Sky Deals For Existing Customers {2023}

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We’ve put together a guide to help you access Sky deals for existing customers, so you’re always on the best deal available and getting the most for your money.

sky deals for existing customers

Sky Deals For Existing Customers

Around about 13 million of us in the UK have a Sky package for the TV.

That’s a huge amount of people who as existing customers are often locked out of the new deals Sky offer to new customers.

sky deals for existing customers

It’s pretty annoying, isn’t it?

You’ve been a customer for any number of years and you see a great deal advertised only to find it’s only available to new customers.

Lot’s of companies do this as it’s their way of bringing in new customers, many of whom will stay for years, but they don’t feel the need to offer you the same deals since you’re already signed up!

Many of us have seen our Sky bills rise in the last year so there’s even more reason to either try and bring the bill back down again or to get a better deal for your money, assuming it’s going to be of value to you of course.

cheaper sky deals

I’ll say right now my own experience of haggling with Sky in order to get a better deal is that it’s fairly easy to do.

Every year since we’ve had a Sky package we’ve been able to renegotiate our package and bill with them without any problems.

If you’re out of contract with Sky and are able to leave penalty free, use this to your advantage and you shouldn’t have too many problems accessing the deals as an existing customer.

However, there are ways of getting Sky deals for existing customers and we’re going to talk you through some of them.

existing customer sky deals

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Do Sky Offers Apply To Existing Customers?

As with many companies, Sky uses new customer offers as a way to entice new customers into a contract, and some of the offers are really good and so it’s no wonder this tactic works.

getting the best sky deal

But this can leave some of us existing Sky customers feeling a bit…mehhhh, because it seems a bit unfair really since many of us have been loyal customers for quite a few years.

There’s good news though, it’s quite easy to get just as good a deal. Keep reading for the best ways we know to do it!

Sky Price Promises And Money Back Guarantees

If you’re a Sky Broadband customer, it’s very important you check the internet speeds you’re receiving are the internet speeds you’ve been promised with your monthly subscription.  

customer sky deals

To check your internet speeds, use websites such as

It’ll quickly find out what your download and upload speeds are at that time.

While these may vary slightly, they’ll give you a good ball-park figure.  

If you find out you’re not getting the top speeds you’re paying for, it’s time to call the Sky customer service team (again) to let them know.

Then, you can ask what the best Sky customer deals are for your current speeds so you’re not paying too much.

getting a good sky tv deal

Plus, if you’re getting a sub-par service, they may even add a freebie to make sure you don’t  leave.

Sky Customer Retentions Department

Here in the UK, we’ve been known to be hagglers of sorts. Whether it’s getting the  best price for a good cut at the butchers or lowering the cost of veggies at the local  greengrocer. But there’s no need to stop with the weekly food shop. 

To find the best Sky deals for existing customers, you need to contact the customer care team.

Sky Retentions Phone Number: You can contact a Sky expert on 03337591290.

Then, when you’re on the  phone and asking for new Sky customer deals, you’ll want to haggle with the rep on  the other end of the line.

Their job is to keep you as a customer; so, they’re all given a lot of wiggle room on the prices and deals they can offer you. 

Here are some haggling tips to get Sky deals for existing customers: 

  • Go in with a budget in mind 
  • Note what new customers will pay 
  • Say you’re happy with Freeview (which includes some Sky channels, anyway!)
  • Mention your willingness to look elsewhere 
  • Don’t snap-up the first deal

Mention New Customers Can Get Freebies

As we’ve already touched on, communications providers always want to offer the best  deals so they can bring new customers through the doors.

If you’re on the look-out,  you can always check to see what the latest bundles, packages and deals are for new  customers.

And this goes for Sky TV, Sky Broadband, Sky Mobile and all sorts.

First, you’ll need to check the Sky website to find out what offers are on the cards right  now. Then, call up the Sky customer service team and ask why Sky deals for existing

customers don’t add up before asking what deal they can offer you to make you stay  with them. 

