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Like some free Paypal money UK? How about a FREE instant £10 Paypal reward? Who wouldn’t! Nearly 350million of us globally have a PayPal account, and with good reason (source). They’re safe, secure and easy to access.

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Free Paypal Money UK

If you’re looking for ways to make more money through your PayPal account we’ve got just the post for you!

We tend to think of our PayPal accounts as a way to get paid or be paid. Like when we sell or buy something on eBay :)

The truth is though, that there are a whole host of companies that will pay you to perform tasks. And they’ll often pay you straight into your PayPal account.

Getting free money on Paypal does usually require you to do something. Getting paid into your PayPal account does require you to complete some sort of task. What sort of tasks might you be required to do?

There’s so many. They range from signing up to apps, taking part in market research and surveys, taking pictures when you’re out and about to freelancing, and dog walking. The list goes on.

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More Ways To Make Some Extra Cash

How To Get FREE Money on Paypal

We recommend getting a few of these on the go. Get into the habit of opening them regularly. Either complete tasks, get some extra steps in or upload some receipts.

As with many online ways to earn some extra cash you’re not going to become a millionaire overnight doing these. They’ll help to boost your budget a little and give your Paypal account a little nudge in the right direction!

free instant money on paypal

We’ve complied some of the best ways to get paid into your PayPal account below.


Sweatcoin is an app that rewards outdoor walking.

How do they know you’re outdoor walking? The app uses your GPS on your phone to make sure you really are out and about!

The great thing about this app is that you can choose between a reward or cold hard cash.

To get the cash paid into your PayPal account, you’ll need to invite people to join the app.

Have a look at Sweatcoin here. Download the app and you’ll be able to see for yourself the rewards on offer.

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Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog wants to know all about your shopping habits. Things like where you shop, what you buy and who shops with you.

This information is then sold onto market research companies, although your personal information remains anonymous.

Download this app and register to join. Every time you get an eligible receipt, simply upload it to the app. You’ll start to build up credits. These credits can then be swapped for cash, through PayPal.

It’s not big money we’re talking about here. It does add up over time, and if you’ve got the receipts anyway….why not!

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how to get free paypal money

Pinecone Research

Pinecone research is a market research company. They’re looking for your opinion, & wants you to give it in the form of online surveys.

Pinecone are known to be one of the better paying survey companies. When you join up, as with most survey companies and apps, the more information you choose to give them, the more surveys you’ll be sent, as you’ll fit more profiles.

There is no minimum threshold for a payout from Pinecone research. This means you’ll see money in your PayPal account sooner than you might with some of the others!

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Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit connects you to people local to you who need odd jobs doing.

Once you’ve registered with them, you’ll be able to bid on jobs people near you have posted. Once you’ve won the job and completed it, you’ll see the money in your PayPal account.

The jobs range from the very small, hanging a picture, to bigger more skilled jobs. If you’re handy and don’t mind travelling around an area you specify, Task Rabbit can be a great way to bring in some extra money.

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User Testing

User testing is a company that pay you to test websites on behalf of the site owners.

There are millions of websites out there and many of them need people like you and I to test them. Why? To make sure they’re easy to use and flag up any issues that the owners might not have seen.

Often you’ll be asked to do something on the site. Go through the motions of booking a trip, and UserTesting will record the clicks you make throughout your journey. Then they use this information to make improvements to the site.

If you know your way around a website then you can make some good money doing this.

You don’t get asked to do loads of these jobs (or at least, I didn’t!). The ones that you do get are pretty well paid. And often from the comfort of your own home. Perfect :)

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Powr of you

Powr of You wants to see how you use the internet, how you browse and what your internet habits are.

This one seems a little more intrusive than some of the others. They assure us on their website that all the data they collect from you is totally anonymous. They simply want the data, not your personal details.

You’ll be asked for some of your details when you sign up. This is to make sure you’re the right fit. Then you’ll need to connect to their digital data streams. There are also surveys you can complete.

After that, you can start earning rewards every time your data is used by the company.

This ones a more you use it the more you get sort of thing!

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One Pulse is an app you download and register with. This then allows you to take part in ‘pulses’, which essentially are very fast 2-3 questions.

Open the app, and you’ll see any available pulses for you to join.

You might only earn a few cents/penny’s, but it’s super fast to take part in. It’s perfect for those minutes you spend waiting in a queue or for the kids to come out of school.

The cash-out minimum right now is $20, which is higher than usual due to the virus.

Hopefully this will return to the pre Covid19 levels soon, as it’ll take a while to reach the $20 threshold. Still an app worth having, as it takes a couple of minutes to complete and turns dead minutes into pennies!

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Fiverr has become huge since it’s launch 2010. It provides an awesome place to earn some extra money, which can be paid right into your PayPal account!

If you’ve never seen or heard of Fiverr, it’s a market place where you can sell your skills. Whether that’s graphic design, voice-overs, computer coding or singing, you name it, you can sell it on Fiverr.

And you can make some really good money.

While it takes a little while to build up a reputation though feedback. Once you do you’ll get repeat customers. People buying on Fiverr tend to look at a sellers reviews and buy accordingly.

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Swag Bucks

Swag Bucks is a well loved app that allows you to earn Swag Bucks!

To do this you’ll be completing small tasks. Take surveys, play games and watch videos, and once you’ve earned enough Swag Bucks you can turn them into either rewards or cash! 

