The Rare 20p Coins {That Could Be Worth Up To £700}

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Are you aware that the change in your pocket could be worth more than you think? Among the various coins you handle daily, rare 20p coins could be the hidden treasures. These often overlooked coins can fetch a pretty penny if you know what to look for!

rare 20p coins

Rare 20p coins

Looking for rare 20p coins? Most people don’t think of 20p coins as being rare, as the design has stayed almost identical to the first coins minted. Don’t be fooled, some of them are quite valuable.

The Worth of Rare 20p Coins

The value of 20p coins can vary significantly based on their rarity and condition.

Here are some of the most valuable 20p coins in the UK:

  • The Bronze 20p: Minted in 1987, this coin can be worth up to £700.
  • The Undated 20p Coin: Minted in 2008, this coin can be worth up to £200.
  • Isle of Man 20p: The Manx International Rally coin is worth around £5.
  • Gibraltar 20p: This coin can fetch about £3 at online auction.
  • Guernsey 20p Coin: This Channel Island coin is worth £2.50.

Having been introduced nearly 30 years ago, there have been a few coins to commemorate events (see below), the 20p isn’t one The Royal Mint have often used for this purpose.

The Rarest 20p Coin

Among the various 20p coins, the bronze 20p stands out as the rarest. This coin was accidentally minted onto a 1p blank, and an unknown number of these coins were put into circulation. If you happen to find one of these, it could reach £700 at auction.

There are in fact, a number of 20p coins that have become valuable, with some of them still being passed around in loose change, however, the rarest of them all is the bronze 20p. Ever heard of this coin? It reached £700 at auction. If you’ve got one of these, put it in a safe place fast!

Like many rare coins in the UK you need to know what you’re looking for and whilst 20p coins haven’t become quite as collectable as the 50p and 10p coins that have been minted in recent times, they can still fetch many many times their face value.

Where To Find Rare 20p’s

If you’re collecting rare 20p coins and need to find one for your collection and you’re just not getting it in your change, heres some places to look:

  • Ebay – There’s often a chance you’ll find the coins you’re looking for on eBay. There are coins from specific batches and while they’re often on a ten-day auction, keep an eye on the bids, and mark the seller so you can see what they have in future. They may have a coin you want from a specific batch later on.
  • Coin Collector Shops – Coin collectors don’t only have very old coins in their collection shops. They tend to stock a huge variety of coins from ones with errors, very old and rare coins, coins with an old inscription and coin dealers are more likely to have the real deal than some online sellers. They can also advise you on the condition of a piece if you have a coin you think is rare. You could sign-up for any newsletters they might have to get any fast info on new coins.

The Design of 20p Coins

The design of the 20p coin has remained largely unchanged since it was first introduced. However, there are a few exceptions, such as coins minted for The Channel Islands and coins with printing errors.

As with most coins there are coins minted with a printing error (as well as old fashioned fakes!), as well as there being slightly different coins minted for The Channel Islands, but the design of these 20 pence coins has remained largely the same.

In 2009, the Royal Mint, in error issued some 200,000 20p coins with no year stamp. This was the first coin in nearly 300 years to be released for circulation without a date. ​The missing date on is on the side with the queen’s head side of the coin. What we call the back of the coin usually.

A Royal Mint spokesperson confirmed a small number of new design 20p coins were incorrectly struck using the obverse from the previous design, as a result these coins bear no date due to an old die being used. They are, luckily, still legal tender.

Not that you want to be spending these ones. But these glaring errors are rare, making them valuable.

In 2008 The Royal Mint decided to put all dates on coins on the reverse side so the date is always on the ‘heads’ side. Coins were designed by Matthew Dent to feature a different part of the Royal Arms Shield. 

When Was The 20p Coin Introduced?

Since the 20p coin was first introduced in June 1982, it’s barely changed at all.

Most of these 20p coins are still in circulation, although collectors have taken many of the out of circulation and into their collections.

These coins are being passed around week in week out and unless you know what you’re looking for, you’ll have no idea you’ve got one.

So, do you have one in your purse? That the question, right?

What Are 20p Coins Made Of?

Since they were introduced, 20p coins have been made from Cupro-nickel, which for those who don’t know is an alloy of copper that contains nickel and other strengthening elements, such as iron and manganese.

Even though 20p coins have a high copper content, they’re silver in colour.


Valuable 20p coins

So, while the bronze 20p is by a long way the most valuable 20p coin, there are others worth money too.


Gibraltar 20p

This 20p coin from Gibraltar featuring The Keys of Gibraltar is collectable in part due to it’s low mintage.


Although not legal tender in the UK, this 20p does have the Queen on it’s head!

Worth about £3 at online auction.

Guernsey 20p

Guernsey started issuing 20p coins in 1987, and then started issuing their own designs on 20p coins on 1982, and those designs are still minted to this day.

Guernsey-20p rare 20p coins

This Channel Islands 20p is currently worth about £2.50 online.

Castle Rushen Clock 20p

The Castle Rushen Clock 20p was issued in the Isle of Man. It is not legal tender in the United Kingdom, although they have still shown up here.

castle-rushen-clock-20p rare 20p coins

The Castle Rushen 20p sells for between £3-4 in online auction sites.

Queen of Gibraltar 20p

This Gibraltar 20p was issued between 2014-2016 and has the traditional Candy Tuft flower on it.

These Queen of Gibraltar 20p coins have also shown up in the UK, and are fetching around £3 online.


Our Lady of Europa 20p coin

Although not legal tender in the UK, this ‘Our Lady of Europa’ 20p , issued in 2003 in Gibraltar is quite collectible.

Issued in 2001, this coin can get anywhere between £5 – £15 at auction online.

rare 20p coins Our-Lady-of-Europa-20p-coin

How To Clean Old Silver Coins

Ok so these rare 20p coins are not really old, but they can still get super dirty and as the bronze 20p shows in the picture above, it can be hard to see exactly what you’ve got when the coins are really grubby!

The general rules are that you only clean coins yourself if they’re currently in circulation. Never clean a very old coin, and definitely never use an acid based cleaner or metal polish to clean your coins.

The best way to clean circulating 20p coins is with some warm water, washing up liquid and nothing else. You could use a babies toothbrush (or a very soft bristled brush) to gently work the cleaner into the coin, and then leave to air dry.

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What makes a 20p coin rare?

A 20p coin is considered rare based on factors such as its minting year, design, and any errors that occurred during its production. For example, the bronze 20p coin, which was accidentally minted onto a 1p blank, is one of the rarest 20p coins.

How much is a rare 20p coin worth?

The value of a rare 20p coin can vary significantly. For instance, the bronze 20p coin can be worth up to £700, while the undated 20p coin can fetch up to £200.

Where can I find rare 20p coins?

Rare 20p coins can be found in everyday change, but they can also be found on online marketplaces like eBay or in coin collector shops.

How can I tell if my 20p coin is rare?

To determine if your 20p coin is rare, you need to look at its design, minting year, and any unique features or errors. It’s also helpful to research or consult with a coin expert or collector.

Are all old 20p coins rare?

Not all old 20p coins are rare. The rarity of a coin is determined by factors such as its minting year, design, and any unique features or errors. However, some old 20p coins, like the bronze 20p coin minted in 1987, are considered rare.