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Trying to sell your Lego? If, like many of us, you’ve got buckets of Lego stashed away from days gone by, you might be wondering if it’s worth anything and if so, where you might sell it.

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✅ Selling Lego for cash

There are many people who buy Lego to then go on and resell it. It’s a huge market and there are loads of people who make decent money doing this.

However, for this post, we’re going to look at where you can sell the used Lego you’ve got in your house that you no longer want, and make yourself a bit of cash whilst you’re doing it.

✅ Where can I sell my used Lego?

The best places to sell your Lego bricks are:

  • BrickLink – BrickLink is a huge marketplace for Lego buyers and they offer every sort of Lego you can imagine. From full on collector sets to random bricks and MOCs (My Own Creation!), this is one place you want to check out if you’ve got Lego to sell
  • eBay – eBay is such a huge trusted site that it’s worth seeing what you could get for your Lego here. The prices vary hugely, but anyone looking for used Lego is going to check eBay and with Lego being as popular as ever, it’s a popular item on here
  • Facebook – There are a number of Facebook groups dedicated to Lego and you’ll have found your target audience here! Perhaps for the more serious Lego buyer, these groups often buy Lego so joining one might be a good idea of you’ve got Lego to sell
  • WeBuyGames – And they also buy Lego! This is better for those of us ✋ who have bags of random bricks that don’t belong to a set. They pay you for your Lego based on the weight of the bag. Maybe not the way to get the most cash for your Lego but certainly an easy way!

✅ Can you sell Lego by weight?

It’s possible to sell your Lego by weight.

However, this isn’t the way to get the most for your Lego bricks and should be a last resort really I think.

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WeBuyGames, at the time of writing this, was buying 1kg of Lego bagged up for £5.

As a very rough guide (lego comes in different sizes and therefore weights!) so this means that between 700/800 bricks will get you £5.

It’s not a vast amount of money and you could probably get more selling on eBay.

BrickLink would be worth looking into if you have loose Lego or full sets of Lego.

You’d need to open a BrickLink store to become a registered seller, which is largely as you would do on eBay if you want to sell something. There are fee’s for selling and you need to take the postage into account when listing your Lego.

Buyers use BrickLink to look for collectable Lego sets as well as individual pieces.

If you’ve got more specialised Lego items they’re potentially, depending on their rarity, worth a fair amount of money, and you’ll be able to check the if anyone else is listing these and see the sort of price they’re selling for.

✅ How do you sell loose Lego?

Lot’s of us have loose Lego to sell.

It likely once came in a set, but that set is long since broken up and pieces lost to time, leaving us with loose Lego and not much else of it left!

If this sounds like you, sort through your Lego and take out any broken pieces.

Make sure all the bricks are a good condition. Small nicks and scratches might be acceptable to most buyers, but you need to take clear photographs and write good descriptions of the Lego you want to sell.

Collectable Lego pieces will need to be in great condition to fetch the highest prices at resale, but generally, people buying second hand Lego for their kids probably won’t mind the odd scuff.

It’s a good idea to bag up loose Lego in ziplock bags, so the pieces are easy to see at a glance.

Depending on how many bricks you’ve got, you could also look at dividing them into groups, either by colour or size etc…have a look at what’s being sold and what’s selling to get an idea of the best way to go about it.


✅ Where can you sell Lego sets?

If you’ve been super organised and managed to keep the Lego sets together over the years, they might well be worth quite a lot of cash, and if you’ve got the box, even better!

Brick Link would definitely be one of the first places to visit to get an idea of what your Lego set might be worth.

Take clear photos of the box if you’ve got it, and take photos of the actual Lego pieces, focusing on the feature pieces.

Older complete Lego sets will often be worth more than the newer Lego sets.

Collectors scour the internet looking for pieces they’re missing from their collections and so it’s possible you might even have a bidding war over some of your rarer Lego pieces. This is when you can get some really high prices.

Any of the places listed above would be good for selling Lego sets, except perhaps WeBuyGames, simply because they don’t specialise in sets and seem to only accept loose bagged up Lego. And this is not how you want to sell Logo sets!

