Sweatcoin UK: Your Ultimate Guide to Earning by Walking

In the UK, Sweatcoin is a groundbreaking app that blends fitness with financial rewards. By tracking your steps, both indoors and outdoors, you earn digital currency—Sweatcoins—that can be exchanged for products or contributed to charity.

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Understanding Sweatcoin

After downloading the app and allowing it to count your steps, you’ll begin to earn. The app’s unique algorithm verifies your steps and awards you Sweatcoins for your efforts. With the inclusion of indoor steps, the earning scope has expanded.

Earning Possibilities with Sweatcoin

There are several tiers and methods to earn Sweatcoins:

  • Routine Walking:
    • Open an account for free and start earning up to 5 Sweatcoins daily.
  • Subscription Levels:
    • Mover (Free): Earn up to 150 Sweatcoins/month.
    • Shaker (Costs 4.75 Sweatcoins/month): Earn up to 300 Sweatcoins/month.
    • Higher Levels: Quaker, Breaker, and Trouble Maker for even more earnings.
  • Daily Bonuses:
    • Earn extra Sweatcoins by watching adverts, with rewards increasing the more you watch.
  • Referral Program:
    • Gain 5 Sweatcoins for each person you successfully refer, emphasising ethical promotion.

Exclusive Features

Sweatcoin motivates users with “Races” and “Community Challenges,” offering additional coins for meeting step goals or contributing to group challenges that support charities.

The Worth of Sweatcoins

A Sweatcoin’s value can vary, but usually, 40 Sweatcoins equate to about £20. Rewards in the app’s marketplace range from educational courses to sports equipment.

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How Sweatcoin Sustains Itself

The app partners with brands who pay to be featured, ensuring the app remains free for users. Advertisers also pay to reach the app’s audience, supporting its monetization.

Real Money Incentives

Sweatcoin does offer real money rewards, not just vouchers. The payout is made to PayPal or Wise accounts, and while it’s not instantaneous, it requires little to no effort.

Rewards Offered Sweatcoin’s marketplace is rich with options:

  • Instant Gratifications: Rewards like courses or snacks are readily available.
  • PayPal Vouchers: Premium users can exchange 5,000 Sweatcoins for a £10 PayPal credit.
  • Charity Donations: Users can donate to a variety of causes directly through the app.

Authenticity of Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a legitimate app, fostering outdoor activities and providing real rewards. It keeps your banking information private and offers PayPal as a secure cash-out option.

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Avoiding Sweatcoin Scams

There are no legitimate shortcuts in Sweatcoin. Any attempt to manipulate the system could lead to account termination. Fair play is a core principle of the app.

Withdrawal Process

By promoting Sweatcoin and accumulating enough coins, users can withdraw earnings through PayPal or Wise. The app clearly states how many referrals are needed for specific cash rewards.

Sweatcoin Transfers

Sweatcoins can be transferred between users, making it easier to save for bigger rewards. Transfers are simple, needing just the recipient’s username.

The app looks like this on your phone:

sweatcoin UK
Once the app’s up and running…you’re all set to start earning Sweatcoins.

Safety of Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a secure app, transparent about how it makes money, and dedicated to encouraging physical activity while ensuring user safety.

Common Questions About Sweatcoin

  • UK Availability: Yes, it originated and is available in the UK.
  • Value of Sweatcoin: Approximately £0.01 per Sweatcoin.
  • Redeeming Rewards: Via the app’s marketplace.
  • Earning Real Money: While possible, the primary focus is on earning digital currency for rewards.
  • Daily Earnings Cap: Up to 5 Sweatcoins, with potential increases for subscribers.
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Summing Up

Sweatcoin offers an innovative way to incentivize staying active with digital rewards. It’s not a quick cash scheme, but rather a motivator for healthier habits with the bonus of financial rewards. As a platform, it’s committed to user privacy and offers a trustworthy method to gain by simply being active.

Other Ways To Earn Sweatcoins

There are some other ways you can earn Sweatcoin that are quite new to the app.


Sweatcoin have introduced Sweatcoin Races recently.

The current challenge is to complete 250,000 steps during February and you’ll get 25 Sweatcoin if you complete the challenge.

It’s not a huge amount of coins you’ll get but on the other hand it’s encouraging you to move more. And that can only be a good thing, right?

Community Challenge through the app involves you contributing your steps to a bigger goal. While you won’t be directly rewarded, your steps will count towards a bigger goal.

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This month Sweatcoin has partnered with InterPride to reach 4 billion steps and once that’s reached Sweatcoin will make a donation to InterPride.

How Does Sweatcoin Make Money?

Since Sweatcoin is free to download and use, it’s reasonable to wonder how Sweatcoin makes any money for itself.

The answer is that it uses a partner revenue model similar to Groupon and other discount sites.

You know the rewards you can choose on the Sweatcoin app? Well those brands pay Sweatcoin to feature on the app.

The other way Sweatcoin makes money is though showing adverts on the app.

You might have seen in the app that you can earn extra Sweatcoins. Sometimes you simply have to watch an advert or promotion to earn the extra Sweatcoins.

These advertisers have paid Sweatcoin for access to you.

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What Can You Buy With Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin rewards are pretty good.

There are lots of smaller rewards you’ll be eligible for quite quickly but for those with more patience you can actually earn some amazing things.

I love love love the ‘Sweatcoin for good’ section of the rewards part of the app. It’s crowdfunding and the beneficiaries are worthy causes all around the world.

