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Inspired by the British countryside, Beatrix Potter wrote 23 little tales of adventure. In 2016, The Royal Mint created a collection of 50p coins to celebrate the life of Beatrix Potter.

Mr. Jeremy Fisher 50p

Issued in 2017, this Jeremy Fisher 50p coin features Jeremy Fisher in his mac.

There were 9,900,000 (million) of these coins minted, and have become highly collectable since they were issued.

Jeremy Fisher 50p

Even though there were a lot of these coins minted, if you come across one, it’s worth holding onto it, even if you don’t plan on selling it anytime soon.

Coins get taken out of circulation because collectors get them and hold onto them, as do people, and coins get lost or damaged and taken out of general use.

How much is Mr. Jeremy Fisher 50p worth?

This coin is currently reaching between £3 – £4 at online auction.

Some information from The Royal Mint

Reverse DesignerEmma Noble
Obverse DesignerJody Clark
QualityBrilliant Uncirculated

More about Mr. Jeremy Fisher

Mr. Jeremy Fisher is a frog that lives in a “slippy-sloppy” house at the edge of a pond. The tale goes that during one rainy day, he collects worms for fishing and sets off across the pond on his lily-pad boat.

Jeremy Fisher wants to invite his friends round for tea and plans to catch fish.

He encounters all sorts of setbacks to his goal, and escapes a large trout who tries to swallow him.

Potters inspiration for Jeremy Fisher likely came from her lazy summers spent with her father at their countryside retreats.

Following the tale’s publication in 1906, a fan wrote to Potter suggesting Jeremy find a wife. Potter sent back a series of miniature letters on the subject of marriage as if from Jeremy and his friends.

If you’d like more information on Beatrix Potter you can access the Beatrix Potter society here.

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