✅ Sell Lego minifigures

Lego Minifigures were launched in 1978 and there have been over 4 billion of them produced since then! (source)

Minifigures have been extremely popular. Sold individually as well as in sets, they’re very re-saleable.

valuable lego minifigures

Some, often the Minifigures that have been licensed (from films etc…) are rare and in demand by collectors so if you’ve got any of these, you might be sitting on a small fortune!

This list of the Top 100 Minifigures lists the Minifigures that have reached the most at auction. While it’s unlikely you’ll find any of these and not know you had them, it’s an interesting read with some eye watering prices these Minifigures sold for!

While it’s possible to buy batches of Minifigures, these tend to be the regular yellow head ones. The licensed ones seem to be listed individually.

As with regular sets of Lego, spend some time looking online and see if you can find any that are similar to the ones you have. Then you can get an idea of the price they’re selling for.

✅ Vintage Lego Minifigures value

The older the Minifigure, the rarer it’s likely to be. And the rarer the Minifigure, the more it’s going to be worth.

Some Minifigures are produced in small quantities and become collectable fast, while others are mass produced in their millions and never really increase in value.

All that said, vintage Minifigures do not always equal high sale prices!

It’s impossible to say what a vintage Minifig will be worth. There’s a few factors at play here, with the most important being what a collector is willing to pay for it to complete a collection or re-sell themselves.

The best thing to do before you part company with your Vintage Lego Mini figures is to check on BrickLink for the same item and check their prices, scour eBay to do the same or if all else fails and you’ve still no idea what a fair price would be, then join a Facebook group dedicated to Lego collectors and ask the question.

You never know, you might also find a buyer there as well :)

✅ Rarest Lego piece

What’s the rarest Lego?

  • LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon – A first edition of this iconic Lego set sold at auction in Las Vegas for $15,000. It was an untouched set and sold before the later editions came out, which then devalued the older sets. A new version of this Millennium Falcon is available here, with what’s still an equally eye watering price tag!!
  • LEGO Taj Mahal, First Edition – This original edition Taj Mahal used to swap places with the Falcon for the top spot, although only ever reached $3500 at auction. There’s a new version of this classic Lego set, and you can see the Taj Mahal in all it’s glory here, complete with majestic price tag!

✅ Lego sets that will be worth money

If you’re looking for Lego sets that potentially may be valuable in the future, it’s worth looking at what’s valuable now.

The most valuable Lego sets right now are mostly, but not all, licensed sets, that are rare either due to limited production runs or simply because they’re old and there are fewer complete sets left around.

Film releases over the years have seen some Lego sets released, with the Collector’s Edition Millennium Falcon usually being somewhere close to the top of the most valuable Lego set lists.

As you’d imagine, Star Wars Lego sets feature heavily on the most valuable lists, and it’s not just the bigger sets either.

The Han Solo On Tauntaun set, which is tiny compared to something like the Falcon, fetched over $3000 at auction. So in this case it was the rarity and condition that made it such an attractive item to collectors.

If you’re buying Lego specifically to hang onto to sell in the future, while there are no guarantees of a huge increase in price, there are a few things you can do to make sure if it does increase, you’ll get top dollar for it.

  • Keep the packaging – Many of the Lego sets we see sold for eye watering sums are not in their packaging, presumably because they were bought to be played with and not with the intention of future sales. They do however, often have the packaging and instruction papers.
  • Keep the Lego in mint condition – Who doesn’t want to actually build and play with their new Lego set? Try and keep the bricks in as near a perfect condition as you can. Lego’s pretty hardy, but keep scratches and scuffs to a minimum
  • Don’t let it get put in the Lego box – It happens all the time: your shiny new Lego set somehow gets ‘tidied up’ and end up living with thousands of other Lego bricks. It’s near on impossible to

So there you have it. Selling Lego you’ve got unused and sadly now unloved can be a great way to make some extra money.

Just make sure you’ve done your research before parting ways if you’ve got some of the rarer older pieces, particularly if you’re selling Lego you had yourself as a child rather than your own children’s old Lego.

You might just be sitting on a goldmine!

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