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182 million of us have an eBay account and if you’re someone who sells in this popular Market place, you’ll want to know what the best day to sell on eBay is.

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Crazy? Maybe, but it’s true, there really is a best day to sell on eBay, and by making a few tweaks to your auction start times, you can increase your chance of selling and maximise your profits.

The best day to start an eBay auction is a Thursday. Why? Answers below!


✅ What is the best day to start an eBay auction?

Sunday is the time when most sales are finalised. And Sunday evening is the most popular time for sales to be made.

It makes sense. People are around, 9-5 workers have time to surf online and parents have put little ones to bed. So in order for your auction to end on Sunday evening, you need to work backwards.

You would start your eBay auction on these days to end on Sunday evening depending on the auction length:

  • 3 day auction – Start your auction between 7pm -9pm on a Thursday
  • 7 day auction – Start your auction between 7pm -9pm on a Sunday
  • 10 day auction – Start your auction between 7pm -9pm on a Thursday and this 10 day auction will give your goods two full weekends to be seen before your auction closes.

The least popular days for sales to be made on eBay are Friday and Saturday nights, because a lot of your potential buyers will be out and not on eBay.

So knowing that buyers are fewer on Friday and Saturday nights, try and avoid starting your auction on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings if they’re 3 or 10 day auctions, or a Friday or Saturday night if they’re 7 day auctions.

best day to sell on ebay

Getting your auction start days right can have a significant impact on your profit and whether you make a sale at all.

✅ What’s the best time to sell on eBay?

The time your auction starts is the time your auction ends. It’s that simple.

There is so many sellers on eBay that very often, your item will barley get seen until the last few hours as it reaches the top of the ‘ending soon’ lists.

Depending on what you’re selling and how people search for it (by postcode etc..) the vast majority of buyers will see your item as it’s reaching it’s end.

The graveyard shift on eBay is predictably through the night, so generally between the hours of midnight and 4.30am.

If you’re night owl, it’s a good idea to not list your items during this time as they’re going to finish when most of us are tucked up in bed and they’ll be way less people viewing your goods than there will be at 7pm on a Sunday evening.


✅ How can I increase my chances of selling on eBay?

You can increase your chances of selling your goods on eBay in a number of ways.

We’ve talked about how important it is to make sure your listings start on the right day so they end on the right day, ditto timings, but there are a few other ways you can increase your chances of making a sale on eBay.

The two other main ways you can increase your chance of getting bids on your item are in the description and the photos.

Being visual things, humans are drawn to a great photo so always try and make your pictures as clear as possible, well lit and bright, that way buyers are more likely to click on your listing.

The description needs to be well written, and concise while listing all the things about your item you need the buyer to know.

Be honest about anything that’s wrong with the item, and make sure you list the model number if it’s got one, and a full list of features.

There’s a lot of competition on eBay, so making sure you’re maximising your chances of making a sale is a must!

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