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If you’d love cheap Erin Condren and you’re in the UK, this is for you!

I just wanted to write a quick post to show you that it is possible to buy a cheap Erin Condren if you live in the UK, without paying the best part of £80 for the Erin Condren Life Planner that a lot of us love so much.

I’m going to admit straight away, I’ve always wanted an Erin Condren Life Planner. I know it’s not really aligned with our money saving way of life (I think they’ve got the highest price tag of a non designer planner I’ve seen) and yes, there are definitely cheaper alternatives. But there’s something about an Erin Condren planner.

If you get it, you’ll know!

Planning is SO important if you’re trying to become debt free and make extra money to reach your goal. I’ve written about how I use my planner to help me reach my goals here.

I’ve tried all the planners out there and honestly? I’ve really struggled finding a planner that I loved. I’ve used a planner for years. But every year, I cannot find one that’s quite what I want. And it’s so important to love your planner. If it doesn’t work for you, you’re just not going to use it effectively.

So every year I’d have planner of some sort that was okay, but I still hankered after an Erin Condren. (If you’re still reading, I’m guessing you get the whole planner thing :)

Can’t you buy the life planner in the UK?

Well you can, but they come from the USA. This means that you have to pay the import tax and super high delivery fees on top of what’s already a really high priced planner. So this has always made the planner out of my reach. There have been times when I’ve *almost* ordered one. I had one of these moments a few weeks ago.

Then it dawned on me that we’re in March, and the planners are dated meaning that I’ve already lost nearly 3 months of the year……so I reigned myself in and started looking for something else.

Then I found something amazing while I was searching for a cheaper way to buy one than straight from the website.

Erin Condren on Amazon UK

I came across a seller on Amazon UK and this caught my eye.

You’ve spotted the obvious error haven’t you?

Yes…’s a 2017 planner.

I initially dismissed this but then went back to it and decided that I could simply sticker over the dates and rewrite them as they should be.

So that’s what I’ve done. It’s arrived, it’s perfect. (It actually comes with 4 pages of stickers that I’ve used to re-date it).

What it didn’t come with is the plastic envelope/pouch that they normally do. I guess these have been taken out as they’re so reduced in price.

Erin Condren 12 month 2017 Life Planner – Watercolor Floral Horizontal Colorful, Colorful Interior (AMA-12M 2017 33)

Am I happy with it? Yes, I absolutely love it.

The paper is thick and luscious. The ink you use doesn’t bleed at all, and it’s bright and colorful as you imagine it would be. And the size, ahhhh, the size.

In the Uk we seem to have a choice of either A4 (waaaay to big) or A5 (waaaay to small). The Erin Condren in made in a B5 size which is in between our A4 and A5. The B5 size is just right.

It’s got not only the actual weeks and a monthly view, there’s load of notes and goal pages and list pages.

Erin Condren on Etsy UK

Etsy Uk offer loads of add on’s that fit the Life Planner

I’ve also discovered on Etsy UK that there are loads of sellers who sell stickers and add on’s and even replacement covers that fit your Life Planner. (Of course your planner won’t be personalized as it could be if you got it from the Erin Condren site). If you’ve got your heart set on a personalized version, perhaps look at getting a new cover made.

So there you have it.

Using a planner has helped me loads during my journey to become debt free, I really couldn’t recommend it more. If you’ve got your budget and your spending under control and written down, your chances of success are so much higher.

Happy planning :)

(This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I may make a commission if you click through and decide to buy this product. We ONLY promote products we love and have helped us. Thank you for supporting my blog :) )


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  1. April 1, 2019

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