25 Ways to make extra money in the UK

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Ways to make extra money in the UK

Before I released just how possible it is to make some extra money on the side of a ‘real’ job, I spent a lot of time trying to dream up ways to ease the financial pressure we often felt.

So, if you’re looking for some extra money for a holiday, need to add a regular amount onto your monthly income or anything in-between, we’ve got LOADS of ways that you can get going with bringing home that extra money!

There are several ways to find extra money each month:

  • Making sure you’re not spending more each month than you need to be
  • Earning money on your spending
  • Making money Online
  • Making money Offline

Make sure you know what needs to be reported to HRMC and what doesn’t. More info on that here.

With this in mind, I’ll start with the easy ways, then move into making money online and offline!

25 Real ways to make money alongside your day job. Online & offline, we've got great ways to boost your income!


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The easy ways to get some extra money

To kick things off, we’ll start with the easy ones!

There are some ways you can make extra money without really doing much at all. You might only be able to do these once (maybe twice!), but they’ll bring you in some extra money!

Get the bank to pay YOU!

Ever thought about changing your bank account? Money Saving Expert has a tool for checking who’s offering you the most cash to switch. The process is painless, quick and the bonus money will be in your account usually when the account transfer is complete.

Right now, HSBC are offering you £175 to switch your current account to them. Check here to see what the best offer is for you.

Check state benefits

Every year, over £10BILLION (yep, no typo there) is left unclaimed by UK families eligible to claim it. The department for Work & Pensions estimates that families are missing out on an average of £2,500 annually because they believe they’re not eligible to claim, when in fact they are.

Check your benefits here and make sure you’re claiming everything you’re entitled to. It might just be the easiest boost to your finances you’ve had in a while!

Use a cash back credit-card

Perhaps best to do this if you’re not at risk of being tempted by credit, there are a number of credit cards that will reward you with cash every time you use them. Make sure there is no annual fee for using the card and only ever buy the things you would have done anyway.

Check here for the best reward credit cards on the market, and earn some free money for doing what you would have done anyway!

Use cash back websites

Cash back websites do exactly that, they give you cash back on your spending. Making a purchase online? Get into the habit of checking if you can get cash back.

Top Cashback and Quidco are great places to start!

Lower your utility bills

Making sure your utility bills are as low as they can be goes a long way towards keeping your cash in YOUR pocket each month. Often, renewals and rolling contracts mean we don’t always check we’re getting the best price and over pay as a result.

Check your getting the best deals here and you might find you have some extra money each month you never knew you had!

Real ways to make money from home

Oh so many ways to make money online! They’re not all going to make you rich, but they do make extra money and might inspire you to move onto bigger and better things!

Take online surveys

Online surveys get a bad rep on the internet. They don’t pay heaps and can be irregular in being offered to you. BUT… since they take very little time and effort, they’re well worth signing up for and enjoying the extra money as and when they’re offered to you!

boostmybudget.com has some brilliant info if you’re looking to get started. Find that info here!

Become a virtual assistant

I’ve talked about this in more depth here, but if you’re organised and have skills useful to business owners, you can get work as a virtual assistant.

Design t-shirts with Amazon Merch

Love design? Have a go at designing T-Shirts with Amazon Merch. You have no up-font costs, simply design your t-shirt, upload it to your Amazon Merch account and receive a percentage of the sale price every time one sells.

Become a search engine evaluator

Google and other search engines often need people to carry out research for them. You can help them out, for a fee, working from home! Have a read of this post here and you could apply today!

Sell crafts on Etsy

Online market place Etsy offers no end of inspiration if you’re looking to sell crafts and homemade goods online. From art to clothes to vintage goods and gifts, this is the place to be selling crafts online.

Open an account for free, upload your product images and you’re off.

Become a freelance writer

If you’ve got a way with words, consider becoming a freelance writer. You don’t need an english degree or any other degree, you just need a good command of your chosen language and be able to market yourself online.

More info here on this lucrative side hustle.

Make money matched betting

Perhaps the easiest money maker I came across, matched betting can net you some serious cash fast. Legal and totally safe, you will not lose your money with matched betting. Emma Drew has some brilliant guides here to get you started!


A simple and easy way to get some extra pennies. Just install Qmee as an add-on to your browser and every time you browse the internet you might be shown some sponsored ad’s.

You don’t have to actually ‘do’ anything, and Qmee cash out into PayPal, with no minimum needed! Easy. Sign up here.

Make money user testing websites

Love surfing the web? Get paid for it. There are agencies that’ll pay you to test out sites.

Most website owners need to make sure their sites work for their users. For some people, this involves going through their site and checking all the links work and make sense, but for hundreds of thousands of bigger sites, they employ companies to carry out ‘user testing’.

