Free money UK – How to get free money!

✅ Free money UK – How to get free money!

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Looking for apps that will make you FREE money? These are some of the best!

  • Sweatcoin – sweatcoin app pays you for your outside walking
  • MobileXpression – collect data on how you use your smartphone
  • Panel app – reward based app, you can take surveys and take part in sweepstakes
  • Powr of you – another data collecting app interested in your browsing habits
  • Smart app – interested in how you use the internet and will pay for the info!
  • OnePulse – a task based app, you complete small tasks and get paid
  • CheckoutSmart – super handy cashback app
  • Swagbucks – tasks, cashback and gaming app, Swagbucks is one of the most popular free money apps about
  • Receipt Hog – shop, upload your receipts, get paid :)
  • Job Spotter – seen somewhere advertising for a job? Upload a photo and start earning

Our favourite app? Sweatcoin. It gets you up and about, which is always a good thing! Join up here.

✅ Free money UK

It might sound too good to be true but the fact is, you can make free money in the UK, simply by downloading a few apps. It’s not big money, i’ll tell you that from the off, but it is still free money none-the-less!

If anything between £10 and £100 sounds good (and who’d turn that down!) then get some of these apps on your phone and join the ever growing group of people who’re making free money!

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Apps that pay you UK

Did you realise you could make FREE money on your phone, through apps?

We have so many apps on our phones now, don’t we? Why not make the most of them and earn some free money? Yep, it’s really a thing, and we’ve done the digging so you don’t have to!

Here is a pretty huge guide to some of the highest paying apps that you can download for free and start earning some extra cash today!

No, you’re not going to create much wealth with these apps, but that’s not their point. What they will do is bring in a little extra money for very little effort. You’ve got a phone anyway….why not spend a few minutes making some extra pennies!

I’ve included a few different types of apps in this list. There are tasking apps, meaning that you need to complete small tasks to earn rewards. These are the apps like Job Spotter for example, where you have to take photos of vacancies you see in shops. There are also survey apps: you take a survey and get paid. Some of the apps here also have a cash-back element, although you do not need to take advantage of cash back offers to use these apps.

How to get free money UK

Did you know you can make money simply by watching ads? There are companies that’ll pay you just for playing an ad, and these aren’t long ads, sometimes they’re just a few seconds, but the ad company wants to get their product in front of people and paying you to press play achieves that goal.

Sweatcoin is one of these apps that pay you to do just this. With this app, you get paid to walk, thats the main point of the app, but you can earn bonus coins for watching ads, and they add up. Sweatcoin a FREE app, it costs you nothing, so join up and every time you’re in a queue or waiting in the car, press play on a couple of ads. You’d be surprised how fast your coins add up.

✅ Money making apps uk – how many do you need?

I’d recommend downloading at least 4-5 of these apps and using them together to create a nice amount of money at the end of each month. None of them are going to make you rich, but I think you already knew that! Having more than 1-2 means that you can generally always find a task or survey you’re eligible to do in your area. And this means more money for you.

✅ Free apps that make you money fast in the UK

These apps:

  • All work in the UK
  • Are worth doing to bring in some extra money
  • Can be used in conjunction with other money making apps to maximise profit!

✅ Need more ways to make money?

So…in no particular order….

SweatCoin App

Join SweatCoin app here!

What’s SweatCoin app?

SweatCoin app pays you to walk. Literally. The app on your phone measures your walking distance, and SweatCoin will give you 95 SweatCoins for every 1000 steps you do. Meanwhile to app just runs along in the background of your phone.

What can you exchange your SweatCoins for?

iPhones, Apple watches, Yogo classes and HeadSpace subscriptions to name a few. Let’s be realistic though, you’re not going to get an iPhone fast…but it is possible.

✅ MobileXpression

Join MobileExpression here!

What’s MobileXpression?

MobileXpression is a market research company and your data is worth money to them.

MobileXpresssion lets you take surveys on your phone as well as on your desktop, although there do seem to be more available on phones. I’d suggest using wifi for this app, as I found it takes up quite a lot of data otherwise!

They collect data on how you use your phone and then use it to sell onto marketing companies, which they use to develop marketing strategies.

MobileXpression state they never access your personal files (emails, messages, phone recordings) and no personal data is collected when they harvest data.

It’s good to know you can uninstall MobileXpression at anytime if you want to!

Who can join MobileXpression?

