Where to sell clothes online UK

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Looking for the best place to sell your unwanted clothes online for cash in the UK?

Clothes selling sites UK

  • eBay – sell anything and everything, from Primark to Prada
  • Vinted – buy, sell or swap your clothes
  • PreLoved – sell locally, better for larger, heavier or awkward items
  • ASOS Marketplace – popular selling platform for the vintage clothes market
  • Depop – aimed at the young & trendy, this platform is growing fast
  • Rebelle – authenticated designer clothes is Rebelles target market
  • Shpock – the online car boot sale, Shpock is gaining popularity in the UK
  • Clothes by the Kilo – you’ll get less cash, but selling clothes by the kilo is a great way to get rid of large amounts of unworn old clothes!

Selling clothes online can be a great source of extra cash, read on to get started!

This is our ultimate guide to selling clothes online. We’re based in the UK, but most of these ways allow you to sell to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Let us know how you do!

✅ Sell clothes online UK

In a world where clothes have become disposable, it’s good to sell your clothes online to someone who will get good use out of them and hopefully pay a fair price for them!

Selling your clothes online if you’re based in the UK can mean sending them locally, nationwide or anywhere else across the planet. That’s the beauty of the online selling world: it literally is the world you could be selling to.

Looking to make some extra cash? Try these, they’ll all boost your monthly budget!

✅ Best place to sell clothes online UK

Selling clothes online and for cash is easier than it’s ever been. There’s no longer any reason for you to have a crammed wardrobe full of clothes you never wear.

The best place to sell clothes  online UK

I’ve put together a list of the most popular places people visit to buy and sell clothes, so you can start making a profit straight away.

✅ Make money selling clothes for cash in the UK

The days of the jumble sale are over, as are being dragged to a car boot sale and having to take 50p for an item or face lugging them all home again!

We live in an online world and that’s the best place to sell clothes. There are a few places around that are still brick and mortar shops where you can sell (& buy) secondhand clothes but they’re few and far between. And of course your audience is minimal compared to the online world where anyone from across the whole planet can see what you’re selling.

✅ Sell my clothes for cash UK

If you put in a little effort, you can make good money from the clothes you no longer wear, and there are plenty of places to sell clothes online for you to do just that.

✅ Where to sell clothes online UK

The best place to sell clothes  online UK

Here’s my ultimate guide to selling your clothes online! There is no ‘best’ site for everything and everyone, different sites tend to specialise in different things, so scroll down and see where is the best fit for you to be able to make some money online!

✅ Online selling sites UK

These days, the best place to sell your clothes is online. However, not al online selling site are created equally and some are better for some things whilst others are better for another.

Here’s our list of the better online selling sites in the UK, and the types of clothes they’re best for selling.

✅ Clothes selling sites UK

There are a large number of places in the UK you can consider selling your unwanted clothes through. Most of them will charge you a fee for using their site to make money for yourself, but this is fair enough: you simply couldn’t reach the audience they have without them.

Check the fees they charge before you start listing your clothes, this part of the process can often be time consuming and you want to make sure you’re listing on the best site for not only the type of clothes you’re selling but also getting the best value for your money.

The more money you end up with in your pocket, the better :)

Selling clothes on eBay

ebay logo for buying and selling clothes online for cash

Let’s start with the one we all know and love, eBay! eBay has generally been my go to for selling clothes over the years, as well as buying. It’s the original market place and still sees over 2 billions transactions per day. That’s pretty mind blowing.

It also means that there is one hell of a lot of people browsing and buying, just waiting to see something that tempts them into a purchase.

There are various options for selling on eBay, the traditional auction, Buy It Now and Make an Offer. Fees are set at 10% of the final sale price, and you can list up to 1000 items a month without attracting a listing fee, so great if you’re not sure if something will sell or not.

