FREE things for kids to do this holidays!

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Are you looking for FREE things for kids to do this holidays?

If you’ve got older teens, we’ve got some ways for them to make their own money in the holidays, keeping them busy and meaning you fork out less!

But if you’ve got younger kids and are looking for free things for the kids to do, this post is for you!

School holidays can be a real drain on your finances, so finding free things for kids to do over the Easter holidays becomes super important.

We have 3 kids and well know the expense of school holiday entertainment. Whilst you’re doing your best to save and become debt free, you don’t need to compromise on keeping the kids busy and happy.

We often used the holidays to introduce out kids to new hobbies. Some they loved, some not so much, but school holidays provide the perfect time to get out and try new things.

We’ve found some of the best places to introduce your kids to classes for FREE. Most of these classes run year round, but why not start during the school holidays when you’re stuck for ideas, times not to tight and you need to fill up the days.

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Coder DoJo

The Coder DoJo is truly one of my favourite free classes for kids.

If you’re looking for a FREE class for your kids to learn to code, Coder DoJo offers a brilliant place to learn.

This coding club is worldwide and run entirely by volunteers, and teaches kids to code. The volunteers are all working or teaching in this area, and passionate about passing on their skills.

The Coder DoJo believes that coding is the future, and nobody should be denied the opportunity to learn, so with this in mind, they’ve built a worldwide progamming club for kids between 6 -17, where they’ll learn to build a website, create games, or just get to grips with technology.

If your child’s under 12, you’ll need to stay with them during the class, over 12’s can be left.

We’ve always found these classes really relaxed and super friendly. Being in the South East, we have a number around us here, but they’re all over the UK and abroad.

The website has an interactive map so you can find your nearest Coder DoJo.

Once you’ve found your nearest one, just register and turn up. You’ll have to take a laptop (don’t forget the charger!) and Amazon has some great books to get you started (see images).

The best way for kids to start coding is with a free programme called Scratch which is FREE to download, and from there, the kids work through that and move onto languages such a Python and Ruby.

You never know, you might have the next Facebook creator on your hands!

Park Run (for kids)

Park Run’s are a safe, friendly and sociable way to exercise for FREE and Park Run for juniors is a great way to get the kids outdoors and exercising for FREE this holidays.

Any child between the ages of 4 – 14 can run for FREE, and are all held in open spaces around the UK. If you’re already a ParkRun member you don’t need to register again for the junior run, but if you’re not yet a member you will need to sign up. (any under 11’s must stay within eye sight of their guardian).

The benefits of excercise are huge. There are general wellbeing benefits, in that it improves energy levels and enhances emotional well being.

There are also huge physical health benefits. Controlling weight, reducing blood sugar levels, strengthening the heart and regulating blood pressure are all benefits of regular exercising.

Make this exciting for your child by getting them a running journal so they can record their times. Turn it into a challenge and see how they improve before the term starts again!

Take advantage of the extra time you have during the school holidays and get outside!

FREE! Hobbycraft Classes

Do your kids love getting messy? Do you dread the mess that your home turns into during the holidays?

Let Hobbycraft do the clearing up while your little one’s get their hands dirty!

When it’s raining outside and no one fancies being outdoors (or you just fancy something still!) Hobbycraft offer a fantastic selection of in store classes totally FREE!

The range of classes they offer is HUGE, ranging from Mothers Day card making, Easter Bonnet making, Kids’ Paint Your Own Money Boxes, Slime Fillable Eggs andEaster Chocolate Egg Decorating, Christmas Card making and way more than I can list.

Most classes are for half an hour to an hour (parents to stay), are FREE and you can book as many classes as you like.

The classes they offer are dependent on the season or are not season specific, but I’ve never not found something for the kids to do.

There is so much to choose from, get the kids involved and book the classes up together.

Amazon Fire

Finally, when it all gets to much, take advantage of the Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited trial free for 30 days.

This is a subscription service that allows kids access to thousands of books, movies, educational apps and TV shows. It works on your Amazon Kindle and Fire devices.

We all need a bit of downtime after a busy day, and this gives you full access over what your child’s watching or reading.

I know my kids often ‘forgot’ when their screen time ended, so this even allows you to preset screen time and filter age appropriate content.

Don’t forget to cancel your free trial before the month is out or if you love it, it’s only £1.99 monthly after that.

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Let us know of any other free activities you know of that run nation wide and we’ll include them in the next round up. They’re super helpful for parents trying to save money, keep the kids entertained and busy and allow for…. a stress free holidays!

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