Where To Sell Lego {Best Places To Get Cash For Your Bricks In The UK}

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Trying to sell your Lego? If, like many of us, you’ve got buckets of Lego stashed away from days gone by, you might be wondering if it’s worth anything and if so, where you can sell logo. We’ve got the answers right here!

Where To Sell Lego  {Best Places To Get Cash For Your Bricks In The UK}

Selling Lego

In the world of toys, Lego holds a special place for a lot of us. These colourful bricks have not only entertained generations but have also become pretty valuable in the resale market.

If you have a collection of Lego bricks gathering dust, you might be sitting on a small fortune without even realising it. But where can you sell your Lego?

The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. There are numerous platforms both online and offline where you can sell your Lego bricks, sets or mini-figures. However, each platform has its own set of rules, payment methods, and target audience of who they want to buy from.

We’ve looked at the options and have a list of place you can sell Lego to along with tips on how to maximise your profit. Whether you’re a one off seller looking to declutter or a serious collector aiming to make money selling rare Lego sets, hopefully this guide will point you in the right direction to get started.

Where To Sell Lego. The Best Places To Get Cash For Your Old Lego Guide

Selling Lego By Weight

Selling Lego by weight can be a viable option if you prioritise convenience and speed over profit. However, if your collection includes rare or complete sets it might be more profitable to invest time in identifying and selling these pieces individually.

It’s important to consider your specific selling goals before deciding on the best place to sell your Lego. Selling Lego by weight is a common in the resale market particularly for those who have large quantities of loose bricks.

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Selling Lego by weight gives you a straightforward way to sell your bricks but like any other way of selling, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages:

Why Sell Lego by Weight?

  • Simplicity – Selling Lego by weight is a simple process. You don’t need to sort or identify individual pieces (which can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have a large collection). You simply weigh your Lego and get paid based on that weight
  • Ideal for Bulk Collections – Having a large collection of loose bricks without any particular sets or rare pieces, means selling by weight can be an efficient way to sell off your collection
  • Quick Sale – Selling Lego by weight often results in a quicker sale. Many buyers, especially those who are looking for bulk Lego for creative projects or to add to their collections, prefer to buy by weight

Cons of Selling Lego by Weight

  • Lower Profit – While selling Lego by weight is convenient, it often yields lower profits compared to selling individual sets or rare pieces. Buyers are usually paying for the quantity rather than the uniqueness or rarity of the pieces. And you might not know quite how rare some of the bricks might be
  • Undervaluing Rare Pieces – If your collection contains rare or valuable pieces, selling by weight often undervalues these items. Rare Lego bricks some mini Figures or complete sets, can get a much higher price when sold individually
  • Buyer’s Market – Selling Lego by weight often favours the buyer. They get a large quantity of Lego, potentially including valuable pieces, for a lower price

How Much Is Lego Worth?

The value of Lego can vary alot depending on several factors. These include the condition of the bricks, whether they are part of a complete set, if they are rare or collectible and the current market demand is there. A new movie can spark interest in forgotten sets and make the price sky rocket.

New, unopened Lego sets tend to be worth more than used ones, especially if they are rare or Lego no longer make these sets. Some of these can fetch hundreds or even thousands of pounds on the resale market.

For example, the Star Wars Millennium Falcon set which originally retailed for around £650, has been known to sell for over £3,000 in the secondary market.

Used Lego bricks, on the other hand, are often sold by weight. As of 2023, the average price for used Lego is around £10-£15 per kilogram.

However, this can vary depending on the quality and type of bricks included.

Rare or collectible pieces, such as specific minifigures or unique bricks, can also have a high value. Some rare minifigures can sell for over £100 each.

The worth of Lego is highly variable and is largely dependent on its condition, rarity, and the current market demand. It’s always a good idea to do some research or get a professional appraisal to determine the value of your Lego collection.

how to sell lego bricks for cash

9 Places To Sell Lego In The UK

Brick Bin

Brick Bin is a UK-based company that buys used Lego bricks. They accept all types of Lego bricks, regardless of their condition.

To sell your Lego bricks, you need to fill out a form on their website and provide details about the Lego bricks you want to sell. After that, they will provide you with a quote.

If you accept the quote, you can send your Lego bricks to them, and they will pay you via PayPal or bank transfer.

Brick Traders

Brick Traders is a store located in St Albans, UK, that buys, sells, and trades pre-loved Lego bricks, sets, and figures. They buy Lego in bulk and pay by weight.

They also buy complete sets and rare or collectible figures. To sell your Lego, you need to contact them via email or visit their store.

We Buy Games

We Buy Games is an online platform where you can sell your old Lego bricks. They buy Lego by weight. You just need to weigh your Lego, enter the weight on their website, and get an instant price.

If you accept the price, you can send your Lego to them for free and they will pay you via bank transfer, PayPal, or cheque.

We Buy Bricks

We Buy Bricks is a UK-based company that buys used Lego bricks. They buy Lego by weight. You just need to weigh your Lego, enter the weight on their website, and get an instant price.

If you accept the price, you can send your Lego to them for free, and they will pay you via bank transfer or PayPal.


Zapper is an online platform where you can sell your old Lego bricks. However, the specific page for selling Lego is currently not available.

Sell My Jigsaw Puzzles

Sell My Jigsaw Puzzles is an online platform where you can sell your old Lego bricks. However, the specific page for selling Lego is currently not available.


The official Lego website does not directly buy your used Lego bricks it provides a link to BrickLink, a marketplace for buying and selling Lego bricks.

