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Why use the Debt Snowball APP to get out of debt?

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If you’re looking to become debt free, using the Debt Snowball repayment method will get you there, fast.

The strategy behind the Debt Snowball is simple.

You order your debts from smallest to largest, keeping up just the minimum monthly repayments on all but the smallest debt. For this debt, you throw as much money at is as you can until the debt is gone.

Next, start working on the second smallest debt. Use the original repayment (you no longer need to make as the debt is gone!) and add it to the repayment of the new smallest debt, thereby making an overpayment.

“When you start the Debt Snowball and in the first few days pay off a couple of little debts, trust me, it lights your fire.”

Dave Ramsey

The idea is that you gain momentum as your debts disappear one by one, allowing you to add the previous minimum repayments to the debts you have left. Your repayment on the debt you’re working on gets bigger and bigger, just as a snowball would.

Having been popularized by Dave Ramsey of Total Money Makeover, Harvard researchers actually found the Debt Snowball Repayment Method to be the most effective debt repayment strategy, giving users a sense of accomplishment and motivating them to keep going.

What does our App offer you? The features of this App include:

* Easy-to-use inputting of your debts. You just need to know who the debt’s too, how much it’s for and your monthly minimum repayment. Nothing else.

* A full, editable history of every payment you make towards your debt. £5 here or £80 there, all recorded, creating a reference of your journey.

* Multi-currency. Choose between £ or $.

* A clear summary of your overall debt balance.

Debt Snowball App was created because we couldn’t find a simple, uncomplicated, jargon-free App to record our journey from being in debt to debt free.

We wanted a place to record where we’d come from (broke!) and where we’d got to (debt free!).

We love to hear your suggestions and feedback about our App.

Drop us an email at or leave us feedback in the App Store.

Feedback helps us improve and we value it all.

Debt Snowball APP is optimized to work on all your iPhone devices.

Download our Debt Snowball APP here

debt snowball app uk, debt snowball app, debt snowball calculator

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