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How to start creating a passive income

How do you make extra income online or offline? Passive income. It’s the Holy Grail of money making. If you’re not clear, it’s money earned whilst you’re off doing other things. Think authors. They write, and if they’re successful, money rolls in for years. While I’m not suggesting you’ll need to...


What’s the bucket saving method?

So what is this Bucket Savings Method I hear you ask….well, in short, it’s giving each ‘thing’ a bucket and throwing money into it. Think of all the different parts of your savings plans, eg/ mortgage overpayments, holidays, bills, tax if you’re self employed……each of these things has it’s own bucket...


How to save money each month

I’ll admit it, my initial thoughts on finding money to save were of the standard ‘we don’t have any spare money’ variety, and I’m sure that a lot of people would share these thoughts when challenging themselves to find money to put aside each month. I was fully prepared for this...


How to save money by planning

Every month I go through the same thing. I know we have credit cards that need paying and we don’t have Direct Debits set up for them so I need to do it manually. And every month I put it off, because I know roughly when they need doing by, and...


Are you spending too much cash in the supermarket?

I’ve decided that this is the week I sort out our food shopping bill once and for all. It’s something thats been on the back burner for ages, months, possibly years, where I’ve been aware that we spend too much in the supermarket. At times made some vague attempts to...

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