890″ link_id=”6945″ link_id=”7032″ link_id=”7085″ link_id=”7137″ link_id=”7206″ link_id=”7256″ link_id=”7297″ link_id=”7328″ link_id=”7354″ link_id=”7379″]

From Wishtime, this honourable mention is a nice option. It’s another with a cool adjustable stand and in a pretty pink tone and is perfect for kids as young as 3 years old. It can be connected directly up to any number of different devices, to allow your little one to sing along with. With adjustable volume and some fun effects like applause and cheering, your kid will feel like a real entertainer.

Toddler Karaoke Machine

The next selection includes more toddler-friendly options.

ThinkMax Karaoke Microphone Toy

[lasso rel=”early-educational-music-toy-for-kids-and-children” id=”11818″ link_id=”5530″ link_id=”5645″ link_id=”5696″ link_id=”5747″ link_id=”5798″ link_id=”5849″ link_id=”5900″ link_id=”5993″ link_id=”6048″ link_id=”6103″ link_id=”6257″ link_id=”6315″ link_id=”6417″ link_id=”6491″ link_id=”6549″ link_id=”6614″ link_id=”6666″ link_id=”6781″ link_id=”6836″ link_id=”6891″ link_id=”6946″ link_id=”7033″ link_id=”7086″ link_id=”7138″ link_id=”7207″ link_id=”7257″ link_id=”7298″ link_id=”7329″ link_id=”7355″]

Your toddler is unlikely to complain about sound quality or there not being enough settings, which is why we singled out this model from ThinkMax as a great karaoke machine. It’s basically just a singing microphone musical toy that offers voice changing settings, lighting features and the ability to record some sounds.

The microphone handle has been carefully designed so your toddler can grip it easily without hurting their sensitive hands or fingers and as it’s very lightweight, they’re unlikely to drop it. You won’t be able to do anything fancy with it like hook it up to your Deezer or Spotify account, but they will undoubtedly love the sound of their voice coming through louder than normal. A whole lot of fun for a very low price.

Singing Machine SMK1010 Bluetooth Kids Karaoke Machine with Two Microphones

[lasso rel=”bluetooth-kids-karaoke-machine-with-two-microphones” id=”11820″ link_id=”5531″ link_id=”5646″ link_id=”5697″ link_id=”5748″ link_id=”5799″ link_id=”5850″ link_id=”5901″ link_id=”5994″ link_id=”6049″ link_id=”6104″ link_id=”6258″ link_id=”6316″ link_id=”6418″ link_id=”6492″ link_id=”6550″ link_id=”6615″ link_id=”6667″ link_id=”6782″ link_id=”6837″ link_id=”6892″ link_id=”6947″ link_id=”7034″ link_id=”7087″ link_id=”7139″ link_id=”7208″ link_id=”7258″ link_id=”7299″ link_id=”7330″ link_id=”7356″]

We’re not sure if you would want to spend this much on a toddler toy, but if they have a small group of friends or siblings and their speech has developed fast, you might choose this simple but fun model from Singing Machine. As is the case with all the Singing Machine karaoke toys and systems, it offers wireless connection to all compatible devices via Bluetooth and includes fun voice-changing effects. With a colourful stand and an easy to control unit, it’s worth considering.

Kids Karaoke Microphone

For the next section, we will mainly focus on microphones

TECBOSS Wireless Karaoke Microphone

[lasso rel=”wireless-karaoke-microphone” id=”11838″ link_id=”5532″ link_id=”5647″ link_id=”5698″ link_id=”5749″ link_id=”5800″ link_id=”5851″ link_id=”5902″ link_id=”5995″ link_id=”6050″ link_id=”6105″ link_id=”6259″ link_id=”6317″ link_id=”6419″ link_id=”6493″ link_id=”6551″ link_id=”6616″ link_id=”6668″ link_id=”6783″ link_id=”6838″ link_id=”6893″ link_id=”6948″ link_id=”7035″ link_id=”7088″ link_id=”7140″ link_id=”7209″ link_id=”7259″ link_id=”7300″ link_id=”7331″ link_id=”7357″ link_id=”7380″]

First up in the kid’s karaoke microphone section we have this awesome and inexpensive option from TECBOSS. Rather than feel restricted to a unit, with this you can take up karaoke anywhere. It can be connected to just about anything with a wire, microSD and Bluetooth and in addition to functioning as a microphone, it operates as a player and speaker.