  • You must be over 18 and capable of entering into a legally binding agreement
  • Your device must be compatible with their software (they’ll let you know this before you join up!)

How much does MobileXpression pay?

MobileXpresssion say you can earn £10 in 2weeks running this app on your phone, and they pay in Amazon vouchers.

There’s some mixed reviews online about getting paid by this app. I had no issues getting my first payment, but haven’t earned enough yet to cash out a second payment.

✅ Panel app

Join Panel App here!

What’s Panel app?

Panel app is a reward based app, where you can take surveys and enter sweepstakes to get some extra cash.

You earn points by taking location based surveys.

You don’t need to open the app daily to be able to earn rewards, and as with the MobileXpression app, your data is harvested and used for market research purposes.

Who can join Panel app?

Anyone over the age of 18, with an Apple or Android phone is eligible to join up.

How does Panel app pay?

Panel app lets you earn rewards which you can then exchange for gift cards from the following retailers:

  • Starbucks
  • Amazon

You also have the chance to win an Xbox or PS4 in Panel apps prize giveaway.

*Prizes vary by country!

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✅ Powr of You

Join Powr of You here!

What is Powr of you?

You’re already browsing the internet. Why not earn from it?

This is one of the newer data research companies and it’s really good! Data is the new currency here and you can monetise the time you spend online by letting Powr of You have access to your data. Everytime your data from this app is used, you get paid.

Who can join Powr of You?

As with most of the others, you need to be 18, have internet access and be able to understand where your data is going.

How much does Powr of You pay?

There have been some pretty awesome reports of payments from Powr of You. Reports of £10 per survey (they are more in depth than others) are common and Powr themselves claim they follow a revenue share model, meaning that you get paid when they get paid, so it’s usually pretty quick, and usually between £9-£50 depending on the survey completed or data taken.

✅ Smart App

Get an invite to Smart app

What is Smart app?

The Smart Panel research study began in 2014 in order to understand how people behave digitally as more and more internet-enabled devices began to demand our attention.

Smart app is an invitation only research company that’s primarily concerned with your behavioural habits while searching the internet. The app will run in the background and take data from your device. As with a lot of these companies, there are surveys you can take to earn extra rewards.

Who can join Smart app?

Anyone living in the UK, USA or Canada who is over 18.

How much do Smart app pay?

Smart app will pay you $10 for signing up and completing your first month, and then $5 monthly thereafter that you keep the app. Surveys will attract a bonus payment, and you can cash-out in Amazon vouchers, or straight to PayPal.

✅ Onepulse

Join OnePulse here!

What’s One Pulse?

A market research company that specialises in small, micro tasks that can be completed in minutes, on your phone.

One Pulse ask you questions, typically 3, and you earn a few cents for answering the questions. This takes seconds, seriously.

The app allows research companies to get answers to their questions almost immediately. The usual rules apply: you must be 18 and you must live in a registered country. (UK is one of them!)

How much does One Pulse pay?

Not a lot, compared to others. You get cents per answer you give and need to have reached $5 to cash-out. All good in theory, except it takes AGES to get to $5. But….that said, it takes no time at all, so well worth having on your phone to build up s-l-o-w-l-e-y-.


Join CheckoutSmart app here!

What’s CheckoutSmart app?

Although not really an ‘earning’ app, and more of a cashback app, it’s so simple to use this and have handy, I wanted to include it.

Every single time you go the supermarket, you could be earning money. Simple as that.

Everyday, CheckoutSmart has offers on it’s app. You check the app before you shop, make a note of the offers, then once you’ve done your shop, scan your receipt and you’ll get the cash offer of the qualifying item.

Here’s a quick video of how it works. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it!

How much can you get back from CheckoutSmart?

How much you save depends entirely on how much you spend. You can use this app in all the major supermarkets, Sainsburys, Tesco’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, M&S, Aldi, Lidl etc….that having this app handy, means more often than not you can get some cash back. And that’s what this is all about :)


Join SwagBucks here!

What’s SwagBucks?

A well written about much loved app that allows you to earn rewards for tasks. There are surveys, cash back offers, videos to watch (ad’s) and quite a bit more, SwagBucks has become one of the top go to sites for paying apps in the UK.

You can use SwagBucks as your search engine to earn rewards, refer friends and family and even get your own referral code to earn a little more if your friends join up too.

How much can you make from SwagBucks?

