Does matched betting still work 2019?

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So, you’re wondering, does matched betting still work 2019?

I decided to put this post together after wondering exactly the same thing.

I came to it as a total newbie, so much so that I’d never stepped foot in a bookies. And I still haven’t if you were wondering!

Does matched betting still work in 2019?

Having read about matched betting for a number of years and being totally put off my the name, I finally decided to give it a go. There were a couple of bloggers who had blogged about matched betting and the money they’d made from it. So I decided to go for it. But I was concerned I’d missed the boat. Some of the articles I read were quite a few years old. Does matched betting still work in 2019?

For a split second answer, it’s yes, matched betting still works in 2019, and likely for years to come unless the bookies change their rules.

Read on for a slightly more in depth analysis!

How much can you make from matched betting?

So first things first. How much have I made from matched betting? That’s the question everyone wants the answer to and I was no different.

Well, I’m kinda shocked but very pleased to tell you I’ve made a grand total of £679 in month one. I cannot guarantee your results, but I can tell you what I made. So I know it’s achievable.

In fact month one is still current for another few days (at the time of writing) so perhaps it’ll be a little more. I don’t blame you for being skeptical. I was, for a long time. Hear me out though. It’s going to be well worth your while.

Matched betting made easy

Matched betting is not hard. If like me, you’ve never been into betting before, matched or otherwise, it will take you a little while to get your head around the words and their meanings. But it’s not hard. There were a few things that I needed to learn before I started. Although I didn’t know I needed to know them until I’d got started!

I didn’t know what a ‘lay’ bet was. (It’s when you bet that something won’t happen). I also didn’t initially know what a back bet was. (It’s when you bet that something will happen).

An exchange is a place you make the lay bets. A bookies is where you make the bets something will happen.

You should also know that when matched betting, you only bet against one part of the game. Lets take a football game. Team A vs Team B. So you wouldn’t bet that Team A would win and Team B would lose. You would instead focus on Team A, for example. You might place a back bet that Team A will win, at the bookies. Then you would place a lay bet that Team A will not win at the exchange.

So in this case, forget Team B, it’s all about team A. If I’ve made this sound complicated, it’s not. You need to place a bet and see how it works.

I only ever did one bet at a time, because A, I’m cautious, and B, I was unsure about matched betting and so wanted to tread carefully.

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Like a lot of people, I used a matched betting subscription site and whilst this does have a monthly subscription, I think it’s worth paying for.

I paid for a month and then cancelled it straight away so I wouldn’t forget to later on. The benefits of this site were huge. It cost me £17.99 for the one month, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without using them. People do matched betting without these sites though, so they’re not an essential.

So. What are the basics?

Well it’s betting, but not in the traditional sense. You see you’ll never lose a penny, only making gains. Make sure you’re thorough and check and re-check your bets.

They only way people lose money is by being to fast and not careful enough.

Too good to be true huh?!

It’s all about the offers bookies offer to entice you to bet with them. Say they offer you a FREE £50 bet when you bet £50. It’s a do this for us and we’ll do this for you type thing.

That’s what we take advantage of to make ourselves a profit.

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Matched betting made easy (step-by-step process)

  1. you sign up to X bookies.
  2. deposit £50
  3. make a bet on something, say ManU winning against Arsenal. (No favourite’s in this football free house. It’s all about the cash for me!)
  4. To make sure you don’t lose any money you also bet that ManU will NOT win.
  5. so you have a £50 bet the WILL win and a £50 bet that they WON’T win.
  6. so you break even. not very exciting. HOWEVER…….
  7. you’ve now ‘unlocked’ your FREE £50 bet.
  8. you simply repeat the process but this time because you’ve not had to put the £50 in to make the initial bet, you make and keep the profit.

Does this make sense? Hopefully.

For total disclosure, not only do I not get paid to say I used them, but there are a number of sites that are designed to help you and all do the same thing, and they really do help you.

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Should I use a matched betting subscription site?

You CAN do this without using one. But it turns out there are ALOT of bookies in the UK that if you’re anything like me, you’ve never heard of.

Most of them have these welcome offers.

So sites like the one I used have lists of the offers currently available, but more than this, they hold your hand through the whole thing.

I don’t mind telling you I’ve never bet before in my life, never intended to and didn’t have a clue what the whole thing was about.

I also don’t mind telling you that it’s complicated to start, and then it gets easier and then you sort of know what you’re doing.

Then you feel comfortable but I still wouldn’t wan’t to do this without the safety of this site (or the others).

In time, I might.

Will I continue matched betting?

In a word, yes. Why not?

Once you’ve got past the doubt that you have about betting and get your head around the fact you’re not really betting, it’s ok.

I don’t like the principle of betting and I don’t like the fact the bookies stack the odds against you winning.

It’s these thoughts that out me off matched betting for so long.  But matched betting is not that. Really.

During the time when I was adamant I didn’t want to do matched betting, I read alot about people who earn anything between £100 a month right up to those who claim to make £2000 + monthly.

I can only give you my opinion, but earning anything more than about £6/700 a month is way more time consuming than a few hours a week, which is what I’ve been putting in this month.

Although I don’t doubt it’s entirely possible to make this kind of money.

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In short…

If you’re still wondering if matched betting still work 2019, take my word for it, it does.

I can’t recommend this highly enough. I’d go as far as to say it’s likely the best form of extra income the UK at the moment, bar having a side business you run.

You’re not going to lose any money, yet it’s still quite exciting when you see the money coming in. Literally money for doing uhmm…….next to nothing.

Whats not to like!?

I’d love to hear form other matched betting newbies, see how you’re getting on and if you’ve got some tips to speed up the process or tips you’ve learnt along the way, I’d love you to get in touch!

EDIT – Still going strong :)


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