How to make chocolate medals!

Party games need prizes right? I used to love making these chocolate medals for the kids birthday parties when they were small.

Party games need prizes and these chocolate medals are always winners in our house! East t& cheap make, get the kids to help you thread these ready for the big #partyideas #birthdaypartyideas #chocolatemedals #partyprizes #partyideas

They’d help me to thread the strings and hang them up ready to be given out to party game winners!

These chocolate medals are dead simple to make, super cheap to do and a total winner with the kids. They tended to wear them with pride before putting them into their party bags. If it’s a hot day though, perhaps get them to put them into party bags sooner rather than later :)

Chocolate Medals

  • Take each treat size chocolate bar
  • Use a small hole punch to make a hole in the SEALED end of the chocolate bar – TIP if it’s very thin, put a tiny piece of clear tape over the end before you punch the hole, just to strengthen it and stop the wrapper tearing!
  • Thread the punched hole with some coloured ribbon
  • Job done!

Love our chocolate medals?

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