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The most valuable rare 50p coins

Looking to find out if the 50p coins in your purse are the most valuable and rare 50p coins in the UK ? Keep reading articles about how someone on eBay wants £50k for a 50p? Me too. Like a lot of us, I started collecting 50p’s during the UK...

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What to sell to make money

I get it, because I’ve been there. For what seemed like an eternity, I searched for inspiration for what to sell online to make me extra money. Everyone seemed to be selling something, heck, I bought a lot of it, but I just couldn’t decide on a product to sell...

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Paying off debt: The Rules

The problem with paying off debt, is that most of us believe we can’t afford to. This was us, not all that long ago. Where the debt came from doesn’t really matter, but I’ll tell you anyway. There were two regularly upgraded cars, a foreign holiday each year and about,...

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Top Credit Cards that are a GREAT idea!

I’m pretty happy to write this post about my top credit cards and the ways they’re able to allow you to do things you’d otherwise consider off limits when on a strict budget. Credit cards have helped my family loads through our journey to debt free living, but it hasn’t...


Does matched betting still work 2019?

So, you’re wondering, does matched betting still work 2019? I decided to put this post together after wondering exactly the same thing. I came to it as a total newbie, so much so that I’d never stepped foot in a bookies. And I still haven’t if you were wondering! In...

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