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Beatrix Potter will always be remembered for her 23 beautifully illustrated stories for children – The Beatrix Potter Collection. Best known for her first story, ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit‘ these books published first in 1902 remain a firm favourite.

✅ Beatrix Potter 50p

A few years ago, The Royal Mint created a collection of Beatrix Potter 50p coins featuring all the favourite characters Potter wrote about. As predicted, these 50p coins have become highly collectable.

✅ How many is a set of Beatrix Potter 50p?

There are now, as of 2020, 15 Beatrix Potter 50p’s to collect. This includes the new 2020 Peter Rabbit 50p which is the last time this much loved character will feature on a 50p.

✅ Which is the rarest Beatrix Potter 50p?

When the original 5 coins were issued in 2016, the Jemima Puddle Duck 50p had the lowest mintage at 2,100,000 (million) which was far lower than the other 4 coins issued.

This chart shows the official mintage figures.

Click on a coin below to find out the value of these gorgeous Beatrix Potter 50p coins

The Beatrix Potter 50p

This Beatrix Potter portrait 50p was issued to honour the 150th anniversary of Potter’s birth.

Peter Rabbit 50p

Celebrating Potter’s first published tale, this coin was first minted in 2016.

Peter Rabbit 50p (2020)

This 2020 Peter Rabbit coin features Peter Rabbit sneaking under the fence on his way to find some mischief and is taken from an original Potter illustration.

This is the fifth and final time Peter will feature on a 50p.

Peter Rabbit 50p (2018)

This is the 2018 Peter Rabbit 50p coin. It was issued to carry on the celebrations of one of Beatrix Potter’s famous animals and the first of Beatrix Potter’s 23 children’s tales, ‘The tale of Peter Rabbit’.

Designed by Emma Noble, the ‘tails’ side features Peter Rabbit eating radishes!

Tom Kitten 50p

Issues in 2017, this Tom Kitten 50p is the eleventh of the little tales, ‘The Tale of Tom Kitten’, sees Tom and his sisters, Moppet and Mittens, dressed in their finest clothes ready for a visit from their mother’s guests.

Benjamin Bunny 50p

Benjamin Bunny’s story is the fourth of the little tales and a sequel to ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’. The story sees Benjamin join forces with his cousin Peter to venture into Mr. McGregor’s garden and retrieve the clothes Peter lost in his first adventure. The intrepid rabbits escape a near miss with the farm cat and receive a firm lesson from Mr. Benjamin Bouncer for their trouble.

Flopsy Bunny 50p

The love of Beatrix Potter’s ‘small books for small hands’ has been passed down through generations, delighting readers across the world to this day. Following the success of ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’, the author and illustrator returned to rabbits for several of her little tales, knowing the adventurous bunnies were firm favourites with her young readers.

Jemima Puddle Duck 50p

Jemima Puddle Duck features on this 2016 issued Beatrix Potter 50p coin.

In 2016 The Royal Mint struck a series of coins to mark the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s birth, honouring the gifted artist and author.

Mrs Tiggy-Winkle 50p

The adorable Mrs Tiggy-Winkle graces the front of this 50p coin. Issued in 2016, this is the first time Mrs Tiggy-Winkle has featured on an official UK coin.

Mr Jeremy Fisher 50p

Mr. Jeremy Fisher stars in the eighth of the little tales, a story of an eventful fishing trip that ends in Jeremy narrowly escaping being a trout’s dinner. 

Squirrel Nutkin 50p

This is the first time Squirrel Nutkin has been celebrated on an official 50p coin.

Mrs. Tittlemouse 50p

Now, Mrs. Tittlemouse is the latest character to join the popular series.

This is the first time Mrs. Tittlemouse has featured on an official UK coin and she takes centre stage. 

The Tailor of Gloucester 50p

This coin depicts one of the helpful little mice from the story, sitting cross-legged on a cotton reel, complete with newspaper and tiny glasses the tailor of Gloucester 50p.

If you’d like more information on Beatrix Potter you can access the Beatrix Potter society here.

rarest beatrix potter 50p

✅ What is the rarest Beatrix Potter 50p?

The Jemima Puddle Duck is considered to be the rarest of the Beatrix Potter 50p coin collection.

✅ How many Beatrix Potter 50p coins are there?

There are 14 coins all together. Some were reissued during different years.

✅ Is Benjamin Bunny a rare 50p?

Benjamin Bunny 50p is not especially rare. There were 25 million of them minted – so there are still millions in circulation.

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