Ways to make money online in the UK

When I first started looking for ways to make money online in the UK, it was for a specific purpose. We’d decided that we wanted to pay off our debts so we could live a debt free life. I knew of ways to make cash quickly, but was looking for something a little more sustainable.

I spent a lot of time looking for the best ways I could earn the most amount of money, and there are a lot of articles to read through to get to the things that really work!

In my research into making money, I discovered two things. Firstly, I released that most of the ways to make money online were actually aimed to the US audience rather than us over here n the UK. And secondly, I discovered that there really are loads of ways, way more than I’d realized, to make money from home, online, without even getting out of bed for a lot of them!

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Ways to make money online in the UK

The ways I’ve listed here are just a few of the ways I started off making money online. They’re quite simple ways, easy to set up and shouldn’t be to much like hard work. I’d recommend opening excel and starting a spread sheet. This way, you’ve got a record of what apps and websites you’ve joined up to, passwords and any money you’ve earned.

I found it easy to get in a muddle, so organization was the key for me here!

1) Make money online with StreetBees

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Make money online in the UK with StreetBees

I love StreetBees. Download this app either on Android or i0s (apple) and you’ll be able to complete small tasks. There are quite a few to choose from, depending on what you’re offered (more on this later).

They range from paying you to give your opinion on a thing you’ve indicated you like in the sign up phase, to showing them the order in which you follow a recipe task. For example, you might be asked to talk about the packaging of a product you’ve indicated you use.

You also might get asked to document yourself carrying out a task (you’re not in the shot, it’s okay!) so they can see how you carry out something. The tasks are quite small and each one has it’s own amount you’ll be paid, but they do pay within 48 hours of task completion and approval. They also pay straight into PayPal. If you’ve not got a PayPal account, set one up here, it’s super easy and most money making online pays into PayPal.

Joining StreetBees

making money with Street Bee, how to make money with street bee

To sign up to StreetBees, you’ll need to download the app from either the Apple app store or google play store, and downloading the StreetBee app.

Once you’ve done this you’ll be asked a series of questions, first of all your basic information, and then more detailed stuff.

I was asked to take a photo of the inside of a kitchen cupboard. From this, StreetBee can then see what sort of food I buy, giving them lots of clues to my lifestyle. This in turn, then lets them select jobs that fit my life.

You move onto a more detailed part of the app, where StreetBee wants to know about your like, dislikes, habits and rituals.

It’s really important here to remember that the more you tell them, the more jobs you’ll be offered.

I read some reviews from people that were already working with StreetBee, complaining that they didn’t get a lot of work. It’s because they didn’t give enough information in the sign up phase.

Make sure you really elaborate in this part. It’s the key to getting jobs offered to you, letting you earn money!

making money with Street Bee, how to make money with street bee

How much can you earn with Street Bee?

Street Bee say themselves you’ll be able to earn ‘pocket money’. In real terms and personal experience, I found this to mean that I earned about £25 every few weeks. You’ll not be able to to retire on this, but the tasks are quite fun, take no time at all and are not much of a problem to get done.

2) Matched Betting

Matched betting. This wasn’t actually one of the things that I started with when I was looking to make money online, but I wish it had been. I was put off by the name, I didn’t do enough research into it and it took me a long time to see the error of my ways!

Don’t make the same mistake as me, since matched betting is THE way I’ve since made a huge amount of money, all at home, online, often whilst in my PJ’s. I’ve talked about matched betting before on my blog, but it’s actually one of the only making money online side hustles that’s exclusive to us in the UK, so it’s kinda special :)

What it also is, is FREE money. For very little work and depending on the hours you can put into it, you’ll be able to make a very nice £300-600 a month.

Matched betting is TAX FREE (it’s classed as earnings from gambling) meaning you don’t even need to worry about the taxman taking your new found cash!

You’ll be able to get the full run down of matched betting in the longer post I wrote about it, but briefly, matched betting relies on us exploiting the Free Bets that online bookies offer as an incentive for you to join up.

You always make TWO bets, and they’re NOT a win/lose bet. You only ever take ONE part of the match you’re betting on, and bet two ways on the same element. So if there is a game, imagine ManU is playing Man City. You make TWO bets on the same element. Bet 1 might be “ManU WILL win” then Bet 2 would be “ManU WILL NOT win”. This way, you’ve guaranteed that one of your bets will win.

I used profit accumulator to get started, since I wanted to understand it properly and be 100% sure I knew what I was doing. They also offer loads of videos so you can follow the steps you need to take and be confident you’ve done it properly.

If you’re serious about making money online, Matched Betting should be your first stop. I’m not sure there is anything else in the UK right now that allows you to make this much money online, from home.

3) Search engine evaluators

search engine evaluator, how to become a search engine evaluator, how much do search engine evaluators get paid

You may not have heard about search engine evaluators. I know I hadn’t before I started looking for ways to earn money at home. Search engine evaluator jobs seem to be more known in the US although they’re certainly available in the UK as well.

What is a search engine evaluator?

A search engine evaluator is someone who works with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They essentially test out the engines algorithm. In English, this just means that the search engine does what Google, Yahoo, Bing etc… want it to. When you search for a pink giraffe, they need to make sure that pink giraffe information (or as close as!) comes up.

Search engine evaluators make sure that humans natural language patterns are picked up by the search engine, and that the engines understand how humans search for information online.

You might be given a word, and asked to search for that online and record the results, or given a subject and asked to search for it.

Once the search engines have got the results of the evaluators back in, they are then able to tweak their algorithms to better serve humans.

How do I become a search engine evaluator?

Since there are thousands of people across the world working as search engine evaluators, outside agencies are mostly always used to recruit people to carry out these jobs.

There are 2 main agencies that I joined. These are :

Appen – You need to pass an online test to be able to work for Appen, which by their own admission, needs quite a lot of concentration to pass.

LionBridge – LionBridge has opportunities on a fairly regular basis. Once you’ve been able to join up, there is a steady supply of work available. If you’ve heard about an agency called “leapForce’ this has now been incorporated into LionBridge.

How much do search engine evaluators earn?

Once you’ve signed up for these agencies, you can expect to earn anywhere between £8.50ph – £12.50ph.

4) StreetSpotr

earn money with street spotr, whats street spotr, how much do you earn with street spotr

StreetSpotr is an APP you can download (to both apple and android!) that gets you to take photos of things you see when you’re out and about at the shops. You’re basically a mystery shopper, and when you get with a given distance of something that StreetSpotr wants photographed, you’ll be able to accept the job, take the photo, submit it and get paid.

It’s actually quite a fun app. The pay is generally between £2.50-£5.00 per job, so for walking into a shop, taking a photo and sending it to them, it’s really easy money.

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