How To Make An Easy $600 With The Current Music App

βœ… Current music App

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Ever heard of Current music app? This awesome little app has been around for a while, but 2020 saw it taking some giant leaps forward.

Current music app has a simple aim, and that’s to let budget conscious consumers monetise their habits, boosting their budget and earning some extra cash.


To give you an idea of their size, 200,000 people earn on Current music app every single day, and they’ve paid out over $1 million in the last few months alone.

And we all seem to love this app. The app store gives it a 4 start review from 7,400 reviews. That’s a good sign and having used this app for a while now myself to test it out, I can see why.

βœ… What is the current music app?

The Current music app is a free, non subscription app you download onto your phone. Once you register for the app and have it open on your phone, you’ll tell it your music preferences. So whether that’s rock, pop, country or a secret love of thrash metal, you can select it as your preference.

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Then you can choose from over 100,000 radio stations across the world to listen to. And get paid for listening to them. Seriously, it’s that simple.

You don’t need Spotify or Apple music or any other subscription service to use Current music app, you access the radio stations through the app, play, and get paid.

βœ… How does current app work?

You earn points within the app. These points can then be exchanged for rewards (and these rewards are good!). So every track you listen to, whilst you’re cooking dinner or driving the kids to school, you get paid for.

It’s not loads of money but you wouldn’t expect it to be, and it really does add up. There are also other ways you can earn points you can then convert into rewards. Giving the app some information about yourself earns more points – but this is totally up to you, there’s no obligation to give them any info about yourself at all.

You can also interact with the app to earn points. The more you use the app, the more you’ll get paid. Or, you can simply have the music on in the background whilst you’re getting on. You still get paid – for doing something you’d likely do anyway, listening to music.

βœ… Is current music app legit?

Yes! The Current music app is 100% legitimate. There are a huge bunch of very happy customers in the App store that will vouch for the fact this app is legit, I’ve used it myself and am very happy with it.

Besides, you’re not giving the app any personal information you don’t want to be, so there’s really no worries about it being legit.


βœ… How can I make money from current?

You make money from Current music app by earning points, as outlined above. The more you use the app the more money you can make.

Current advertise the app as allowing you to earn up to $600 a year, which I initially thought was a little unrealistic. However, after using the app and getting to know my way around it, I can tell you it’s not an unrealistic figure.

Current base their $600 mark on you using the app between 20-30 hours per week. So I tested out and recored how much of the time I would usually have some music on.
When do I have music on in the background? While I’m cooking, cleaning, playing taxi cab to the kids, running, in the gym, and pretty much every time I open the laptop to work.

Some weeks, I was way over Currents estimates, others I was under. Overall, I think they’ve given a fair average.

And $600 a year is not to be sniffed at. That’s a lot of cash, and could pay for any number of treats you might not have had the cash to pay for otherwise.

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βœ… How does Current music app pay you?

So now for the best part, the getting paid bit. Tis is one of the things I think makes Current music app stand out from the others. There are a few ways to get paid, all of them involve earning enough points to turn into a reward.

What are the rewards? Have a look:

  • PayPal gift cards – $1, $3, $6, $10 or $20
  • Smart watch (2 versions)
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • ‘Air Pod’ style headphones

For me, the Paypal gift cards are where it’s at. So much of what we buy we pay for using Paypal, just because it’s secure and safe, so a gift card reward is just fine. And since it’s money for doing basically nothing, a Paypal gift card’s a pretty good reward!

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