Web Userbility is a big agency offering this type of work, as is trymyui.com.

Online data entry

So many places offer this type of work now, but make sure the one you chose is legitimate. NEVER pay to get this type of work (this is about making money, not spending it!) and always look for reviews online to get other people’s thoughts on the company.

Clickworker is genuine and offers regular work.

Sell with Fiverr

Got an eye for design or know how to put a pinterest template together? Get onto Fiverr and start offering your digital goods! Free to join up to, you can be up and running in minutes and with a global reach of millions of potential customers, you might just be able to earn some cash in no time at all.

Have a look at what’s already selling well and put your own spin on it. Templates do really well on Fiverr, and can mean less work for you when an order comes in!

Sell secondhand books

Secondhand books sell well and if you can tap into a specific market, like study guides or similar, you’ll soon know what you’re looking for when you’re scouring secondhand bookshops for books to re-sell. Re-sell on Amazon, Ebay or try app like We Buy Books and see where you can get the best price.

Make money selling your clothes

If your wardrobe is heaving under the strain of unworn clothes, maybe you could combine having a clear out with making some cash? Our ultimate guide to selling secondhand clothes will point you in the right direction, no matter what it is you’re trying to sell! Find the info here!

Teach online

Ever thought about teaching as a way to make some extra money? Teaching online can be a brilliant work from home job: you get to choose your own hours, it can be super rewarding and it’s well paid. Different language schools have different qualification requirements but boostmybudget.com has a great guide here to help you pick the right place for you to start this work from home job!

Create an online course

Online courses are HUGE right now and it’s estimated that globally we’ll spend a collective £3BILLION on e-learning by 2025. If you’ve got a skill you can pass onto others, then you can make some extra money!

Coursera and Udemy allow you to create courses to sell to the public, allowing access to millions of potential customers. It might take a little time to put the course together but get it right, and you’ll have a nice future income stream that requires very little input from you!

Sell your photos to a stock website

We’ve all got fairly decent cameras these days haven’t we? If you’ve got an eye for a good photo and know how to get the best light, make some extra money by uploading your photos to stock sites. Simply upload your photos to the sites you like and every time someone buys them, you’ll receive a payment minus the commission the stock site take.

Some site have more visitors than others so do your homework. To make any real money you need to sell a fair amount of images so it’s a good idea to upload to more than one site.

Get started on Getty Images, Shutterstock and iStock.

Make money offline & ideas for making extra money in your spare time

Making money offline could be 1001 different things, but here are some of the quickest to get started with, bringing you in that extra money in no time at all!

Task rabbit

Task rabbit lets you sign up online and then bid for jobs posted by people looking to have all manor of odd jobs done. If you’re DIY handy or can run some local errands, bid for the job you want and if your bid is accepted, you get to work at the agreed time and place.

The great thing about Task Rabbit is that it can put you in touch with local people who might want ongoing jobs done. Make sure you always work to within the Task Rabbit terms and conditions: not doing so might see you thrown off their site!

Amazon Flex

There’s lots to love about Amazon Flex. It’s not a full time job and they don’t pretend it is, but it IS an amazing way to pick up some extra work delivering parcels as and when you need it.

Amazon is always on the lookout for extra workers. They’re a HUGE company, meaning that they have a lot of work available! Once you sign up for free, simply log onto their work portal and out yourself down for the job slots you want. The minimum slot is an hour, so most of us are able to slot something in, no matter how pushed we are for time.

Delivery driver

Have a car? Or a moped or even a push bike in some cases? Make some extra money delivering food in your local area. Food delivery is big right now, and there is plenty of work available for those that want it.

Picking your own hours is a big bonus as it fits in brilliantly around any other job you’ve got. Deliveroo and JustEat are nationwide. Don’t forget to check your insurance is the correct type for this sort of work though, in many cases you need to have the correct insurance for a delivery driver.

Good old fashioned bar work

I thought I’d end this list with some good old fashioned bar work. No, you don’t need an internet connection to join, you’re unlikely to get paid into your PayPal account and you’re going to have to use the phone (or your feet) to get talking to people, but bar work has stood the test of time and honestly, is probably one of the most fun ways I can think of to make some extra money!

If you’ve got experience in: customer service, cash handling, pulling pints or wine knowledge, you’re in with a good chance of getting a nice bit of extra work!

Good Luck :)

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Looking for even more ways to bring home the extra cash?

Jennifer at blog Monethalia has some ideas you might not have thought of! See them here.

25 Real ways to make money alongside your day job. Online & offline, we've got great ways to boost your income!
25 Real ways to make money alongside your day job. Online & offline, we've got great ways to boost your income!

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