Peter Rabbit 50p (2020)

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Peter Rabbit 50p (2020)

Inspired by the British countryside, Beatrix Potter wrote 23 little tales of adventure. In 2016, The Royal Mint created a collection of 50p coins to celebrate the life of Beatrix Potter.

This Peter Rabbit 50p coin issued in 2020 is the last time Peter will feature on a UK 50p. The design is taken from an original Potter illustration and shows Peter sneaking under a garden fence.

This coin will not enter UK circulation. You can get one of these coins here while The Royal Mint still carries stock. They’re not expected to last long as coin collectors complete their Beatrix Potter 50p collections.

The mintage figures have not yet been released.

Get your 2020 Peter Rabbit 50p coin here

If you’d like more information on Beatrix Potter you can access the Beatrix Potter society here.

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