✅ ASDA 20% off gift card sale dates 2021

Fancy getting 20% off Asda gift cards that can be used in a whole range of other shops? We’ve got the Asda 20% off gift card sale dates for 2021 here, letting you save a fair bit of cash!

The next predicted 20% off gift cards sale at Asda is 22nd November 2021 and could run through until Sunday 5th December 2021.

Well update this page as soon as we know the exact dates.


✅ How to get 20% off ASDA gift cards

The first thing to note is that the 20% off Asda gift cards need to be bought in store, you cannot buy them online.

Over the last few years, Asda have held the 20% off gift card sale right before Christmas, making it the perfect time to save money right when for many of us it’s a pretty expensive time of year.

Although Asda don’t release the exact dates they hold this sale until right before the event begins, it’s a fairly safe bet to plan for it being held somewhere between mid November and early December and it generally lasts for around two weeks.

The Asda gift card sale in 2020 started on Monday 23rd November and the year before it started on 18th November so plan for it around 22nd November in 2021.

You can find your nearest Asda store here.


✅ ASDA gift card sale

Not all gift cards that Asda sell go into the 20% off gift card sale. However, that said, there’s a huge selection that do, and they’re for well known branded stores, which you can then spend either in those shops or online.

It won’t be known which gift cards will be included until the gift card sale starts.

If you’re planning to use these discounted cards during the Holiday period, there’s two ways you could go about it.

Firstly, you could plan your Christmas gifts around the cards that are on offer. It means a bit of last minute(ish) planning, but for a 20% saving it’s likely worth it.

The second way you can use them is to simply gift them to someone for them to shop themselves.

There’s also a couple of other ways you can save money with these discounted cards.

If you’re planning a big purchase in the New Year and the store you might buy from has a gift card in the Asda gift card sale, buy the cards at 20% off to save money on your planned buy.

Anything else? Yep! Favourite shop have a gift card in this sale? Buy them at the discounted price and use them in the January sales for further money off on top of the sale price. Win-win!

✅ What gift cards do ASDA sell?

Asda sell over 60 different branded gift cards, although as we said, they don’t all go into the gift card sale.

Alongside their own brand gift cards, you’ll find all the usual high street store names there.

As always with gift cards, check if they have a use by date and make a note of it if you’re not spending straight away, and be aware that if the store you’ve got a gift card for closes down, you won’t be able to get your money back and it’ll be lost.

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