Sundays are the busiest day of the week on eBay, so make sure your listings finish on a Sunday to give yourself the best chance possible of making a sale! If you’re looking to sell clothes for cash online, eBay should be one of your first stops!

genuine ways to make money online uk

Selling clothes on Vinted

vinted logo for buying and selling clothes online for cash

I really love the look of this site. Operating out of Lithuania since 2008, Vinted allows users to buy, sell or swap their clothes.

Vinted charge a ‘buyer protection’ fee instead of a sellers fee, but really this translates into the

same thing and is between 3%-8% of the sale price. Vinted hold your money in your Vinted account, but you can cash it out into your bank straight away to stop you spending it again!

Vinted has a community of over 22 million people, so this is a site you’ll want to be on if you’re trying to sell your stuff to make some money :)

The best place to sell clothes  online UK

Selling clothes on Preloved

preloved logo for buying and selling clothes online for cash

Preloved is a local selling site, so it’s more collection only than sending goods through the post type of site.

You tend to get a lower price on Preloved than you might on other cash for clothes sites,

since your audience is smaller as you’re not sending country wide. It’s definitely worth trying your luck here though, especially if you have items that would be awkward to send through the post.

All communication with the buyer is done through the Preloved website, and payment is generally cash on collection.

✅ Sell clothes on ASOS marketplace

ASOS logo for buying and selling clothes online for cash

ASOS Market place is a little different from the other cash for clothes site.

For starters, you need to open an online boutique. It’s a bit like opening an eBay shop, so nothing to stressful, but you do

need to be listing 15 items at all times, so you need some sort of supply to keep your boutique topped up.

Marketplace launched in 2010 with just 20 sellers and since then they’ve become the leading online platform for vintage boutiques.

Vintage clothes form the majority of the ASOS Marketplace, so if you’re able to get hold of a steady supply of vintage clothes, you might do really well.

It costs £20 per month of have your boutique listed on ASOS, so weigh up if this is the place for you, as it’s a little pricier than other sites selling clothes for cash.

Selling clothes on Depop

depop logo for buying and selling clothes online for cash

Depop is an app based community of 10 million buyers and sellers, making it a top player in the cash for clothes online sites.

Your selling profile is a ‘shop’ and photos are super important here: your shop is a gallery of your items, so the better you make this look, the more success selling you’ll have.

The great thing about depop is that selling doesn’t have to stop at clothes. You can also sell books and home items, making it the ideal place to sell lots of our things in one place.

Depop selling fee’s

Fee’s are 10%, although frustratingly, there are extra charges depending on how you want to withdraw your money.

Selling clothes on Rebelle – used designer clothes UK

rebelle logo for buying and selling clothes online for cash

Looking to sell designer clothes? Authenticity is paramount at Rebelle and the price you get for your clothes reflects this, at up to 80% of the purchase cost. Rebelle is a great place to do just that. There are 2 ways of selling on Rebelle.

You can either use the traditional selling clothes online way of uploading your own photos and taking care of the sale yourself, or you can let Rebelle do the selling for you. They’ll authenticate your item and do the selling. Of course you’ll pay a much higher commission for this service, an extra £15 on top of their fees of between 17% and 33%.

On designer prices, this commission could be sky high, but it’s an easy, Europe wide way to sell designer clothes online.

The best place to sell clothes  online UK

Selling clothes on Shpock

shpock logo for buying and selling clothes online for cash

Shpock works like your favourite boot sale and this is how Shpock sell themselves. It’s a lot like eBay in that you take your photo and upload it to your free account, then wait

for buyers to contact you to negotiate a price. The whole thing is done locally, so you’ll need to be able to to drop off or have a buyer collect. Prices may be slightly lower due to the local nature of the buyers. Free, so worth a try!

✅ Second hand clothes online UK

There’s a HUGE market for second hand clothes in the UK, and the site above are where you’re really going to make the most money for your unwanted clothes.

However, if they’ve not worked for you, there are other places you can unload your secondhand clothes!

