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Are you looking for ways to make money today? Sometimes, there may be reasons why you’re short of money and you need cash, and you need it today, or next week, or just soon!

Life happens and things come up that we wish hadn’t, like your car breaking down or the washing machine deciding to die.

There are times when we need money, and we need money today!

Whatever your emergency, there’s probably a way to make sure you can pay for it, within hours sometimes and certainly within days at the most.

So if you’ve not got enough in savings yet and need money today, we’ve got some great suggestions for you to keep you afloat!

1) Find things in your home to sell to make money today!

If you’re trying to make money today, probably the most obvious idea here is to sell something that you already own.

We have so much around us sometimes that it’s hard to remember all the things that might actually be worth something.

Being forced into a situation because we need money can, sometimes, lead to us finding things to sell we’d totally forgotten about!

Have a look through your clothes, dig out any labeled clothes you’ve got (they go for more money) and don’t forget about shoes and handbags either.

Do you tend to gather old electronics? Mobiles get upgraded often, do you have any old phones you could trade for cash? If you need cash fast, mobiles can do the trick.

Scan all your old books and see what you could get for them. We Buy Books buys secondhand books from you and pays the postage.

Really take a good look around you. Think loft, garage, under the bed. Make a pile of anything that you think might sell. If you need money now, then be ruthless and get together everything you can. Remember, people buy anything.

There’s truth to the saying ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure’. Don’t assume no one will want your stuff, you’d be amazed at the things people will pay money for!

Where you sell it depends on how much time you have. eBay is likely the best place if you’ve got a few days until you need the money.

Paypal tends to release the money, in most cases, as soon as the buyer pays so it may only take 3 days or so to get your hands on the cash.

If you need money sooner and don’t have the time to wait for something to sell on eBay, there are other options.

Facebook selling groups in your local area mean that you could sell something the same day, if you’re willing to deliver locally.

The FridayAd is also a good place to sell your stuff locally and has the possibility of same day cash as well.

CEX will buy your old DVD’s and games, and can give you a price online. Cash converters will pay cash same day for loads of things. Electronics, jewellery, instruments, and tons of other things. They’ll hand over cash the same day as well.

Selling stuff from your home might be all it takes to get enough money together for whatever it is you need to pay for. Fingers crossed!

2) Do odd jobs for people in your area for money today

Airtasker allows yo to join and bid on small (& sometimes bigger!) jobs on your area that other people need doing. There’s loads of jobs on here, even in some of the much smaller places in the UK. Tasker is FREE to join, both as a Tasker and a poster.

airtasker, what is airtasker, how do i join airtasker, can i make money from airtasker

I took this screenshot while I was researching this post, and was really surprised at the amount of jobs actually posted on there.

There are alot of jobs that would require you to have your own tools, thats sort of the point, as the people posting don’t have the tools or the knowhow to do the job themselves.

If you’re able to do some basic DIY though and have the tools to take with you to get the job done, Airtasker could well be the way you’re able to make some money today.

Joining up is fairly simple. You need to register, and they need a few details about you to be able to do this. They do take these details form both sides. Since you’re going to be going into someones house, they need to keep safety in mind.

People that do tasks for AirTasker are called Taskers!

I took shots to show you their join up process.

airtasker, what is airtasker, how do i join airtasker, can i make money from airtasker

I’d suggest that before you join up, you have a look through their website and make sure that there are a number of jobs you’d like to bid on. (Taskers bid for jobs and then the poster picks the person they feel is most suitable)

AirTasker ask you to provide a clear recent photo of yourself. Initially this made me a little uneasy. Then I decided that since both the poster and Tasker are picking each other, it’s important to choose someone to do the work you feel comfortable around.

Once you’ve found a job thats local enough to you, you simply make a bid. You don’t have to go with the bid the poster has put up.

If you feel you could do the job in less time then bid lower, or if you think the job will take longer then bid higher. Be honest about why you’ve bid the amount you have, most sellers understand if you explain why the job might take longer.

airtasker, what is airtasker, how do i join airtasker, can i make money from airtasker
airtasker, what is airtasker, how do i join airtasker, can i make money from airtasker

Once the job is completed, leave a review for the poster and they’ll release your payment. Many poster will want to pay you in cash. Temping as this is, it is against Taskers policies and could see you thrown off the job site.

