8 Brilliant ways for teens to earn money this summer

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Are you looking for ways for teens to earn money this summer?

If you’ve got teens looking for ways to earn money or know a teenager who could use some spare cash, we’ve got some ideas to get you started. Teens can make money online or traditional work, either way, there are lots of ways they (or you!) might not have thought of as money spinner.

You might even fancy joining them on a few of them, or have a look at this post for some other ways to get that cash rolling in!

Make money from your IT skills – ways for teens to earn money

Teenagers find learning and retaining IT skills easier than older generations. Teens can use the skills they have to earn some money by teaching older people how to do things that’ll make their lives easier. If you’re looking to earn money as a teenager, this could be a nice little earner.

Many older people have children that live away. Show them how to use Skype, or WhatsApp. Set up their online grocery shopping, or other tasks that they’d find useful. Even downloading apps is a skill people are willing to pay for.

Put an advert in your local library, in newsagents, leisure centers or anywhere you think people who could use your skills might see them.

Many people are willing to pay you to do these things. Don’ think these tasks are to simple to sell. They’re only simple if you know how to do them!

Sell stuff –ways for teens to earn money

There’s good money to be made form selling stuff.

You could clear out the garage or the loft (checking first of course!) and once this supply of goods is exhausted, look for a steady supply of goods to sell.

Spend a couple of hours searching charity shops for labels you recognize. Have marketplace apps open on your phone like this one and check what the items selling for.

If you can make a profit, buy it. It’s amazing what a wash, iron and a brightly lit photo can do.

You don’t have to stick to clothes. Look for china, homewares or anything else you know a little about.

If you’d buy it, chances are someone else will to.

Register on Fiverr – ways for teens to earn money

You know all those fancy IT skills you’ve picked up? If you’re a teenager looking to make money online, register on Fiverr and make some cash.

Know how to remove a background from an image? Any good at photo editing? Voice overs? Fiverr offers a huge array of skills for sale, and people are buying them in their thousands.

It’s quite amazing what people will pay for. Video editing, graphic design, even card making and crafting sells on Fiverr. Get in on the action and you’ll have a nice sideline set up that could earn you money even when the term starts again.

Once you prove your skills, and you’ll be able to take on multiple jobs at the same time, and make money without even leaving your bedroom. It’s a pretty easy way for teens to earn money.

Sell music, maths, languages…….lessons

Earning money as a teenager doesn’t have to be hard. Did you learn to play the piano or the guitar as a kid? Are you great at maths, English or another language? Pass on your skills and make some money. It’s one of the easiest ways for teens to earn some hard cash.

You’re on holiday, so are all the smaller kids, so use the time to earn money.

Put up adverts, ask people with younger kids. See if parents or friends know anyone who’d like to improve in an area you’re great at.

You don’t have to be fluent in French or perfect at piano, you just have to be better than the person you’re teaching. It’s good practice for you and the kid you’re teaching gets to learn your skills.

Become a book seller – ways for teens to earn money

We buy books will pay you from 30p upwards for used books. If you’re a teen looking for an easy way to earn money, this is a no brainer.

Download the app, scan the ISBN number on the back of a book and it’ll tell you how much cash it’ll give you for the book.

While they seem to prefer non-fiction books, they accept most books, so it’s well worth giving this a try. If you don’t have any books at home you want to part with, try charity shops and boot sales for a cheap supply of books.

Car booters will often be selling books for 10p each towards the end of the day so they don’t have to go home with the things they arrived with. Make the most of this. Just make sure you scan them first to so you know you’ll make a profit.

We buy books even let you print off a postage label so it wont cost you a penny to send the books to them, once you’re ready to send them.

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Game on YouTube

Are you good at gaming? Know what the most popular games are right now? If you are, try your hand at making some money by recording yourself playing and post it on youTube.

You don’t have to appear in the video, people love to watch how you play the game, not you whilst you’re playing it! Look for ways to improve someones game playing and you’ll be able to offer something gamers will come back for again and again.

While this isn’t going to make you rich straight away, if you’re going to play games anyway, you may as well try and earn some money while you’re doing it.

This guy accidentally made over $5000 on youTube. It’s got to be worth a try!

Userlystics – ways for teens to earn money

It’s easy for teens to make money using web testing sites. I’ve listed some here, but Userlystics is another great userbility site that allows teens to earn money by testing websites.

Many websites owners from huge giants Amazon to smaller start ups need to know if their websites are good for their users. So they pay you to test our scenarios for them.

They’ll record your journey around their site, then ask for you thoughts and opinions on the journey you just took with them on their site. They pay into PayPal, and being based in the US you’ll be paid in dollars, but PayPal will exchange this to GBP for you.

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Not a huge money spinner, but free to use non the less. Sweatcoin has made it possible to be rewarded (in cash as well if you save up enough sweatcoins) for outside excerise.

If you download Sweatcoin onto your phone, letting it run in the background, you will build up sweatcoins that you change exchange for all sorts of goodies from the sweatcoin store, mostly fitness related, but goodies all the same!

The app doesn’t seem so far to be a drain on my iPhone battery, but don’t accidentally shut the app down or it won’t clock up your steps! And make sure you read all the terms and conditions so you don;t have your account shut down.

Other than that, better get moving!

If you’ve got teens who’ve come up with brilliant ways of their own to make money, do let us know so we can add them to the list.

It takes a lot of pressure off parents when teens start to earn their own money, allowing you more spare cash to throw at your debt pay down!

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