✅ Sell old clothes by weight

Cash for clothes £1 per kilo

There are loads of cash for clothes companies around that will pay you up to £1 cash for your clothes, per kilo. If your clothes are not in a saleable state for eBay or another marketplace and you really cannot bring them into some sort of good, saleable condition, it might be worth looking into these companies.

I haven’t any personal experience of using them myself, but some of the bigger ones are:

Recycling for Cash, Cash for clothes and Anglo Recycling.

✅ Recycle clothes for cash

Not had much luck getting rid of your unwanted used clothes online? Thought about recycling your old clothes to get a bit of cash coming in?

There have been mixed reviews about them. From slow payment to not being paid for items as they weren’t on a ‘specified items’ list, make sure you keep the collection receipt if you’re thinking about using these sites. One of the biggest sites is here, although I’ve never used them, so can’t vouch for them.

Perhaps try all the other ways to sell clothes online before trying this, as they pay a pretty dismal 50p per kilo.

✅ Top tips for selling clothes online

The best place to sell clothes  online UK

When you’re looking to get cash for your clothes online, there are some simple rules to follow to ensure you get the best price. Secondhand clothes are just that: secondhand, but that doesn’t need to mean shabby and crumpled.

Spruce them up and you’ll be rewarded in the selling price. Here’s how:

  • Photos – The single most important part of selling your clothes online for cash. You can see your clothes, the buyer can’t, so take as many high quality photos as you need to to be able to show your item off at it’s best. Zoom in on smaller details, buttons, stitching etc….and you’ll get more interest, meaning more sales!
  • Description – Give a really detailed description. Be honest about the condition. If the size if the item isn’t true, give measurements. It makes for a better experience for the buyer!
  • Feedback – Often overlooked by the seller but very much used by the buyer, no one wants to give their money to a seller who has been accused of selling low quality items, or refuses returns or is rude. Keep feedback 100% and buyers will be happy to buy from you.
  • First Impressions Count – Make sure your buyer’s impressed from the moment they receive your parcel. Learn how to fold your items properly further up this post!
Selling clothes online is easier than it's ever been. There's no longer any reason for you to have a crammed wardrobe full of clothes you never wear. I've put together a list of the most popular places people visit to buy and sell clothes, so you can start making a profit straight away. #debtfreefamily #sellingclothesonline #cashforclothes #sellingoldclothes #sellingclothes
Selling clothes online is easier than it's ever been. There's no longer any reason for you to have a crammed wardrobe full of clothes you never wear. I've put together a list of the most popular places people visit to buy and sell clothes, so you can start making a profit straight away. #debtfreefamily #sellingclothesonline #cashforclothes #sellingoldclothes #sellingclothes

✅ Finally, don’t forget about Charity shops!

An altogether more socially responsible way to clear out your old clothes, charity shops need a steady supply of clothes donated. If you’ve tried and failed to sell some of your clothes online, think about donating them to a charity shop.

Try not to just turn up with a huge bag of clothes, pop in and ask them if and what they’re currently accepting as their storage is limited.

If all else fails…

If after ALL this, you’re still stuck with a bag of clothes you no longer want, remember your local recycling centre has a clothes bank.
Good Luck!

✅ Looking for ways to make more money online and offline?

We’ve got lots of fab ideas here to help you make money. Whether you’re looking for a second regular income, a bit of extra cash for Christmas or just to make ends meet (we’ve been there!) have a look here and see what takes your fancy!

If you need some inspiration from those already selling clothes online in the UK

Can I sell secondhand clothes online for cash?

Yes, absolutely. Selling secondhand clothes online is big business, and it’s fairly easy to make a good profit doing this.

How much can you make selling clothes online?

This depends on the item you’re selling. Designer pieces keep a lot of their value, high street goods sell for a lot less.

Is selling clothes online free?

As a rule of thumb, you tend to pay a percentage of the sold price as a fee. Some platforms also charge you to list your goods.

Can I sell old clothes by weight?

Yes. Selling clothes by their weight is a good way to clear out old clothes that haven’t sold on other platforms.

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