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Do you want to earn money from home?

To be able to earn more money from home in 2019, all you need is an internet connection and a bit of IT knowledge.

No longer are working from home jobs all scams or marketing pyramid schemes, companies are now using more and more remote workers as a modern workforce demands flexibility and life balance.

There are so many reasons we want to be able to earn money at home these days. In our house, it was for childcare reasons initially. We have three children and childcare costs proved to high to make an outside the home job a workable option.

Other people hate the commute in rush hour, or the lack of control over their time. Whatever your reasons, people who have the ability to work from home have been shown to be happier, have less time off sick and show increased productivity.

It’s not surprising the corporates are catching onto what the smaller companies have known for a while.

We’ve compiled this list as a starting guide to working from home and the opportunities that might be available to you.

Make extra cash from home – earn money from home!

To start, we’ve compiled a list of jobs that’ll bring in a bit of extra cash along side your ‘day job’ if you have one.

These are not really full time gigs and you’re not going to earn full time money but they will earn you money and that’s the goal.

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Research tribe

Research tribe works with some of the biggest brand names in the world. You may not have heard of them, but you’ve probably heard of the people that employ them. Think Kiehls, Danone, Sky and Net-a-Porter, and you’ll get the idea.

This is not some get rich quick mystery shopping company, they’ve been around for years, and if you prove yourself to be a reliable worker, you’ll get work often.

They don’t make any promises about the amount of work you’ll get, so it’s a bonus when it comes in but you’ll get rewarded in cash, products, vouchers or experiences. They’re looking to build a loyal following, a team of people who they trust to carry out research.

While you’re not going to get rich, you might well take home an extra £50 per assignment. So register and wait for the assignments to land in your inbox. And once they do, either take them or turn them down if they’re not for you.

New vista live

New vista live is an online research company, another market research agency. They typically want your views and opinions on a range of things from shopping, advertising, technology and entertainment to politics, current affairs and global events.

They operate a points system, with surveys being allocated an amount of ‘points’ which you can then turn into cash when you hit £50. A usual survey will earn you £1. No, it’s not a lot but they do add up, and for sitting at your kitchen table having a rant about something you feel strongly about, it’s not bad.

New vista live also offer an opportunity to join live online groups where you can discuss topics and these are also paid in points. Joining up is easy and fast, it’s free and you’ll soon be able to take part in surveys that you’re eligible for.

Teamed with something like Research Tribe, you could have several pieces of work a week, netting you a handy £70-80 ish.

Code 3 research

Code 3 research will pay you for your views, opinions and feedback about products and services you already use in your day to day life.

There are many ways to complete assignments, you can go along to a local venue and take part in a session e.g. a Focus Group, User Test, Interview or accompanied shopping session or you can just take part from the comfort of your own home or office.

In return for your efforts Code 3 research will pay you between £40-100 for up to two hours….it’s good money, but you’re not likely to get huge amounts of work. It’s a great side as and when it come up, but as with the others, join up to lots of sites and hope for occasional work.

Get paid to write CV’s with Purple CV’s

Purple CV’s is one of several firms in the UK that will pay you to create a CV for one of their clients.

If you’ve got professional experience and know stand out on a CV, you could earn yourself extra money doing this in your spare time.

You’ll need to be able to turn the job around in 2-3 days, and have excellent written English. Being based in the UK is a must and any experience in HR or customer service is appealing to this company.

Being paid weekly is a bonus, and Purple CV’s say they pay a competitive rate. If you’re writing skills are up to scratch, this could be a nice little side hustle for you!

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Data entry – earn money from home!

Data entry work at home jobs are becoming more popular as companies outsource their work around the world. You don’t need to be qualified for this type of work, but there are some skills that’ll help you have an on going flow of work.

Skills Needed for Online Data Entry

You need to be IT literate at a basic level. You’ll have to install software and and know how to keep the data you’re given safe using antivirus programs.

Your organization skills will need to be good so you know what you’ve done and what you haven’t, and your typing skills will need to be accurate, although not necessarily fast.

These jobs can be b-o-r-i-n-g so as long as you’re okay with repetition, you’ll be okay.

A computer is a must for obvious reasons, and some of the companies that offer work from home jobs require you to have an office area. Also get yourself a good chair. And move around frequently, even if it’s just up to go to the kettle!

Clickworker is a really popular company that has a lot of data entry jobs, although you’re competing with other people for each one, so it’s not steady work in that respect. (previous blog post about Clickworker here)

The Smartcrowd – Lionbridge

The Smart Crowd is a group of people who work whenever and wherever they want, in the ‘cloud’. They’re based in the USA but their workers are global and there’s more than 100,000 of them.

Working with BIG names in tech, they offer you the chance to earn money doing tasks that fit into your life.

Most people join to supplement an existing income, but there’s no long term contract and you come and go as you like. They have a variety of tasks in data research, data entry, language, testing, and more.

As soon as tasks come up that match your skill set they’ll email you, and they’ll pay you monthly, depending on the jobs completed.

Amazon mTurk

Make money in your spare time by completing simple tasks for Amazon mTurk.

You might be entering data, gathering stats, answering queries or categorizing information, but you’ll be able to take on as much or as little as you like with mTurk.

Lots of companies that use Amazon as their marketplace employ people on mTurk to do small tasks that need to be completed by a human, and there are literally thousands of tasks available to choose from.

Paid monthly, mTurk is a way to supplement an income rather than replace one, and reports from current workers show you’ll earn about £8.50 an hour.

Some of the works repetitive and a little mundane, but it’s cash. And that’s the goal.

Transcription jobs

For those who don’t already know, transcription jobs from home involve listening to voice recordings and converting them to written reports.

Starting with transcription jobs at home are a really good option for people with the right skills. A perfect grasp of the English language and an ability to hear clearly are needed here.

Typing is the main physical skill, it’s simply a case of the faster you type the faster you earn, so a refresher course might be needed if your typing has slipped!

You’ll be able to fit the work in around your life and pick and choose your own hours, no commuting, not traffic…..and no traveling costs!

Transcription work pays approximately £9-15 per hour and depends on your skill level. UK companies that offer work from home transcription jobs include:


There are of course others, but these ones would be a good start.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, I’d love to hear about the ways you earn money from home!

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