✅ When is the Next sale? – Next Sale dates 2020

When is the Next sale?

The Next sale happens 4 times a year. If you’re looking for the exact dates they’re happening in 2020, read on!

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✅ Next VIP slots

Heard of a Next VIP? A VIP (very important person!) slot in the Next sale is someone who’s been selected by Next to access the Next sale a short time before everyone else. They have the chance to see what’s on sale before the Sale goes live in the shops and online.

✅ How to book yourself a Next VIP sale slot & Next sale dates in 2020

The Next sale is a pretty huge occasion in the UK. Stores open in the early hours of the morning on sale days and there are queues, often long queues of people up early to grab the very best Next bargains.

We’ve out together this guide to give you the Next sale dates as soon as they’re published and show you how to secure a VIP slot as soon as they’re released. Good luck! 🍀

✅ Next sale dates 2020

The sales dates for 2020 have now been released by Next.

ℹ️ Next sale dates:

  • Autumn Sale – Saturday 19th September 2020
  • Boxing Day Sale – Saturday 26th December 2020

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✅ When is the next online sale 2020

The Next September Sale is next up…starting on Saturday September 19th 2020.

Store opening times vary depending on your local shop.

Find your stores opening times here

✅ Next sale opening times 2020

Stores open early, some earlier than others depending on where about you are in the country, so be prepared to queue. However, if you’re looking to shop the Next sale online, you’ve got two options: either get a VIP code and shop a few days before the regular online sale starts, or wait for the regular sale which starts when the shop sale starts.

Read on to get a VIP slot for the Autumn sale and be one of the first to have access to the bargains!

✅ Next sale VIP slot

For those who don’t know what a Next VIP is let alone how to get a VIP slot, I’ll explain. Next VIP is reserved for Next account holders and allows them access to the sales before the official sale actually begins, usually a couple of days before.

You need need invitation to be a Next VIP, the sale is online and held on a totally separate website to the usual Next online store (worth mentioning, this means you cannot transfer your bag across from one site to the other).

Not every account holder will be invited to become a VIP.

ℹ️ Some of the next criteria deciding if you’ll get a slot include:

  • Must have recently ordered (and kept) an item from Next and used your NextPay account
  • Booking a VIP slot and not using it may restrict your invites for subsequent years
  • You must have at least £250 credit available on NextPay

If you’re invited to be a Next VIP, the code you’ll be given to access the VIP store is specific to your account so you won’t be able to transfer them to friends.

✅ How to get a Next sale VIP slot

The regular route to getting a Next VIP invitation is to wait for an email inviting you to book a slot. However, there is a better way to do this that means you don’t have to wait for an email to land in your inbox, because all the slots have usually gone by this point!

All you need to do to secure your VIP slot is to go to the Next sale page here a few days before the sale starts and book a slot. It’s a good idea to take the earliest slot available as you’ll have more choice of goods.

✅ Tips for getting the best bargains in the Next VIP sale

  • When you book your VIP slot, you’ll be given a link to ‘preview the sale’. This lets you see what’s going to be on sale, the price, and the ‘quick shop’ number. If you make a note of this number, you’ll be able to find your item super fast and hopefully before it sells out!
  • If you’ve not added anything to your basket within 20 mins, you’ll lose your slot.

✅ Next sale returns

Next allow sale returns within 28 days of purchase. This applies to online purchases as well.

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How do I get a VIP slot for next sale?

To get a Next VIP slot you have to be invited, but there are ways to get a slot before you receive an invitation! Get those here!

Are Next VIP slots out yet?

The Next 2020 sale dates will be published on the Next website and updated in this post as soon as we have them.

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    1. Hi Mildred, I don’t give these slot out, Next do! If you contact their customer service they should be able to help you out

    1. Hi Shakila, I don’t give these slot out, Next do! If you contact their customer service they should be able to help you out

    1. Hi Julie,
      If you check in your emails and you’ve met the criteria, Next will send you an email offering you a VIP slot!

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      If you check in your emails and you’ve met the criteria, Next will send you an email offering you a VIP slot!

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