Swag Bucks can also be used as a search engine. This cash-back site and has become one of the better known paying apps in the UK. 

Well worth joining up to, and the payout threshold is just £5. This means you can get to cash out quite often. A great little app! 

Inbox Pounds

You get £1 just for signing up with Inbox Pounds! This app is a survey and video watching gig, you complete the tasks and then you get paid. 

This is the UK version of it’s US sister site, Inbox Dollars, and it’s quickly catching on in the UK. 

Essentially a market research company, this is one app you’ll want to add to your paying apps collection!


i-Say offer market research surveys and want to pay you for your opinion. Get to voice your opinion on anything from entertainment, global brands and advertising, then choose your reward at the end. 

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Curious Cat

Curious Cat App is a micro task app. That means you can earn money (pretty small amounts but hey!) for every micro task you perform. 

This is a new app, and they say the average time it takes to complete a task is 3 minutes. That’s perfect for those minutes we all waste waiting around throughout the day. 

The best thing about this app? There’s no minimum payout and the money hits your PayPal account as soon as you’ve done the task! What’s not to love :)

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Crowdology pays up to £10 per survey, making this one of the best paid in its group.

The surveys they ask you to complete are a bit more in depth than some of the others. The money you earn is higher, so the extra time spent on the survey is well worth it. 

As soon as your balance hits £4 you’re able to request a PayPal transfer. It shouldn’t take any time at all to see money in your PayPal account. 

You’re rewarded for every single survey you complete. You’re not going to make a fortune taking these surveys. They might add up enough to treat yourself to a meal out. This depends on how many surveys you take and how much time you’re willing to commit to it! 

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Branded Surveys

Another survey site, Branded Surveys pays you for…filling in surveys! 

Much the same as most survey sites, this one is one to keep in the background. Open as and when you’ve got a spare few minutes. 

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Surveys and cash back are how you can earn money with Qmee. This popular app shows you offers and offers cash back if you shop through them. 

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Join the Your Say Pays panel and take part in surveys covering many things: shopping, technology, public services and more. 

Some of these surveys are a little more interesting than many of the other companies. They’re often about things you actually use, so more interesting and less mundane. 

The money they pay isn’t huge, but as with all of these, it does add up. 

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Toluna want you to share your ideas and thoughts on a number of subjects and will pay you to do so.

The Toluna app has a community in the app that you can join. It’s quite fun and many people end up there chatting, rather than taking the surveys :)

Top Cashback

Top Cashback is one of the UK’s better known cash back sites. You can make some really good money, so long as you’re buying things you would have bought anyway (and not buying items just for the cashback :)

Join up to the site and you’ll create an account.

After this is done, every time you’re buying, check to see if there’s cashback available through this site. Whether that’s a new phone contract, a new bed or tickets to a gig.

There are so many offers on here you’re bound to find something you can get cash back for that you actually need. 

You can transfer the money to your PayPal account. It’s a good idea to do this often anyway. Every time you get any cashback – keeping it in your own PayPal account is always safer than leaving it to accumulate on a website. 

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The other big UK cashback site, Quidco does the same as Top Cashback. There are some slight differing offers and cashback deals. Many of the offers are the same though.

Join both of these cashback giants and check each one depending on what you want to buy.

As always, transfer the cashback straight to your PayPal account when it hits your cashback account.

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Love animals? Paw Shake is a website you can register with. See if anyone in your area is looking for pet sitters, walkers or someone to look animals.

Personally, I don’t love the idea of letting a total stranger look after my beloved pooch. And so I haven’t used this site. That said, many people do. If you’re happy to do some dog walking or cat boarding, this could bring in some extra income.

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Used this site? I’d love to hear how you’ve got on. Let me know at: [email protected]

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Free PayPal Money Instantly

Is it possible to earn PayPal money instantly? Yes!

Currently running until December 25th 2023, you can get a £10 bonus for spending £3 (minimum) on Google Play with PayPal.

You’ll get a £10 reward that you can put towards your next PayPal purchase. So £7 then :)

How Can I Earn PayPal Money?

There are a few ways to earn money with PayPal. When we talk about free PayPal money, we mean people using the apps. There are businesses that will pay you straight into your PayPal account.

The lists above is a great start when you’re looking to top up your Paypal account.

PayPal is safe and secure. You can leave your money there to accumulate until you’ve got enough to get something you want. Or transfer it to your main bank account for a budget boost!

What Is The Fastest Way To Get Free PayPal Money?

The fastest way to get free PayPal money in the UK is to join a number of the sites we’ve talked about.

Most of the sites above will not earn you huge amounts of money. As far as I know, no one ever got rich from doing surveys. But…they can bring in a few extra pounds which during times like these, are always welcome.

As always, let us know how you get on in the comments!

Free PayPal Money FAQs

How can I earn PayPal money?

You can earn PayPal money through sign up offers or using free apps. You’ll be asked you to carry out small tasks, surveys etc…
Read our full posts on Free PayPal Money UK here.

Can You Get Free PayPal money instantly?

Currently running until December 25th 2023. Get a £10 bonus for spending £3 (minimum) on Google Play with PayPal.

How do you get your money out of PayPal?

Go to your PayPal Wallet
Click Transfer Money
Select the amount you want to transfer
Click Transfer to your bank

What’s the fastest way to get free PayPal money?

Many companies offer PayPal payments and rewards. We’ve rounded up a list of place you can sign up to to boost your PayPal balance.