How to get Netflix for free UK

How to get Netflix for free UK

Is it possible to get Netflix for free in the UK?

Over 10 million of us have Netflix streaming straight onto our devices and with new subscribers joining all the time, Netflix growth isn’t stopping anytime soon.

As of December 2019, Neflix stopped offering their free 30 day trial. There are s a few ways to massively reduce the costs though, which you can find below!

How much is Netflix UK

Being a subscription service, Netflix is going to cost you if you want to watch it. There are 3 levels of subscription, which the majority (unverified!) of UK subscribers being on the middle tier.

So how much does Neflix cost?

  • Basic – £5.99 (watch it on one screen at any one time)
  • Standard – £8.99 (watch it on two screens at any one time)
  • Premium – £11.99 (watch it on four screens at any one time)

All packages let you watch Netflix on your TV, laptop or other device, and all packages allow you to cancel at anytime. So far so good.

So which package did we go for. Well…there are 5 of us in our house, and since our kids are older these days, we originally decided to go with the Premium package purely based in the fact that the kids would want to watch Netflix on their phones etc..and we didn’t want to not be able to watch TV because the kids were already on it.

How to get Netflix for free UK

However, after a couple of months of monitoring, it turned out that we all watch Netflix at very different times. Generally, the kids are writing essays/working in restaurants/out with friends when we want to be watching Netflix in the evenings, and if they have a late start during the week, they might watch something during the day, when I never would.

So we cut back to the Standard Netflix subscription, saved some money and haven’t looked back. 🎉

Netflix free subscription

Every so often, Netflix will partner with a company in the UK and offer a period of time as a free promo, or a rewards for buying or signing up for something.

We’ve been able to find exactly zero of these trials so far, and we’ve heard they’re pretty rare.

Netflix are also said to very occasionally offer a student discount on a Netflix subscription, but again, we’ve not seen any.

Having taken away the free trial month Netflix used to offer, it seems Netflix are intent on making us sign up for the basic package at least, at £5.99 a month.

Netflix gift card UK

There are times when you can buy discounted gift cards. Tesco has been known to run an offer where you save 10% on gift cards, and there are dedicated sites such as Card Yard that allow people to sell their unwanted gift cards.

Have a look on these type of places and see if there’s any Netflix gift cards being sold. A word of warning though, the cards need to be in the same currency as your Netflix subscription, and be wary about the sites you buy from. It’s not unheard of to buy a discounted gift card and there to be no credit on it. Make sure the sites reputable.

How can I watch Netflix for free in the UK?

Sadly, as of December 2019, you cannot watch Netflix for free in the UK. You used to be able to get a months free trial, but this ended.

What’s the cheapest way to get Netflix in the UK?

The cheapest way to get Netflix in the UK is to subscribe to the basic package, or split the subscription fee with other people living in your house.

If you share a house, eg/ if you’re a student, you could go for the premium package at £11.99 a month and split it between 5 of you, costing you slightly over £2.50 a month.

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