Free Nectar Points Calculator {How Much Are Yours Worth?}

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Collect Nectar points? We’ve got a hand, free Nectar points calculator to help you work out the cash value of your points.

Nectar Points Calculator: Quick Answers

How much is 1000 Nectar points worth?

1000 Nectar points have a cash value of £5 if redeemed in Sainsbury’s.

When do Nectar points expire?

Nectar points only expire when you close your Nectar account.

What can I do with my Nectar Points?

There are different places you can spend your Nectar points apart from Sainsbury’s. We’ve listed some in our post.

How much is one Nectar point worth?

One Nectar point is worth 0.5p, the equivalent of 0.5% cash-back on your shopping!

Nectar Points Calculator

Nectar points can really add up.

I don’t check my number of points that often for this loyalty card as I prefer to let them accumulate but I’m always surprised at what’s there when I do go to look.

If you’re looking to find out the worth of Nectar points, just use this calculator below and you’ll know what you’ve got to spend.

The money comes directly off your shopping, so while you can’t directly exchange them for cash, you save real cash! Yay!

Whether you’re saving your Nectar points for a Christmas shop or use them more regularly it’s good to know what they amount to when you need them.

Also see: The Sainsbury’s Nectar Points Double-UP Event

Just input the amount of Nectar points you’ve collected and calculate to find their value.

easy nectar points calculator

What Are Nectar Points Worth?

Seems simple right?

However, it’s not always simple to know how much your Nectar points are worth.

A Nectar point is worth 0.5p.

However, since we can’t spend individual Nectar points, have a look here to see what some common Nectar point amounts are valued at.

handy nectar points calculator

The value of Nectar points can be confusing when there are an odd amount of points. As a guide, here are some common Nectar points values:

  • 1 Nectar point is worth 0.5p
  • 2 Nectar points are worth 1p
  • 100 Nectar points are worth 50p
  • 500 Nectar points are worth £2.50
  • 1000 Nectar points are worth £5.00
  • 2000 Nectar points are worth £10.00
  • 5000 Nectar points are worth £25.00

Nectar Calculator

How many Nectar Points do you have?
Nectar Points Cash Value

Nectar Points Value

Nectar points have a cash value because they can reduce your grocery shopping by a cash amount or put another way, you can use them to buy something you otherwise would have had to spend cash on.

However, you cannot actually get cold hard cash in exchange for your Nectar points. It’s more about the cash they save you.

nectar points value

Bonus Nectar Points

There are times you can grab yourself some bonus points!

You know when you pay and they give you realms of vouchers? These are very often bonus Nectar point vouchers and they’re well worth keeping and using the next time you go shopping.

Sometimes you get a 3 x Nectar points vouchers, these are pretty awesome and a great way to boost your Nectar budget!

Nectar App

You can download the Nectar app here and register your account.

Sainsbury’s reckon that customers who use the app earn an average of 3 x more points than customers who don’t so give it a go!

How Long Can You Keep Nectar Points?

Your Nectar points don’t expire as such, but to keep them active you need to shop in a Sainsburys store at least once every 12 months.

If it’s been longer than that, go into Sainsbury’s and use your Nectar card, then your points will be active again in 24 hours (source).

Nectar is a loyalty scheme used by some of the biggest brands in the UK.

Think brands like Sainsbury’s (the most well known brand on Nectar, and now owners of Nectar!), Esso, ASOS and Argos.

Every time you shop in one of the Nectar connected stores, if you have registered for a Nectar card you can earn points.

The Nectar Points Loyalty Scheme

Looking to save money in the supermarket?

I’m always on the hunt for ways to reduce our food shopping bill.

It’s a huge proportion of our monthly cash, so I often use apps and cash-back sites to make the most of our budget.

There are so many loyalty schemes, much like Nectar, in the UK.

Tesco run the biggest loyalty scheme in the UK and they’re about to offer a paid, enhanced version (read about that here), but Nectar always has been totally free!

It’s great being able to collect points and get rewards that we otherwise might not be able to get.

From days and meals out to money off holidays and car hire, it seems there’s not a lot you can’t at least part pay for with some sort of loyalty scheme. But how good are they really?

We’ve tried to answer your questions about Nectar points here, including the cause of some frustration for some – how much are my Nectar points worth?

We made our easy Nectar calculator to see exactly how much your points are worth – without having to do the maths!

How Do You Get A Nectar Card?

Don’t have a Nectar card already? No problem!

You can pick up a pack to fill out in store and give it to the customer service desk. You’ll then receive your Nectar card number and account details in the post within roughly 10 days but can start using the card in-store straight away.

The sign up process online is straightforward and you’ll be sent your card within 10 working days.

You can also opt to get a handy keyring Nectar card to go on your car or house keys so you’re never without it.

