Get Paid To Listen To Music: A Complete Guide For The UK

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I like to have a number of ways to get some extra cash in and this is a goodun’! Want to know how to get paid for listening to music? These companies are willing to pay you for your music listening skills.

get paid to listen to music

Listen to Music and Earn Money

Okay, you’re very unlikely to make big money and this way of boosting your budget isn’t going to give you complete financial freedom. But since most of us listen to music anyway, why not make a few extra pounds while you’re doing it?

get paid to listen to music uk

Is It Possible To Earn Money Listening To Music?

Want to generate some income? Believe it or not, you really can earn money by listening to music.

Previously, only music moguls earned money for listening to new bands. Now, anyone can listen to new music, share their thoughts, leave reviews and receive get paid!

Known as music curating, a music curator listens to music. They’re usually pretty into their music, and have a little knowledge of what’s what.

Essentially a music curator pairs music with..something. That might be a party, an advert, an emotional scene in a film or know what sort of music lifts your mood (great for selling!).

You know how when you’re watching something on TV and there’s always music in the background (the classic example is horror film music)? That music has been paired to the film by a music curator.

However, there are a few slightly less in-demand jobs making money listening to music than sitting in on a Hollywood film set. We’ll show you how you can find them and get started, today, without so much as leaving your house. Yay!

how to get paid to listen to music uk

Get Paid To Listen To Music {UK}

Can you still get paid to listen to music if you’re in the UK? Yep!

Sometimes it feels like so many ways to make money are aimed at a US market, but the beauty of an internet makes making money from anywhere in the world is possible, and not only possible, but easy. You may need a VPN for some, but not all.

You need to make sure the company you’re working for pays for work in your country, but these ways of making money by listening to music all pay globally. So it’s all good.

If you’re ever in any doubt if someone will pay you for any work you’ve done, it’s always worth dropping them an email beforehand. Who wants to sit though 5 hours of music and not be paid afterwards :)

Get Paid To Review Songs

Making money by listening to music involves you sharing your views on the music you’ve listened to and writing a review. It’s this, rather than the actual listening to the music that you’re being paid for, so the way to get more work is to make sure your review is amazing.

What could you include in your review to make it stand out?

  • Talk about the vocals, if any – what you liked, what you didn’t. Be constructive, saying ‘I hated it’ isn’t especially helpful. Tell them why!
  • Discuss the rhythm and composition – again, go into as much detail as you can
  • Sound quality – did it sound like a professional piece of music you’d expect to hear? If not, why?

There’s a few places you can be making money by listening to music and they could all be asking to you review different things. New bands, music for commercials and the tone of playlists are all things you might be reviewing.

Match your review to what’s being asked of you and you’ll be likely to get more work.

can you get paid to listen to music uk?

Places That Pay You To Listen To Music

These are our favourites:


One of the largest paid review sites online is Slicethepie. You can earn cash for every review that you submit. The payout per review is on average 0.10 cents. Once you’ve earned $10, you can request a transfer to your PayPal account.

To start earning money with Slicethepie, you need to create an account on their website. Get your account is set up and start listening to music and writing reviews. The more detailed and helpful your review, the more you can earn (see our tips for reviewing music above).

Current Rewards

The Current Rewards music app lets you earn up to £450 (approx) in cash or gift cards per year just for listening to music. You’ll listen to the curated radio stations of your choice and earn points along the way.

To earn money with Current Rewards you need to download the app and create an account. You can then start listening to music on their curated radio stations and earn points.

The more you listen, the more points you earn. You can also earn points by completing tasks such as reaching a certain level in an in-app game or answering a survey. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards or cash via PayPal.

Playlist Push

Playlist Push pays seasoned playlist curators for reviewing music. To qualify as a curator you need a public playlist on either Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Music with a minimum of 1,000 followers. You can then earn from $1.25 to $15 for each song that you review.


RadioEarn lets you earn passive income for listening to music. Once you sign up for a free account, you can start listening to online radio stations and earning points. You can receive payouts every month in the form of Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin, or bank transfers.

To start earning with RadioEarn, sign up for a free account on their website. is a market research provider for radio stations. After signing up, you’ll fill out an email survey about your demographics and listening habits. will email you every time you qualify to review a music sample. As a reward, you’ll get Amazon gift cards. To start earning with, sign up on their website and fill out an email survey about your demographics and listening habits.


Cash4Minutes monetizes your unused phone minutes in exchange for listening to internet radio. You’ll earn a small amount for each minute you tune in.

To earn money with Cash4Minutes you need to sign up on their website and give your phone number. You then call one of the provided numbers to listen to the radio broadcast. You earn a small amount for each minute you listen.

When it’s time to cash out, you can collect via Paypal, Bitcoin, bank transfer, or Amazon gift card.


Earnably is a site where users complete different tasks for points. These tasks range from answering survey questions to watching music videos and listening to radio stations.

You can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin, or PayPal transfers. To start earning with Earnably, create an account on their website.

Nielsen and InboxDollars

Occasionally, you can earn extra cash listening to music on survey sites like Nielsen and InboxDollars. With Nielsen, you first have to download the app on your iOS or Android device and allow it to track all of your online activity, including the websites you visit and the music you listen to.

For InboxDollars, you sign up for a free account and answer screening questions to find out which surveys you qualify for.

To earn money with Nielsen, download the app on your iOS or Android device and allow it to track your online activity. Then you may then be asked to participate in a focus group where you can share your feedback.

For InboxDollars, sign up for a free account and answer screening questions to find out which surveys you qualify for. You can then start taking surveys and earn cash.

Work in a Record Store

And finally, we’ve gone old skool! If you really love music, consider getting a job in a local record store. Music lovers like to listen to…music! You’ll most likely be encouraged to play and listen to music to enhance the customer experience.

To start earning money by working in a record store (yep, they do still exist in some places!) you’ll need to find a local record store that’s hiring. You’ll be around music lovers all day and you’ll most likely be playing and listening to music.

This is a great option for those who love music and enjoy working in a customer-facing retail environment.

Getting Paid To Listen To Music FAQs

How can I make money listening to music UK?

No longer the reserve of music moguls, now anyone can get paid to listen to music. Then, share your thoughts on new music. Leave a well thought out review and get paid. We’ve got the best companies to sign up to, here.

Why do companies pay you to listen to music?

Companies pay you to listen to music to get real world views. Telling them about certain aspects of the music, how it makes you feel them valuable info.

How can you get paid for listening to music?

The places we talk about pay you in several ways. Some use PayPal which you can then transfer to your bank, some offer rewards in Amazon gift cards.