How to save money on your food shop

Today, Hannah from Frugal Bride to Be shows us some clever ways to save money on the food shop every week. Over to Hannah…

Hi, my name is Hannah and I blog about saving money and how to live frugally while moving house and planning a wedding over at Frugal Bride To Be.

Food shopping is my biggest expense every month so I am always looking out for ways to cut down on the amount that I am spending at the supermarkets. Today I’m going to share my favourite tips with you all!

Some of these can be done before you hit the shops, during the shop and once you get back home!

Before you leave the house

Write a list

This is an essential part of shopping that the majority of us ignore. It can be a really quick exercise that takes as little as 5 minutes but will prevent you from overspending and buying things that you don’t need. Before you go to the shops have a look through your cupboards and fridge or freezer to see what you’ve got in and what you actually need… Also, note how much freezer space you have – this is an essential point for me as I like to keep it stocked up!!

Look at cashback apps

There are quite a few cashback apps nowadays that will pay you when you buy certain items from the shops. Some of these will give you items for free or heavily discounted. I normally have a look at this while I’m writing my list to see if there is anything that I will use and won’t cost me much.

This is a great way of trying out premium brands or new items that would normally be out of my price range.

My favourite cashback apps are:

Shopmium – can be used in the majority of shops and gives cashback on loads of items. Since starting to use this I have saved £170 on 88 items. If you want to sign up, download the app and pop in my referral code ‘AKUFFAHY’ to also get a FREE jar of Nutella. All your payments from here go direct into your bank account a couple of days after claiming. For more details on how this app works I’ve got a post here with a step by step guide.

CheckoutSmrt – similar to Shopmium including lots of offers on drinks as well so is perfect when we’re entering bbq season! Since using this I have saved £96. Cashing out under £19.99 incur a 5% transfer fee but if you wait till you have £20 ready to redeem there are no fees and you will receive the money into your account in 10 days.

GreenJinn – can be used in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose with a variety of different offers, the majority of these are cashback but they occasionally have flash freebies and competitions.

TopCashback – this is a well-known cashback site but what a lot of people don’t realise is that there’s also an instore cashback page on here. This is often related to the time of year and events. For example, around pancake day they had flour, eggs, lemon juice etc. Currently they have cashback on burgers, ketchup, veggie burgers and bread rolls. If you want to join TopCashback and get money back on your online shopping to click here

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While you’re in the shop

Shop the reduced aisles

There is NOTHING wrong with buying reduced items, yes they do have a shorter shelf life ‘on the label’ but use common sense here. If the item is freeze able then you can pop it in the freezer when you get home and it’ll be good for another few months. Things like bread and fresh fruit and veg will also probably last longer than the date – just use your eyes and if it looks dodgy then it probably won’t. These are the items you can also normally get really cheap, and I’m talking pennies here… I recently got a Warburton’s loaf of bread for just 5p.

When you get home

Use receipt apps

These are super simple apps that ask you to upload a picture of your receipt for a reward. They really are as simple as they sound… some take longer than others to reach a pay-out but here’s my favourites:

Shoppix – up to 30 points per receipt and extra 30 second surveys and opportunities to get bonus points. You can cash out at £5, £10 or £20 at amazon, iTunes, love2shop or PayPal.

Receipt Hog – a bit of a slow burner with receipts earning up to 20 coins dependant on the spend which can be redeemed for £3, £10, £20 or £50 at amazon, PayPal or virtual MasterCard.

SnapMyEats – only takes receipts for food or drink, you upload your receipt and answer a few questions about the purchase. The more receipts you upload the more money you can earn – this does only come via amazon vouchers. I’ve got a post explaining more about this app here

HuYu – only takes receipts from Tesco, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Waitrose, Asda, Lidl and Co-op. You get 5 points per receipt and there are also short surveys you can complete to get extra points.

So, to summarise…

  • Write a list before you leave the house
  • Check cashback apps to see if there’s anything you need or would normally buy for cheaper
  • Look at the reduced isles
  • Upload your receipts to receipt apps.

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