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Best food prep container options

There are so many food prep containers out there to buy we’ve reviewed the best of them, compared and tested and are here with the results!

Which food prep containers do we love the most? If you’re short on time jump straight in:
These are our TOP food prep containers for 2020

On this page here you can compare the whole top ten, read customer product reviews and get the most up-to date prices. Many of these food prep containers I’ve seen on offer a lot.

What do we look for in food prep containers?

✔️ Air-tight smart locking lids – These storage containers use snap lock lids that comes with silicone seals to ensure your meal prep food will last much longer than normal plastic food storage containers or Tupperware sets

✔️ High quality glass – glass storage containers are made from high quality borosilicate glass, which is stronger and can adjust to temperature changes much better than cheaper glass food storage containers

✔️ 36 Oz (4.5 Cups), 8” x 6.5” x 2.7”, set of 5. It is perfect for meal prepping. Stay healthy and save time by cooking and freezing your meals for later.

✔️FDA food certified safe – Easy to use and easy to take care of, as it’s microwave safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe, and oven safe for over 500 degrees Fahrenheit

✅ Food prep container WINNER

Which food prep containers did we like the most? These are the ones we use daily.

This set of food containers is OUR winner Why?

As a family of five, and a family who budget carefully and hate to overspend in the supermarket, batch cooking is BIG in this house. And batch cooking needs food prep containers for storage. And lunchboxes. And for after-school swimming lesson snacks. The list goes on, and these glass food prep containers win on so many counts.

What do I do with them?
1. Freeze left overs
2.Take them to work filled with lunches for the week
3.Reheat batch cooked meals in the oven, straight from the freezer
4. Pre chop and store fruit for smoothies

These are my favourites and along with an AMAZON CHOICE 84% 5* Amazon review rating, lots of people love them as well!

Food prep containers – other favourites!

We’ve talked about the containers I chose for our family, but there are other options to go for as well.

✅ Best double decker lunch box

Looking for one of the single best ways to save money FAST? Look no further than the lunch box! It’s an oldie, but it works. Stop buying lunch while you’re at work, pack it at home to take with you, and the money you can save is upwards of £100’s annually, a lot more in some peoples cases!

The days of the old plastic container are long gone though…today’s lunch boxes are modern, lightweight and hygienic.

These are our picks of the best out there.

Grab yourself one of these and watch the savings add up. Trust us, you’ll be amazed!

What should you look for in a lunchbox?

✔️Easy to clean – your lunch box should be made of a material you can easily clean or out in the dishwasher if it’s plastic

✔️Compact – your lunchbox should be easy to fit into your bag

✔️ Have separate compartments – the key to taking lunch regularly to work is to make it not boring. Separate compartments means you can take a variety of foods

Other double decker lunch boxes we recommend

✅ Best kids lunch box with compartments

Kids and cool lunch boxes go hand in hand, so we’ve got some of the best lunch boxes, bags and lunch cases on the market that’ll make sure your foods kept fresh all day long.

If they’re made from re-cycled materials, all the better, and all of these encourage less use of single use plastics. Easily cleanable, this selection of kids lunch boxes with compartments are all leak proof, easily washable and BPA free.

Our kids compartment lunchbox winner?

Other kids lunch boxes we love!

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This site uses affiliate links. I may receive a commission from purchases or actions made after clicking on one of my links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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