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What IS goal setting?

What is goal setting? Goals are the things we want to achieve but haven’t been able to yet and want to in the future. Before I started to get my life in order and prioritize what I actually wanted to achieve, I read that a goal without a plan is...


How to pay off your mortgage

Have you ever wondered how to pay off your mortgage? Have you ever thought about what life might be like without that payment dragging you down. Being mortgage free sounds like a dream to most people, but it can happen with hard work and a goal. If you really put...


What’s a debt snowball?

If you’re wondering ‘what’s a debt snowball?’ or ‘how do I make a debt snowball?’, you’ve come to the right place! As a massive advocate of the debt snowball debt repayment method, I’m going to explain it. It’s pretty straight forward and really won’t take you long to get the...


Budget planner

This is how I became a budget planner. The first thing we did after making the decision to become debt free was to create a budget. There was a small issue with this though, in that we’d never really made one before. The idea’s that I had for creating one,...


What’s the bucket saving method?

So what is this Bucket Savings Method I hear you ask….well, in short, it’s giving each ‘thing’ a bucket and throwing money into it. Think of all the different parts of your savings plans, eg/ mortgage overpayments, holidays, bills, tax if you’re self employed……each of these things has it’s own bucket...


How to save money each month

I’ll admit it, my initial thoughts on finding money to save were of the standard ‘we don’t have any spare money’ variety, and I’m sure that a lot of people would share these thoughts when challenging themselves to find money to put aside each month. I was fully prepared for this...

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