When signing up you’ll be asked a series of pretty standard questions, the usual I’m sure you’ve come across before:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Email (if you don’t have an email, you can still join but checking your online account makes the process easier when you’re checking your points balance or looking to spend your rewards. Sign up for a FREE email here!)

You’ll go through a couple of screens like these ones, and then it’s done…you’re a Nectar member!

Sign up to Nectar here!

Where Can You Collect Nectar Points?

There are 461 places to collect Nectar points according to Nectar.


The most obvious place to collect Nectar points is in Sainsbury’s supermarkets. It’s a straightforward 1 point for every £1 spent in store, and at times throughout the year Sainsbury’s offer double points events and chances to get more points.

Many times, when you pay at the tills, Sainsbury’s issue you with a double points voucher, when you spend over a certain amount, for me that’s usually £75.

Daily Mail

Every time you buy a paper copy of the Daily Mail or the Mail on Sunday, you can earn Nectar points. There is a unique code on the back page of every paper and once you’ve joined the FREE MyMail Club, you input your codes and are awarded Nectar points.

This post has all the information you need to get started collecting MyMail Club Nectar points.


Collect Nectar points when your fill up your car at Esso. It’s 1 point for £1 spent on fuel or 2 points for £1 spent in the shop – however, I really don’t fill up at Esso as it can be more expensive than supermarket filling stations, so make sure you’re not spending more just to get a few extra points! If you fill up at Esso anyway, it’s a good place to get some extra points!


Collect 2 points for every £1 spent at Next. Great if you’re kitting out the kids in school uniform or stocking on basics during the sales.

Domino’s Pizza

At 2 points for £1 spent, treating yourself to a Domino’s might be slightly less guilt free!

Other places to collect Nectar points

The places I’ve mentioned above are just a snapshot of the places you can collect Nectar points. For a full list of places, the Nectar website has a comprehensive list.

How To Boost Your Nectar Points

Can you boost Nectar points? Yes, in theory you can. When you log into your account, you’ll be presented with a range of offers that have been ‘hand picked’ just for you :)

Mine looks like this:

how much are my nectar points worth
nectar points worth
nectar points value

Honestly? I’m not really impressed with the offers to boost my Nectar points that I’m being offered.

So…any other ways? Yes, there are some other ways you can boost your Nectars, but they’re only really any good if you’re already in the market to buy a product.

So before we jump in, these are the places you can get points by signing up for specific products. As always, make sure the product is something you were going to sign up for anyway, it’s the best price you can find and you’re not signing up just to get some Nectar points!

6000 Nectar points with Sainsbury’s life insurance (£30)

If you’re looking for life insurance, Sainsbury’s offers a whopping 6000 Nectar points for taking out a policy. Check the terms and conditions for when you’ll receive your points.

Up to 4750 points when you take out a Sky Mobile phone contract

This was a great one for us as we’ve recently changed our phone contracts over to Sky, not for the points but because they were significantly cheaper than o2 who we’d been with previously.


Nectar will give you 3500 Nectar points for signing up to NOW TV. There are some terms you need to adhere to for this offer, so make sure you’ve read the terms and conditions before signing up!

nectar point calculator

Where Can You Spend Your Nectar Points?

Redeeming Nectar points is quite easy, but there are NOT LOADS of places to spend them in my opinion. From the Nectar website, it looks like there are a grand total of only 23 places to claim your rewards from.


I usually end up using my Nectar points in Sainsbury’s, often for the simple reason that a) I don’t usually have enough of them to do much with and b) I really am never sure where to spend them.

At 500 points to get £2.50 off your shopping, it’s generally worth waiting for one of there flash sales where you can double your points on certain items.

Other places to spend your Nectar points

Neros – 350 points per coffee

Pizza Hut – 1000 points for a pizza

Sky Movies – Use your Nectar points to rent a film if you have Sky Movies

For a full list of places you can redeem your Nectar points, see the Nectar website.

nectar points calculator

The new nectar scheme

Did you know Nectar are trialling a new loyalty scheme? They are and, if it’s successful it’ll be rolled out across the country in 2021.

Currently being trialled only in Isle of Wight stores, the new digital app way of earning Nectar points means you will pre-select the goods that you want to earn Nectar points on. So potentially, you’ll be able to choose your own offers, which could be better than the way Nectar runs at the moment, where most of the offers are not relevant to me.

Sainsbury’s, which bought Nectar in early 2019 wants to increase engagement with its customers, however, as you will only earn points on items you’ve preselected, if you forget to preselect the items, you’ll get zero points.

Currently, there are no changes being made to Nectar across the rest of the country and so the way you earn and spend Nectar points remains the same.

Know any other ways to boost your Nectar balance? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them into the update!