TaskRabbit is another job site that offers local odd jobs, much the same as AirTasker. I won’t go into as much detail here as it’s very similar to AirTasker but I did find there were slightly less jobs posted on this site.

taskrabbit, task rabbit, what is taskrabbit, how do i join taskrabbit, can i make money from taskrabbit

As someone who’s not especially into DIY (or at all?!) I like the shopping aspect of TaskRabbit. You could even take on grocery shopping in places you’re going to anyway. So if you’re going to do a shop, add someone else’s to your list and get paid to do it. There are not loads of these jobs on here, not for our area at least, so it’s definitely worth joining as many job sites as you can and skimming them every morning for jobs to maximize your chances of finding a job that fits in.

They also offer a flatpack service which is great. So if you’re able to not get into a flap trying to put together a chest of drawers after a trip to IKEA, there’s people looking for your help and are willing to pay for it! You could make money if you’re unflappable!

People will pay good money to get help putting these together :)

3) Join Uber Eats or Deliveroo

Food delivery and making money fast. They go hand in hand.

Many of us have probably used these popular food delivery services. Sometime you really fancy something form a restaurant that doesn’t deliver…..que Deliveroo or Uber Eats! They’re great aren’t they! But if you’re looking to make extra money today, they can also provide you with the perfect opportunity to make real money, quickly.

deliveroo, how can i join deliveroo, whats deliveroo, how much do deliveroo pay?

Becoming a rider or driver for these delivery companies is quite straight forward. You’ll need to upload your documents (ID, right to work etc…) to the company, and as soon as you’re accepted (which seems to take about 7 days) you’ll be able to download the app and start working.

The app lets you know when there is an order for you to collect and deliver, and then off you go!

Use the app to keep HQ updated on the orders progress, so you click to accept the job and again when you’ve collected it and again when it’s delivered. Phew!

And don’t feel you have to have either a motorbike or a car. You can still make money if you don’t have access to either of these. A lot of ‘drivers’ for Uber and Deliveroo use a push bike. Think of the gym fee’s you’ll save as well as being able to make money!

uber eats, whats uber eats, how much can i make with uber eats?

Whilst I haven’t personally driven, or ridden for any food delivery company, I do know people that have, and they’ve all been able to earn a decent extra income from it. Sign up, get accepted and then it’s always there as a fall back for you.

Thats the real beauty of these ‘gig economy’ side hustles, you can dip in and out as you like and need to.

4) Amazon Flex

whats amazon flex, how do i join amazon flex, how much can i make with amazon flex

I’ve talked about Amazon Flex before, because I love it!

It’s not a full time job and they don’t advertise it to be one, it’s simply a way to make some extra cash as and when you need it.

As we all know, Amazon deliver everywhere and that means that they need people everywhere in the UK to deliver their parcels for them. They’re happy to pay you up to £15 an hour to do it.

You join up. Thats the first thing. As soon as your accepted ( it took 24 hours) you can download the app. See what ‘slots’ are available for you to book.

The slots are between 1-4 hours, so even if you only have an hour to spare, you can fit in some money making with Amazon Flex.

whats amazon flex, how do i join amazon flex, how much can i make with amazon flex

So say you had Wednesday morning off work and a few hours to kill.

You sign into your account on the app, grab the hours available and then turn up to collect the parcels to deliver.

You need a decent, reliable 4 door car and you’ll need to be consistant and reliable. Don’t show up even once and you’re unlikely to get more work. But in exchange for this, you’ll earn £12- £15 per hour, in time you’d otherwise have not been working or earning.

Suppose you can fit in 3 hours of delivery work a week. That’s another £40 (approx) per week. That’s £160 a month. Or £2080 a year!! What’s not to love!

You need to be at least 18, and have the right to work in the UK.

(Other than that, you’re classed as self employed, so Amazon do not take control of any of the tax for you).

I hope you’ve managed to find some ways here you’d not thought of before to make some real money today, if you need it!


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