How to get FREE cinema tickets

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Did you know that anyone in the UK can get FREE cinema tickets, every week, for every member of their household?

I used to spend ages googling ways to get free cinema tickets. I’ve bought packets of chocolate for tokens (yep, may as well have just bought the ticket!). I’ve collected newspapers and used 2 for 1 offers from various places. But totally FREE cinema tickets were very hard to find. Then I discovered something a few years back, and I’ve not paid for a single cinema ticket since. Honestly. Not one. (or a single Starbucks either)

Yep, it’s true. Every single week, we get 5 tickets to the cinema, Cineworld in our case, whether we use them or not. A single Cineworld ticket for an adult costs £12.40, slightly less for a child. It’s an expensive trip out as a family.

Staying debt free as a family doesn’t mean the family outings have to stop. We LOVE going to the movies and have saved thousands of £’s over the last few years. Being a family of 5 means trips like these are expensive so along our journey to DEBT FREE, we discovered some tricks that make life just a little easier!

It’s not only the cinema that comes for FREE either. There’s a host of other freebies you get when you sign up for the free cinema tickets.

If you fancy a free Starbucks with your movie, we’ve got that for you too. Can’t make it to the movies? How about FREE Amazon Prime membership to watch free movies online in your lounge? Got that too.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! Read on….

How does this offer work?

The offers I’ve talked about above (and there’s SO much more, read on!) all come from the same place. That place is Vitality Life Insurance.

Do you have life insurance? Over 25 million of us in the UK DO have a life insurance policy in place. The stats are slightly higher if you’ve got kids, which makes this offer a total no brainer.

Why not get freebies on a product you have anyway?

I’m not here to sell you life insurance, hell no, but I am here to tell you about the things you’re missing out on that can save you so much money and DID and still do save my own family a fortune.

For total disclosure, I’ll tell you that the only reason I stay with Vitality life cover is for the weekly freebies and massive discounts they offer. That’s really the only reason. We would always have life insurance anyway, the freebies are a (huge!) bonus. If the offers were not there, I would always use a comparison site to get the lowest price for the best cover insurance.

Now thats out of the way, let me tell you what you get and why.

Why do Vitality offer these freebies?

There’s 2 reasons I can see that Vitality offer these amazing freebies, both totally fine with me since I benefit loads!

Number One, they want customers, and this is their way of attracting them. Number Two, if you’re healthier, happier and less stressed, they pay out less in the long run, increasing their profits. Simple :)

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How to join the Vitality rewards program

Once you’ve decided that you want to join, give Vitality a call or get a quote online. Although we’ve been members of Vitality for a number of years, we still look at the price every year and weigh it up against the benefits to make sure it’s still a good deal. (So far so good!)

You might find the price for Vitality is a few £’s more than your current life insurance. We found this too, but I can honestly say that the price difference is a few £’s, and still gives us MASSIVE savings after the rewards have been taken into account. The difference for us is less than 1 child cinema ticket a month, so well worth it.

Our number one priority is living debt free and that always comes first.

It’s a fairly quick process to sign up. Our insurance took a few hours to register and as soon as it does, you can sign up for rewards.

You need to have either an iPhone, Android phone or some sort of fitness tracker to make the most of these rewards since you need to reach an amount of activity each week for the rewards to kick in. Having one of these devices means you can link it to your Vitality account and it will record your steps. Then you can unlock all these rewards.

Currently, you need to reach 7500 steps 4 times a week and then you are eligible for the rewards. The kids DO NOT have to reach these steps to get the freebies, it’s all on the adults! The kids get rewarded regardless.

Reaching these steps is really not hard, and if you’ve got a Fitbit or an Apple Watch you’ll know how fast your steps add up. If you do any sort of exercise class or go to the gym, you’ll be reaching their minimum levels anyway :)

Park Run is an amazing way to get out and moving if you need some inspiration. They’re free, kids can join in their own Park Runs and you can also use them to earn Vitality rewards.

And that is all there is to it. Now onto the freebies…..what do you actually get?

How to get FREE cinema tickets

The free cinema tickets are sent to you weekly. You get one free cinema ticket for every member of your family registered on the plan. We have a Cineworld local to us and you can also use the tickets at Vue cinema.

There’s actually 124 Cineworld in the UK (see the map here for your nearest Cineworld) and 90 Vue cinemas. There’s going to be one near you!

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The free cinema tickets come to you as a code, which you then put into the Cineworld or Vue websites and book your tickets. It’s really that easy.

When you go to book your free movie, this is the page you’ll see. Simply input your codes from Vitality and the ticket price will decrease to FREE!

(I should mention that Vitality are VERY strict about who uses the tickets and to use them for someone NOT on your policy could invalidate your rewards)

So, to recap. This is one free ticket for every member of your household to either Cineword or Vue Cinemas every week.

How to get FREE Starbucks

Like the free cinema tickets offer, your free Starbucks are unlocked when you reach your step target. Again, the kids do not have to be reaching any amount of steps to qualify. Free coffee, frapuccino, summer drinks, all available for FREE with this reward program. Every week.

To claim your free drinks, you’ll need to download the Starbucks APP and join up. You then link this to your Vitality account and every Thursday, you’ll unlock all your free drinks.

Your free Starbucks drink will show up on the app. The guys in the store then scan your app and your drinks are free.

To recap: that’s one FREE drink at Starbucks every week for everyone registered on the plan.

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How to get FREE Amazon Prime

Free Amazon Prime is a fairly new reward to Vitality. It allows you to stream movies and TV shows straight to your lounge as well as getting FREE next day delivery on all Amazons Prime products.

This works slightly differently to the free cinema tickets and free Starbucks offers.

When you join Amazon, you pay monthly. It’s £7.99 a month right now. If you reach your weekly steps, Vitality pay the Amazon Prime £7.99 memberships fee for you. If you don’t reach your steps, you pay as you normally would. We DID join this reward because we have a history of consistently reaching the minimum steps needed for Vitality to pay the membership fee.

If you have Amazon anyway, this is well worth doing. If you do NOT have Amazon, maybe wait to make sure you always reach your steps before you join, so you can be sure Vitality will pay the £7.99 fee. The goals to save money, not spend it! :)

I really hope this has helped you see that you can get amazing freebies that are honestly worth a fortune. If you have life insurance anyway thats not with Vitality, you’re paying for a product that could be giving you all these freebies.

If you know of any other ways to get free cinema tickets or any of the others freebies we’ve talked about, please let us know here! Thanks You :)

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