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Selling Lego Sets

If you’ve been super organised and managed to keep the Lego sets together over the years, they might well be worth quite a lot of cash, and if you’ve got the box, even better!

Take clear photos of the box if you’ve got it, and take photos of the actual Lego pieces, focusing on the feature pieces. Older complete Lego sets will usually be worth more than the newer Lego sets because they’re rarer.

Collectors also scour the internet looking for pieces they’re missing from their collections and so it’s possible you might even have a bidding war over some of your rarer Lego pieces. This is when you can get some really high prices.

How Do You Sell Loose Lego?

Lot’s of us have loose Lego to sell. It likely once came in a set but that set is long since broken up and pieces lost to time, leaving us with loose Lego and not much else.

If this sounds like you, sort through your Lego and take out any broken pieces. Make sure all the bricks are a good condition. Small nicks and scratches might be acceptable to most buyers, but you need to take clear photographs and write good descriptions of the Lego you want to sell.

Collectable Lego pieces will need to be in great condition to fetch the highest prices at resale, but generally, people buying second hand Lego for their kids probably won’t mind the odd scuff.

It’s a good idea to bag up loose Lego in ziplock bags, so the pieces are easy to see at a glance.

Depending on how many bricks you’ve got, you could also look at dividing them into groups, either by colour or size etc…have a look at what’s being sold and what’s selling to get an idea of the best way to go about it.

Selling Lego Mini Figures

Lego Minifigures were launched in 1978 and there have been over 4 billion of them produced since then! (source)Minifigures have been an extremely popular product for Lego. Sold individually as well as in sets, they’re very re-saleable and that’s good news for the Lego seller!

Often, the Mini Figures that have been licensed (from films etc…) are rare and in demand by collectors so if you’ve got any of these, you might be sitting on a small fortune.

Top Selling Lego Mini Figures

This list of the Top 100 Mini Figures lists the Mini-figures that have reached the most at auction. While it’s unlikely you’ll find any of these and not know you had them, it’s an interesting read with some eye watering prices these Mini Figures sold for!

While it’s possible to buy batches of Mini-figures, these tend to be the regular yellow head ones. The licensed ones seem to be listed individually.

As with regular sets of Lego, spend some time looking online and see if you can find any that are similar to the ones you have. Then you can get an idea of the price they’re selling for. The older the Minifigure, the rarer it’s likely to be. And the rarer the Minifigure, the more it’s going to be worth.

Some Mini Figures are produced in small quantities and become collectable fast, while others are mass produced in their millions and never really increase in value. All that said, vintage Minifigures do not always equal high sale prices.

It’s impossible to say what a vintage Minifigure will be worth. There’s a few factors at play here with the most important being what a collector is willing to pay for it to complete a collection or re-sell themselves.

The best thing to do before you part company with your Vintage Lego Mini figures is to check on BrickLink for the same item and check their prices, scour eBay to do the same or if all else fails and you’ve still no idea what a fair price would be, then join a Facebook group dedicated to Lego collectors and ask the question.

You never know, you might also find a buyer there as well :)

The Rarest Lego Piece

What’s the rarest Lego? LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon – A first edition of this iconic Lego set sold at auction in Las Vegas for $15,000. It was an untouched set and sold before the later editions came out, which then devalued the older sets. A new version of this Millennium Falcon is available here, with what’s still an equally eye watering price tag!!

  • LEGO Taj Mahal, First Edition – This original edition Taj Mahal used to swap places with the Falcon for the top spot, although only ever reached $3500 at auction. There’s a new version of this classic Lego set, and you can see the Taj Mahal in all it’s glory here, complete with majestic price tag!

Lego Sets That Will Be Worth Money In The Future

If you’re looking for Lego sets that potentially may be valuable in the future, it’s worth looking at what’s valuable now.

The most valuable Lego sets right now are mostly, but not all, licensed sets, that are rare either due to limited production runs or simply because they’re old and there are fewer complete sets left around.

Film releases over the years have seen some Lego sets released, with the Collector’s Edition Millennium Falcon usually being somewhere close to the top of the most valuable Lego set lists.

As you’d imagine, Star Wars Lego sets feature heavily on the most valuable lists, and it’s not just the bigger sets either. The Han Solo On Tauntaun set, which is tiny compared to something like the Falcon, fetched over $3000 at auction. So in this case it was the rarity and condition that made it such an attractive item to collectors.

If you’re buying Lego specifically to hang onto to sell in the future, while there are no guarantees of a huge increase in price, there are a few things you can do to make sure if it does increase, you’ll get top dollar for it.

How To Get The Most Money Selling Lego

  • Keep the packaging – Many of the Lego sets we see sold for eye watering sums are not in their packaging, presumably because they were bought to be played with and not with the intention of future sales. They do however, often have the packaging and instruction papers.
  • Keep the Lego in mint condition – Who doesn’t want to actually build and play with their new Lego set? Try and keep the bricks in as near a perfect condition as you can. Lego’s pretty hardy, but keep scratches and scuffs to a minimum
  • Don’t let it get put in the Lego box – It happens all the time: your shiny new Lego set somehow gets ‘tidied up’ and end up living with thousands of other Lego bricks. It’s near on impossible to

So there you have it. Selling Lego you’ve got unused and sadly now unloved can be a great way to make some extra money.

Just make sure you’ve done your research before parting ways if you’ve got some of the rarer older pieces, particularly if you’re selling Lego you had yourself as a child rather than your own children’s old Lego.

You might just be sitting on a goldmine :)