How to be lucky!

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Do you consider yourself lucky or does it take you by surprise when something good happens to you?


The thought that somewhere there’s some ‘thing’ that showers good fortune on some people and not others seems absurd so how then, do some people seem to have all the good luck?

We all know someone who we consider ‘lucky’. I know I do, and speaking to a friend a while ago about our financial goals and how we were going to achieve them got me to thinking…..what exactly is luck? How can I become lucky? And will it help me achieve my money goals any quicker? Richard Wiseman, a psychologist who‘s studied ‘luck’ for many years, states that 40% of what people consider ‘luck’ is actually defined by the way we think.

When things don’t go our way, it’s easy to imagine that it’s the result of simple bad luck but this isn’t necessarily the case It seems there’s a real chance that it was our own attitude that set us up to fail. This is good news as it means it’s easy to change things around so you get a better result next time.

The fact is, is appears we have more control over our own ‘luck’ than we might have thought.People who consider themselves lucky all appear to have a number of similar traits, and all fairly easy to adopt as your own.

So…in no particular order, we have…


We hear about this a lot, you’ll often hear someone advising people to ‘make their own luck’ and while it’s a phrase that’s bandied about a lot, there’s also a lot of truth to it.

I’m not talking giant leaps here, simply making the decision to take that course you’ve always wanted to, applying for that job you’re sure you won’t get or saying yes to an invitation when all you want to do is light the fire and stay indoors. In my world with the money goals we’ve set ourselves, it’d be super easy to say ‘it won’t work, what’s the point’, but the point is that doing something is better than doing nothing and you really never know where it’ll take you.

Make things happen for you. It’s really easy to say yes rather than no.


This is admittedly harder to make a habit, but just needs more practice before it becomes second nature. If you expect bad things to happen to you, then you won’t be surprised when they do and worse, you’ll be finding the negative in every little thing that happens. It’s such a debilitating habit to have, it puts you in a bad frame of mind and before you know it you feel like there is bad in everything you seem to do.

It doesn’t have to be this way. People who think they’re ‘lucky’ simply see things differently. For one reason or another, they’ve conditioned themselves to see the good in the things that happen to them, and ignore the negative or ‘flip’ it. Take a car crash as an example. Instead of believing the crash happened because bad things always happen, you’d think how lucky you are because no one was hurt.

If you force yourself to see the positive, at some point it’ll become second nature. Every time something happens and you get that sinking feeling, find something positive to focus on. There’s usually something!


When things do happen that you’d rather didn’t, just get up, dust yourself done and move on. We all fail, no one has success all the time. But who’s going to eventually have success; the person who keeps going after failure or the person who fails and gives up? I don’t need to spell out the answer. Sometimes you just have to accept that things aren’t meant to be and move on. Sometimes you have to try doing the same thing in a different way and sometime you change tactics altogether.

Whatever your methods of getting to where you want to be, remember this from Dalai Lama XIV;

remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck”


get the things in life that I want? Well, for starters, believe your goals are real and achievable. Look at your goals and work out how you’re going to get there. Don’t be afraid to change your tactics, that’s not failure. Failure is giving up completely. Be willing to say yes to new opportunities. And remember, you make your own luck!

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