With SwagBucks, you accumulate SB’s and £5 will cost you 650SB. There are quite a few things you can do to get more SB’s, so of those include:

  • Using SwagBucks as your search engine
  • Using SwagBucks cash-back
  • Watching videos

For a full list of ways to earn extra SwagBucks, have a read of this post!

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✅ Receipt Hog

Join Receipt Hog here!

Much like the CheckoutSmart app, Receipt Hog focuses on giving you money back on your shopping. I love this app and have a great guest post on it here! Also check out this video for a brilliant review.

✅ Airtime Rewards (02 customers only)

Join AirTime rewards here!

What’s AirTime rewards?

The AirTime rewards app from 02 is quite new, and in my opinion, brilliant! The concept is really simple. You link your most used debit card up to the app, then every time you use the app in an approved shop, you earn cash-back. That cash-back then comes off your 02 phone bill. There are loads of places you can use your card to get money off your 02 bill: Waitrose, Boots, Caffè Nero, PizzaExpress, Argos, Wilko, Topman, Topshop, Debenhams, Holland & Barrett and Nike are all so far included, with more added each month.

How much can you get off your bill with AirTime Rewards?

This depends on how much you use your card in the linked shops! As an average, 02 say you can expect to receive 5% cash-back from retailers, although some are more, some are less.

✅ InboxPounds App

Join InboxPounds here!

What’s InboxPounds?

InboxPounds is the UK version of InboxDollars, the popular US money making app. You download the app, for free, then you’re able to take surveys, search the web, play games, and get paid!

Your account will be credited with £1 simply for signing up and trying them, so there’s really nothing to lose. You can even get paid simply for opening emails they send you. How many of these might you get sent? InboxPounds say they send up to 3 paid emails per day to active members, so the more you take part the more paid opportunities you’ll receive.

How much can I earn with InboxPounds?

There are surveys for 10p and upwards. You can earn £4 for subscribing to a magazine subscription for 99p (don’t forget to cancel afterwards!) and up to £250 for completing a series of tasks to earn a Morrisons gift card. The offers change all the time so this is an app you’ll want to keep your eye on!

✅ Job Spotter

Join JobSpotter here!

What’s Job Spotter?

Owned by Indeed, the recruitment people, Job Spotter wants you to install their app, take photo’s of vacancies in shop windows and upload them to the app. You need to take a photo of the actual ‘help wanted’ sign, the shop front and make sure there are no people in the photo, then simply upload and get paid. The app couldn’t be simpler.

You have to have your location enabled in Job Spotter – that’s how the app knows where the vacancy is and once this is done, photographing and uploading a new job from start to finish, could take you under 60 seconds.

How much can you earn with Job Spotter?

As you can probably guess, the more jobs you ‘spot’ with JobSpotter, the more money you’ll make. The other thing that affects the money you can earn is the quality of your photo’s, so make sure they’re in focus and as per the JobSpotter guidelines. Average monthly earnings are between £5 and £20, so while it’s not big money, it’s certainly not to turn your nose up at either :)

Read a JobSpotter review from Kaya at Earning by the Sea here!

✅ Roamler

Join Roamler here!

There is, at times, an invitation only policy to become a Roamler. This is to ensure there are enough jobs for the Roamlers they already have. It’s a good policy and means that once you get accepted, you know they’ll be a fair bit of work available, which can be an issue with some of the other apps!

If you’re finding it hard to get an invite, there are forums and messaging boards where people offer codes fairly frequently. Google ‘roamler invite codes’ frequently to see when one comes up!

What’s Roamler?

Roamler is a task led app, meaning it pays you to complete tasks. There are a few things Roamler might ask you to do: that could be taking photos, completing surveys, mystery shop, look at promotional shelves in shops and even refill promotional shelves in shops…the tasks are quite varied.

There is ‘task training’ for this app. In a nutshell, that involves learning about the quality they offer the brands they work with, meaning you also have to uphold this quality. It’s nothing you wouldn’t expect though, and is fast to get through.

The tasks available to you are chosen for you based on your location, so if you’re in London you’re going to get more work than if you’re based in a village, and your skills and experience.

Once you’ve completed a few Roamler tasks, you’ll be offered the bigger and therefore better paying jobs.

How much can you earn with Roamler?

With Roamler, you earn Experience Points (XP’s). For most tasks, this translates into £2 – £6 for each job, making Roamler one of the better apps to be using to make money.

✅ Toluna

Join Toluna here!

What’s Toluna?

