John Lewis Sale Dates

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Looking for the John Lewis sale dates? Several times a year this well loved British department store holds a sale and thanks to their ‘never knowingly undersold ‘ policy, you know you’re getting a bargain when you shop in their sales.

When is the John Lewis sale?

when's the john lewis sale?

Love a sale? Get the Next sale dates here!

When is the next John Lewis sale?

There are numerous John Lewis sales throughout the year, stocking their own John Lewis brand as well as many other well known brands.

Their price matching policy means that if you see something you’ve got your eye on in another department store, it’s well worth checking in John Lewis, chances are you’ll get the same deal, or possibly even better, especially at sale time.

What’s on offer in the John Lewis sale? The sale spans most of the store, so you’ll find discounted goods in most of their departments.

Does John Lewis have a January sale?

John Lewis does indeed have a January sale. The last January sale started on New Years Day 2020 so it’s a pretty sure bet the 2021 January sale will also start on New Years Day.

The January sales here tend to be big, and have discounted goods across the board. If you’re looking to make a bigger purchase, waiting for the January sales is a good plan!

Do John Lewis give NHS discount?

Right now, there is no specific discount for NHS workers. however, thanks to their ‘never knowingly undersold‘ policy, it’s always a good idea to check the prices of anything you’ve seen against John Lewis’ prices.

Don’t forget there’s often an ‘offers‘ tab on the John Lewis website, so check there as well on the off chance the item you want is on offer.

βœ… Does John Lewis do blue light discount?

As with the NHS, there is no specific discount for Blue Light card holders (but see above!).

βœ… How long is John Lewis Price match?

The John Lewis price match lasts for 28 days from the date of purchase. So if you find the exact product you’ve bought from John Lewis within this time frame that’s cheaper, John Lewis will refund the difference. However, there are certain clauses to this you should know about before you rely on this policy.

For example, these are a few caveats to this policy:

  • The price match applies only to other high street stores and they must not in administration or closing down
  • Businesses that trade under different basis to John Lewis do not qualify for the policy, so that’s pop up stores, auction sites and mail order, to name a few. There are full details on this here
  • John Lewis say they won’t price match against item prices available only to certain customers, eg/ those who qualify for a discount in the competing shop

Find the full John Lewis price match policy here

If you do find a product you’ve bought from John Lewis cheaper within 28 days and think they should price match it, you can fill in this form here to request they look at it.

βœ… Is John Lewis closing down?

Having closed all their UK stores due to COVID-19 in March 2020, there have been rumours flying around that John Lewis might never reopen.

However, they have now (August 2020) reopened some of their department stores, although there have sadly been a few that have not and this has resulted in job losses.

You can find a full list of John Lewis stores that remain open and those that have closed here.

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βœ… Do John Lewis give NHS discount?

Right now there is no specific discount for NHS workers.

βœ… Does John Lewis do blue light discount?

There is no specific discount Blue Light card holders

βœ… How long does John Lewis price match last?

John Lewis price match currently lasts for 28 days. For a list of conditions, please visit John Lewis website

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