Glowing LED panels to give this a touch of glam, while the simple functionality and loud (considering how compact and small the device is) output make this a fun addition to any party or social event.

VOZKOM Kids Karaoke Microphone

[lasso rel=”vozkom-kids-karaoke-microhpne” id=”11842″ link_id=”5533″ link_id=”5648″ link_id=”5699″ link_id=”5750″ link_id=”5801″ link_id=”5852″ link_id=”5903″ link_id=”5996″ link_id=”6051″ link_id=”6106″ link_id=”6260″ link_id=”6318″ link_id=”6420″ link_id=”6494″ link_id=”6552″ link_id=”6617″ link_id=”6669″ link_id=”6784″ link_id=”6839″ link_id=”6894″ link_id=”6949″ link_id=”7036″ link_id=”7089″ link_id=”7141″ link_id=”7210″ link_id=”7260″ link_id=”7301″ link_id=”7332″ link_id=”7358″ link_id=”7381″]

Not as savvy and cutesier than the model above, we think this would be a better option for younger children. Don’t let VOZKOM’s childlike design fool you though, because it still offers Bluetooth and microSD connectivity and comes with a 128MB card with 8 songs. Like the one above, it can record your little cherub’s singing and even can change their voice to that of an old man, robot or lady.

Mi-Mic Kids Karaoke Microphone Speaker

Want them to have the same experience offered by the models above in a more streamlined design, then the Mi-Mic might be the right one for your kids and their friends. It again doubles as a speaker and microphone and offers LED lights and Bluetooth connectivity. A whole lot of fun for a whole lot less than any others featured here so far.

HALOVIE Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Similar in design to the top kid’s microphone we’ve covered, but at a fraction of a price, this is another fun option. This time made by HALOVIE, it compatible with several different input options including Bluetooth, Android devices, IOS phones and so much more. Easy to use and rechargeable, let your kids sing their hearts out wherever they are.

Kids Karaoke Machine With 2 Microphones

We know how troublesome kids can be when they need to share, so why risk it when you can invest in a kid’s karaoke machine with 2 microphones, like the products in this section.

RockJam RJSC01-BK Singcube Rechargeable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with Two Microphones

[lasso rel=”rockjam-singcube” id=”11844″ link_id=”5534″ link_id=”5649″ link_id=”5700″ link_id=”5751″ link_id=”5802″ link_id=”5853″ link_id=”5904″ link_id=”5997″ link_id=”6052″ link_id=”6107″ link_id=”6261″ link_id=”6319″ link_id=”6421″ link_id=”6495″ link_id=”6553″ link_id=”6618″ link_id=”6670″ link_id=”6785″ link_id=”6840″ link_id=”6895″ link_id=”6950″ link_id=”7037″ link_id=”7090″ link_id=”7142″ link_id=”7211″ link_id=”7261″ link_id=”7302″ link_id=”7333″ link_id=”7359″ link_id=”7382″ link_id=”7399″]

There is no denying that this RockJam machine is one cool looking karaoke system. The standard Aux and Bluetooth connectivity are offered along with a fun and professional-ish light show, but it’s the fact that this comes with 2 microphones that makes us really want to sing its praises.

No more fighting needs to take place, as two kids can use it at a time and the lyrics are displayed on the screen of your preferred device that sits nicely in a practical cradle found at the top of the cube.

Vocal-Star VS-400 Karaoke Machine With 2 Microphones and Songs

It’s not the first time we’ve featured a Vocal-Star product and that’s with good reason because although they’re a bit pricier, they’re very sophisticated looking and easy to use systems. Everything you need is included in the package, including two microphones and a selection of songs.

