Schuh Imperfects – How To Find Cheap Imperfect Schuh Shoes

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Ever heard of Schuh imperfects, the ‘secret’ website selling cheap imperfect Schuh shoes? You can buy cheap Schuh trainers, kids shoes among others from this popular footwear retailer, from brands such as adidas for discounted prices. Grab yourself a new pair of shoes on the cheap!

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Schuh Imperfects

Lots of us love a new pair of shoes, but when you’ve got a family to feed and clothes to buy, new shoes can seem like a pretty far away dream. New school shoes were always a big thing for us. With 3 kids to buy for, we needed to save up and although we had to keep a tight reign on the pennies, that didn’t mean we didn’t want good quality does for the kids.

Getting a discount on a good pair of shoes is always important to us, and so coming across this little online gem was great news. We’ve used this site loads of times and always been pleased.

Schuh imperfects is little known of place on the Schuh site where you can buy exactly what it says, imperfect Schuh shoes, for hugely reduced prices than the main store. It’s true, but not very many people know about it.

There’s an imperfects section of the website reserved for those pairs of shoes with their own individual quirks, and they can be yours for a fraction of the cost. Sometimes they’re ex display, sometimes they’re slightly damaged (hence being seconds) or sometimes they might simply be the last pairs of shoes and the high street shops can’t carry them, and so they end up on here at discount prices . Lucky us :)

Schuh imperfects are simply imperfect shoes that Schuh the high street store can’t sell as they’re not perfect!

Schuh sell a mix if their own branded footwear alongside many of the huge well known brands: Ugg, Converse all stars, Nike, the list goes on!

Schuh Seconds

On the Schuh imperfects site they sell shoes for the whole family from tinies, right up to the grown ups!

Bear in mind though that the stock is limited here and there is much interest. What you see on the site will not necessarily be there in a few hours. It can be hard not to make impulse buys on this site, because the discounts are good. However, if monies short, make sure you’re buying shoes you need rather than want. A discounted pair of shoes you didn’t need is still money gone :)

As these shoes are seconds, they’re one off pairs. They’ll have defects, or they’ll be rejects that the main store cannot sell as perfect.

What’s Wrong With Schuh Imperfect Shoes?

There’s a few reasons Schuh want to get rid of some of it’s stock cheaply, such as:

  • Ex-window display stock
  • Scuffs and marks
  • Discolouration marks

Find Schuh imperfects here!

The photos you see on the Schuh imperfects site are the actual shoes you’d receive if you buy them, they’re clear about what’s wrong with the shoes and you can generally see what the issue is and why they’re imperfect.

You may not receive the shoes in their original packaging, but if you’re not worried about a missing shoe box and a few (sometimes irremovable) marks and scuffs, you could save yourself a fortune on footwear!

Schuh Imperfects Website

The shoes on the Schuh imperfect site are not only limited to the UK. There is a dedicated out the UK site and you can find that here, but of course the delivery , methods and costs will be different to the UK.


You can opt to have your shoes delivered to your house for £3, or click and collect for £3, so they have a standard delivery fee.

Personally I don’t like to pay for click and collect, so factor this into the price of the shoes. That said, most of the shoes on Schuh imperfects are quite heavily discounted so you’ll still be getting a bargain.

Can You Use Student Discount On Schuh Imperfects?

Yes! Amazingly, you can use your student discount to get further money off your new shoes!

Put the unidays code in as you normally would when you go to pay and you’ll get the current student discount off the total.

Find out about the Schuh student discount here.

schuh imperfects imperfect shoes

Schuh Imperfect Blue Light Discount

Schuh offers a brilliant 20% discount for Blue light card holders (emergency services, NHS or armed forces), although this discount is only available on full price shoes. There’s a possibility essential key workers may also be able to get a discount, so make sure to check.

Find out about the Schuh blue light discount here.

Can You Return Schuh Imperfects?

Due to the nature of imperfect items, Schuh cannot change the colour, size or style of items ordered from this section of their site.

You could get your item refunded though, but you cannot take these shoes back into a regular store.

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