Toluna is a research company offering insights into consumer behaviour. As a Toluna Influencer (you and I!) they will pay us to download the app, and complete surveys, answer questions and get paid.

When you sign up to Toluna, you’ll need to give them some of your personal info, name, address, that sort of thing, and they use this to send surveys your way. This ‘can’ be a little frustrating, as you’ll be sent some surveys and then not be eligible to complete them. There were more that I could complete than couldn’t though, so it’s not to bad.

What can I earn with Toluna?

The payment are pretty minimal to be honest…but that said, when joined with other apps, it’s worth having and going to now and again, it all adds up and once you hit £35, you can cash-out…just don’t expect this to happen fast! Honestly? You’re unlikely to be looking at more than a few pounds a month with Toluna.

✅ Pocket Bounty

Join Pocket Bounty here!

What is Pocket Bounty?

Taking surveys, downloading apps, entering competitions and watching videos earns you points on Pocket Bounty.

Pocket Bounty seem to want a whole lot more information about you before they allow you to take a survey…which can be frustrating as you’re then told you’re not suitable for the survey at all, meaning you’ve wasted your time.

There are paid ad’s you can watch, but the amount of money you get form these is particularly bad, but then if you’ve just got them on in the background while you’re doing something else, they’re a pretty passive way to earn some extra money.

What will Pocket Bounty pay you?

If you’re lucky, you might get to £2 by the end of the month!

✅ Voxpopme

Join Voxpopme here!

What is Voxpopme?

Different from the others in that Voxpopme want you to upload a video to let them know your view on all sorts of things. They’re a research company, therefore interested in anything their clients want to know about. That might be your thoughts on new foods, movies, shopping malls, anything at all really. Once you’ve downloaded their app, it’s super simple to then recored and send off your video opinion.

The videos need to be at least 10 seconds long and answer the question you’re being asked.

As someone who’s not that comfortable in front of a camera, I have to say I prefer being able to write my answers to these type of apps…however, if you’re not camera shy, this is a really quick, easy and non intrusive way to give your thoughts.

What can I earn with Voxpopme?

In my experience, Voxpopme’s standard payment is 35p per recorded opinion. There are better paying ones, some as much as a few £’s, but 35p seems to be where it’s at. That seems low huh? Think of it this way….if you dod 3 a day, that’s just over £1, that’s £7 per week, and £21 a month. That’s pretty good :

✅ Task360

Join Task360 here!

Apple users only for this app!

What is Task360?

Being a task based app, Task360 want you to complete tasks in exchange for rewards! What are these tasks? Well , they might be snapping promotional shelves in your local shops, filling out surveys, or simply taking a photo of a high street or particular store front.

There seem to be a decent number of tasks available, and if you get lucky, you’ll find several tasks in the same area at the same time which means more earnings for very little extra effort!

What can I earn with Task360?

This app pays well. The typical earnings are reported in forums as £3-5, which means that if there are several in one go and take you less than 1/2 hour, your hourly rate is pretty high. Definitely one app to have on your phone!

Here’s a video to help you get started with Task360!

✅ Academic Prolific

Join Prolific here!

What is Prolific?

Prolific is a research company who’ll pay you (quite well!) to complete surveys that their clients have commissioned. There are not only surveys either, there are also games and scientific research studies, so the work is quite varied and interesting. There are also some longer studies you can take part in, although you do tend to get offered these studies once you’ve ‘proved’ you provide quality answers to the smaller surveys.

There are over 70,000 people who complete small surveys and studies for Prolific around the world, so as you’d expect, there have been some people complaining that there is simply not enough work to go around. Personally, I think if you sign up to a few of these sites, it doesn’t really matter if one of them’s a little slow at times.

How much can you earn with Prolific?

The money Prolific pay is good. They say you will earn at least $6.50 an hour, so while it’s not GREAT, it is a lot more than many of the other sites pay. And for doing a few surveys whilst you watch TV, it could be a lot worse :)

Here’s a good review if you’re looking for some more info:

Looking for more ways to increase your income?

Need some help budgeting?

What are the TOP FIVE smart phone apps that make you money?

Pocket Bounty
Job Spotter
Powr of You

How do smart phone apps make you money?

You might watch adverts, take surveys, take photos or mystery shop

How much can you earn with smart phone apps?

While you might not get rich, apps that make you money might earn you anything between a few pounds per months or up to a hundred pounds, depending on how many you download and complete tasks for