There are three levels of Sweatcoin rewards, Offers for today, Crowdfunding & Marathon offers:

Pay With Sweatcoin

These are the most common rewards people get from Sweatcoin and they start at around 5 Sweatcoins. For this you’ll currently get a four week course from Upskillist, or for 10 Sweatcoin you can claim a protein pack from TRIBE.

These offers change regularly so make sure to keep an eyen on them!

Other rewards at this level currently include a £10 Papier gift card for 49.99 Sweatcoins, or a razor shave kit from ShaveKit. Check back often, as these rewards are updated almost daily.

PayPal Voucher

If you’re a Premium user there’s currently an offer where you can claim a $10 Paypal credit in exchange for 5,000 Sweatcoins.

If you’re not inviting people to join Sweatcoin and instead are saving up your own steps to build your balance you could take advantage of this offer. It may take quite a while to save 5,000 Sweatcoin though so beware! If you’re inviting people to join through your social media accounts it’s a better use of your invites to claim the cash rewards in exchange for your invites.

This offers sells out quickly and credits are limited so this is a good example of where you need to keep a check on the offers being made available!

Hopefully it’ll come back soon!


Many Sweatcoin’ers‘ donate their Sweatcoins to a crowdfunding campaign. Some that are running right now are:

  • Supporting disadvantaged children in Columbia
  • Donating feminine hygiene kits to refugee women and girls
  • Providing strollers for refugee children and babies in Greece

Sweatcoin Exchange

It is possible in Sweatcoin exchanges to buy and sell Sweatcoin. However, these are not official Sweatcoin channels, nor are they registered and so there’s no guarantee you’ll get cash in exchange for your Sweatcoin or Sweatcoin in exchange for your cash. Phew :)

Is Sweatcoin Legit?

Yep, Sweatcoin most certainly is legit.

I know, I know some of these apps can seem a little, well, dare I say spammy, but this is not that.

I’ve used Sweatcoin and I absolutely guarantee it’s a totally legit company and have no worries about recommending them to you.

The head office is based in London.

Besides, you don’t give them any personal information (bank info etc..) or allow them to access any other apps on your phone, and even when it comes to cashing out, you can use your Paypal account, so there’s no danger of them ever having your details.

You also have an option to use TransferWise to cash out when the time comes, which is what I do.

Sweatcoin Hack

Lots of people want to hack Sweatcoin.

We all love a good hack, an easier way to getting what we want and we’ve got an awesome hack for Sweatcoin. Here goes…..

Do more outside walking

Simple isn’t it!

No seriously, there are no hacks for Sweatcoin. You can join forces with friends and family to reach your goals faster, you can walk more, but you can’t hack Sweatcoin. We’re sorry :)

Sweatcoin Scam

Is Sweatcoin a scam? No! It’s simply an app that encourages you to walk more and rewards you for doing so.

Some people don’t agree with the way Sweatcoin makes money, not so much the ad partner model but targeting your rewards based on purchased info about you from other companies.

My view? We’re tracked so much in the world we live in whether it’s on CCTV or other apps we all have in out phones.

Do I mind? Personally, no. I’m out walking, and getting rewarded.

If you’ve got any concerns about privacy, read Sweatcoins privacy policy here.

Sweatcoin Cheat

Determined to cheat Sweatcoin? Proceed with caution!

There are people who tell you if you shake your phone while you’re walking you’ll get double the points. Don’t do this. Doing this will trigger Sweatcoins spoof scripts and you may end up with your account banned.

Seen a video on YouTube claiming they have the ‘secret’ way to cheat Sweatcoin? They don’t. At best, they want you to sign up to Sweatcoin using their link and they’re not being upfront about it, at worst, they’ll direct you to some far away website that will potentially farm your information.

Trying to cheat Sweatcoin could get you a whole lot more than you bargained for. And not in a good way.

How Does Sweatcoin Pay You?

If you sign up to the influencer program and start promoting Sweatcoin to your followers then you can cash Sweatcoin out and be paid either into your Paypal account or into you Transfer Wise account.

If you’re building your balance through your own steps then you can choose to use your Sweatcoin balance to claim current rewards on the app.

Sweatcoin FAQs

Can you use Sweatcoin in the UK?

Yes, you can use Sweatcoin in the UK. In fact, the app originated in the UK and is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

How much is 1 Sweatcoin worth in pounds?

The value of Sweatcoins is not fixed and can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as market demand and supply. As of April 2023, 1 Sweatcoin is worth approximately £0.01.

How do I cash out my Sweatcoin UK?

To cash out your Sweatcoin in the UK, you’ll need to access the app’s marketplace, where you can browse and select various offers and rewards. Some offers may require you to pay additional fees, while others may be available for free.

Does Sweatcoin give you actual money?

Sweatcoin does can give you actual money if you’re using it on social media platforms to ask others to get this free app, but mostly, it’s a sort of digital currency that can be used to purchase rewards and offers on the app’s marketplace. Some of these rewards may have monetary value, such as gift cards or discounts, but you cannot directly convert your Sweatcoins into cash.

How many Sweatcoins is $1?

The conversion rate of Sweatcoin to US dollars is not fixed and can vary depending on market demand and supply. As of April 2023, 1 Sweatcoin is worth approximately $0.01, which means that $1 is equivalent to approximately 100 Sweatcoins.

How many Sweatcoins can I earn a day?How many Sweatcoins can I earn a day?

The number of Sweatcoins you can earn per day depends on several factors, such as the number of steps you take and the offers available in your area. In general, the app allows you to earn up to 5 Sweatcoins per day, which can be increased by upgrading to a premium subscription. However, keep in mind that the app has a daily cap on the number of Sweatcoins you can earn.