If all else fails, check to see how long is left of your contract, cancel if the cancellation fee isn’t too big (so it’s really worth it!) and sign up as a new customer.

Then you’ll be able to bask in the glory  of new customer deals.

That said, you’ll have to sign-up with different contact details; try getting someone you live with to sign up for Sky customer deals on your behalf.

Browse Discount Websites for Sky Customer Deals

There are thousands upon thousands of discount websites all over the internet.

They’ll  have lists of deals, bundles, discounts, packages, sales and all sorts to help you get the  best Sky deals for existing customers (and new customers, too).  

More often than not, they can be much easier to scroll through and find Sky customer  deals that suit you.

For example, if you’re an existing Sky customer and you have your  login set up, you can refer a friend.

Your reward for referring a friend will change all  the time to entice you to do it again and again but this isn’t always clear on the Sky  website.  

So, to find out if you’ll get months free from your subscription, prepaid cards, or  vouchers, scroll through discount websites.

Here are some of our favourites:


There are even Google add-ons such as Honey that will notify you of any available  discount codes or free months if you view Sky packages in your online basket. 

Try Getting A Free Upgrade To Sky Q

Reducing Your Sky Package

If you’ve got a Sky TV package or a bundle with broadband but you realise you’re not  really using everything within your package, call up the Sky Customer Service team  and try to get them removed alongside a good chunk of the monthly cost. Here’s what  you might be paying for: 

  • Sky Entertainment 
  • Sky News  
  • Sky Sports  
  • Sky Documentaries  e. Sky Music 
  • Sky Cinema 
  • Sky HD 
  • Sky Store i. Disney+ 
  • Prime Video k. Netflix 

Sky Sports, for example, is ÂŁ20 on top of a generic ÂŁ26 per month Sky TV package.

So, when you view Sky packages you’re actually paying for versus the Sky packages you’re  using, you could be making a new deal just by downgrading.

To do this, you’ll want to give customer service a ring; then, they’re likely to give you a run-down of the Sky deals for existing customers and you can find one that suits you.

Introduce a Friend to Sky Customer Deals

As all connectivity service providers do, this provider wants to have as many  customers as they can get their Sky high hands on! So, they always have a refer-a friend offer going on.  

While the offer will change throughout the year, it will always be along the lines of  temporarily saving you some cash. Which, here at The Debt Free Family, is what we  suggest doing to help save the pennies for the future.  

As we write this, the current deal is to refer a new Sky customer and you’ll both receive a ÂŁ75 prepaid MasterCard to spend on the Sky customer deals of your choice.

For example, if you add it to your account, you’ll effectively get a few months free of your  subscription.

That said, these deals do change on a regular basis, so you could wait until the right deal rolls around for you. Plus, they don’t specify a limit. So, your savings and Sky deals for existing customers  will only stop when you run out of friends and family who’ll want to sign up to Sky :)

Take a Chance at Cancelling for a 50% Off Voucher

As we’ve already mentioned, no matter whether you’re a current Sky TV, Sky  Broadband, Sky Mobile or combination bundle customer, it’s the customer service and retention teams’ jobs to keep you.  

So if you decide you’re not getting the Sky deals for existing customers that suit you, cancel and be on the look-out for a better deal with another communication provider  such as BT or Virgin.

Then, give the team at Sky a call and tell them you’re ready to  leave because you’ve found a better deal elsewhere.  

We have this as a suggestion because there have been many occasions where  customers who left have been contacted by Sky with a 50% off offer! Which is even better than anything you’ll find when you view Sky packages online.

And that wraps up all our tips you need to know to find the best Sky deals for existing customers. 

And, if there’s anything we’ve all learned from this, you need to whip-out your phone and give the Sky customer service team a call.

They’ll be able to advise you on the best Sky  customer deals running at that time and you know they have the wiggle room to change that  deal!

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