Rare 2p coins

Rare 2p coins – which 2p coins are valuable?

Out of the millions of 2p coins minted in the UK every year, there are a small number of UK 2p coins that can be pretty valuable.

Considering we usually have lots of these floating about in our bags, it’s well worth taking a quick look and seeing if you’ve got one.

Which 2p coins are the rarest?

Due to either error or scarcity, these are some of the most valuable 2p coins:

  • Silver 2p coin
  • 1983 2p coin
  • Original 1971 2p coin
  • Copper-less 2p error coin

Which 2p coins are valuable?

What makes a 2p valuable? Anything that makes it stand out of being different.

In the case of a UK 2p coin, that’s being minted in silver instead of copper, having an old and unused inscription on it or being one of the original 1971 2p coins introduced when UK currency changed to decimals.

What makes a 2p coin rare?

When a 2p coin is minted, as with any coin, they’re produced and distributed in their thousands, often hundreds of thousands.

As and when a coin is minted in very low mintage numbers or in error, the resulting coin is often very valuable because there are simply very few of them.

What to do if you find a rare coin

If you’ve had a good look through your coins and found one you think is potentially valuable, the first thing to do is get it verified to make sure it’s not a fake.

There are loads of fake coins in circulation, so it’s important to make sure the coins real before you think about selling it.

You could take it to a coin collector, or contact The Royal Mint itself and they’ll be able to help you verify it’s authenticity. It’s unlikely they’ll give you a valuation, but they can verify the coins genuine.

Silver 2p coin

A 2p is usually copper plated and this 2p coin is made from silver! An error coin minted accidentally in the wrong metal, one of these 2016 coins sold for just over £40 on eBay recently.

1983 2p coin

In 1983, the wording on the 2p coin changed. instead of ‘NEW’, all 2p’s would have ‘TWO’ minted on them.

There were however, a batch of 2p coins monted with the old inscription of ‘NEW’ instead of ‘TWO during 1983, and if you find a 1983 2p with the old wording on it, you could cash it in to the tune of approx £500 at auction.

The Royal Mint isn’t sure how many there are of these in existence, so well worth checking your change!

Copper-less 2p error coin

Accidentally minted in nickle plated steel instead of copper plated steel, this 2p fetched over £400 at auction.

They’re very rare, but if you come across a silvery coloured 2p in your purse, you might want to take a further look!

Original 1971 2p coin

1971 was the year UK currency changed over to decimal, and these original 2p coins from that same year are becomming quite collectable.

They’re not going to fetch the big money just yet, with a selling price of around £2.50 right now, but hang onto these as they’ll become rarer and more valuable as more leave circulation and new coins are issued.

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Is a 1971 2p coin worth anything?

There were many thousands of this 2p issued, and therefore it’s not particularly valuable.

How much is a 1983 2p worth?

If your 1983 2p coin has the words ‘NEW PENCE‘ rather than ‘TWO PENCE‘, it could be potentially pretty rare and valuable.

What is the rarest 2 pence coin?

The rarest 2p coin is a 1983 issued 2p with the words ‘NEW PENCE‘. They should have been minted with the words ‘TWO PENCE‘, and so were minted in error. These coins, once verified, are potentially very valuable.

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