✅ Best mp3 player for kids

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Looking for the best mp3 player for kids? Kids mp3 players provide hours and hours of entertainment, we’ve reviewed and tested some of the better ones and have our favourites below!

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If your kid’s too young for a smart phone but old enough to be listening to their favourite tunes, why not get them an MP3 player?

✅ Best mp3 player for young kids

There’s a few things you’ll want to look out for when you’re choosing your childs mp3 player. Depending on the kids age, make sure the mp3 player is age appropriate, so check the functionality is simple enough for them to be able to grasp and learn, and that it’s easy for them to use.

There are mp3 players aimed at all ages of child here, from toddler mp3 players right up to just before you buy (trust?!) them to have an grown up version.

✅ Music player for kids

Music and kids go hand in hand, which is great as listening to music has many benefits for kids. How does music benefit kids?

  • Music helps you sleep better – research has shown that music has a calming effect on the nervous system, helping your body relax, ready for sleep (source)
  • Music makes you happier – listening to music you like releases happy hormones (source)
  • Music lowers stress – feel good music = less stress (source)

✅ Child proof mp3 player

You’ll need to make sure the mp3 player you buy your child is ‘child proof’. Top of my list when shopping for kids mp3 players is durability.

It doesn’t matter how good the quality is, how many songs it can hold or anything else, if it breaks at the first fall, it’s a waste of money.

When looking for an mp3 player for your kids, you probably want to make sure these things feature:

  • Durability – as mentioned above, if it’s not going to stand up to the kids, it’s a waste of money. Make sure the MP3 player seems sturdy and well made
  • Easy to use – kids are fast learners but little ones will need the controls to be pretty easy to grasp
  • Quality of sound – this is the point right?
  • Price – being money aware is our thing…it’s got to be everything we want for the right price!

✅ Top kids MP3 players

There’s a load of MP3 players for kids on the market. To help you make your choice, we’ve got our favourites listed below with a run down of their pro’s and con’s, specs and other details you need to know!

Zacro MP3 Player

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This mp3 player is a really good choice for really little kids. They love the simple colourful design and the functions are simple and easy for kids to learn.

This Zacro mp3 player comes with a loud speaker as well as headphones which I love, you don’t want teenies to spend too much time with headphones in, and the loud speaker function means they can use this in the home as well as the car and on trips.

Bothe the speaker and the headphones give this music player a good battery life, you’ll get 3-4 hours from the speakers and 8-10 from the headphones.

Perfect for those car journeys when you need to little peace and quiet!

Hotechs MP3 Music Player

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This Hotechs music player is better for slightly older kids. Perhaps in the 8+ category, depending on your child. The design mimics the adult versions and looks more grown up, and being capable of holding up to 11,000 songs means older kids can download all their favourite bands onto it.

GPTEK Bluetooth Kids MP3 Player

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This is a super cute mp3 players for the unicorn loving kids in your life, complete with built in speaker and headphone options.

The music is downloaded from a laptop/desktop and then transferred to the mp3 player, comes with a strap for stopping those ‘where’s my music player’ moments and is simple enough for even the littlest kids to be able to use in minutes.

Kids Game Smartwatch MP3 Player Music Watch

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This smart phone styled mp3 player is great for kids who want to be like mum and have a smart watch. There’s no texting or GPS tracker as you’d get with the ‘real’ thing, but there’s a camera, games and a calculator, so this mp3 watch definitely has enough to keep the kids happy.

Cartoon MP3 Music Player

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This cartoon mp3 player is sturdy, simple to use and has sound protection, meaning the little uns’ can listen to their favourite songs safely. This one can also be used to listen to audio books which is great, and come loaded with kids games.

Being extremely light weight, this mp3 player will be well loved and happily carried around by most kids, and the bright design makes it super appealing. A great choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive kids mp3 player.

✅ Best kids mp3 players

There are a couple of slightly more expensive MP3 players we also loved, and might be something to aim for. These MP3 players are not really suitable for carrying around on the go, but for bedrooms and playrooms, these two are our clear winners!

KidzAudio Badoo Portable Bluetooth mp3 USB Music Player

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I love love love this KidzAudio Badoo mp3 player. The design is stylish for both adults and kids alike, has bluetooth and a volume limiter so the kids can’t get carried away!
It’s not going to be especially portable (for car trips etc…) as it’s square and not ‘fit in your pocket’ size, but for the home, this is a fantastic quality mp3 player that’ll last for years.

Horbert MP3 player for children

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As with the KidzAudio Badoo, this Horbert mp3 player is a high quality well made mp3 player for the home. Pricy, yes, but will last for years, has a volume limiter and looks amazing.

The downsides for me are no display screen and no headphones, so maybe a buy for a family to have in the kitchen or playroom.

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