Mr Entertainer’s Karaoke Collection Karaoke Machine CDG with 2 Microphones and 240 Songs

Another honourable mention goes to another brand we’ve already featured in our guide and this model, from Mr Entertainer’s Karaoke Collection. This comes with 240 songs preloaded, 2 microphones and a lot of other great features.

Croove Karaoke Machine for Adults and Kids with 2 Microphones

Another pricey option that still requires an honourable mention is from Croove. This is very cool, if expensive, and includes 2 microphones and a self-contained unit and stand.

Kids Karaoke CD Player

For the last section, we cover kids’ karaoke CD players.

Tonies Toniebox Starter Set Pink

[lasso rel=”toniebox-starter-set” id=”11846″ link_id=”5535″ link_id=”5650″ link_id=”5701″ link_id=”5752″ link_id=”5803″ link_id=”5854″ link_id=”5905″ link_id=”5998″ link_id=”6053″ link_id=”6108″ link_id=”6262″ link_id=”6320″ link_id=”6422″ link_id=”6496″ link_id=”6554″ link_id=”6619″ link_id=”6671″ link_id=”6786″ link_id=”6841″ link_id=”6896″ link_id=”6951″ link_id=”7038″ link_id=”7091″ link_id=”7143″ link_id=”7212″ link_id=”7262″ link_id=”7303″ link_id=”7334″ link_id=”7360″ link_id=”7383″ link_id=”7400″]

Perhaps you’re just looking for a small and compact unit that can be used as CD player karaoke machine. Perfect for kids, this is fun and pink. Though, you will notice from a quick glance that this is not a CD player machine, so it’s even better. So, there is no need to worry about CDs getting scratched up.

Lexibook Marvel Spider-Man CD Player for Kids with 2 Microphones

Who knew spider-man and karaoke was a good mix? Don’t believe they are? Check out this honourable mention from Lexibook. Fun and vibrant and fully licenced from Marvel it features 2 microphones and the option to sing along with whatever CD your kids want.

Von X4-Tech Karaoke 701480 CD Player MP3 Player with 2 Microphones

Another similar design, minus the spider-man colouring and graphics, is this von X4-Tech machine. Two microphones, CD player and easy to use controls make this a great option for the non-Marvel fans out there.

Godnece Kids CD Player with Microphone

Got a little girl who wants to sing along with her favourite CDs, this is a very simplistic design, from Godnece that features 1 microphone and lots of cool buttons to press.

Best Karaoke Machine for Kids – Buying Guide

When you’re buying anything, especially something you’re not as familiar with as you would like, there are always going to be important things you need to consider. In this buying guide, we are going to look at the factors and features you should be aware of when choosing the right karaoke kit.

Important Features To consider


More than anything, the songs are what’s going to make or break the karaoke experience. The availability of songs and the amount you get with a system will very much depend on the kind it is. While some require CD-Gs (like standard CDs, but featuring additional track information including song lyrics), others offer access to their very own fully dedicated subscription service.

Additionally, many machines will be compatible with Bluetooth.

Lyrics Screen

Following on from the above, another important feature to consider that’s vital to karaoke nights being sublime or a real struggle is the lyrics screen. With all-inclusive machines, they tend to feature their own screens for the lyrics. Whereas the smaller models may need the use of either a smartphone, tablet or even laptop.


You can’t really rock the microphone and have the crowd cheering can you without a microphone, can you! We have found in search at what’s available that as a standard you tend to get one microphone in most kids. There are some out there that do come with two microphones in the set, but these often cost a bit more.

Even if you need to buy an additional microphone, a decent quality mic shouldn’t cost too much.


There you have it, a very comprehensive guide to what’s great in the world of kid’s karaoke kits. We have tried to cover as many different subsections as possible, to cover all needs and requirements. The only thing we can’t help you with is the noise your little angels are going to be making when they get a hold of one!


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